ABC News Live Prime: Friday, October 16, 2020

Could new COVID testing be a game-changer?;Facing breast cancer risk during a pandemic;Travelers return to paradise in Hawaii
51:39 | 10/17/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, October 16, 2020
Protesters blocked traffic for a third straight day downtown Bangkok. Decline. Creek banding demonstrations protesters are calling for the removal of the prime minister. Howard during the coup in 2014. Mortar team leader you. Testers the situation escalating further today when police raided the offices of the progressive party. C eight million confirmed. Cases US reaching a new milestone as the latest numbers show more than half the country going in the wrong direction. Minnesota Illinois Wisconsin Colorado all setting one day case records doctor Anthony found she's warning about indoor gatherings. Saddled groundless after last night's town halls split screen. President trump in Florida trying to win over seniors Joseph Biden also on the campaign trail. And what's next for the final debate showed horrific terror attack in Paris suburb. A teacher's throat slashed apparently targeted by students parents with the assailant was reportedly yelling before being shot by police. New developments in the domestic terror plot to kidnap the Michigan governor of the group's alleged ringleader new allegations about how they chased the governor's home. Seeking preventative care during the pandemic during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Where along for the emotional roller coaster for several women with the bracket gene. And a closer look at testing for the kind of virus in the US where things stand right now. He bought I'm. Do you want people to go get tested. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much faster. Streaming with us Winstar up tonight with two numbers. Eighteen days until Election Day. And eight million cases of corona virus in America just to help put that number in perspective roughly one in forty Americans has now tested positive for covic nineteen. Chances are you know at least one of them. Tonight as the weather turns colder fears of yet a third wave are now growing. The virus has returned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt to sailors join the more than 65000. Americans who tested positive today alone. Doctor Anthony found she says more than thirty states are going. In the wrong direction our Alex Perez leads us off from Chicago where hospitals are once again struggling with the search. Tonight another grim milestone more than eight million Americans infected with the virus cases now climbing in nearly every corner of this country seeing the heat map how it lights up. With tests posit should that he. Dad is in more than thirty plus states. Is going in the wrong direction 39 states with rising hospitalizations. At thirteen hitting records just this week. And now the number of deaths also climbing as more hospitals get overwhelmed. Honor Frontline providers or take an amazing job. Take care for patients says many know there's been confusion on the surging cases you tell fossils are getting full. The first Kobe patients arriving at the field hospital set up outside Milwaukee. After spending seven days in the icu former New Jersey governor Chris Christie telling GMA the virus hit him like a freight train. All of a sudden I got fever and chills and body aches and I was just racks with with pain and exhausting. And it all happened very very quickly within 24 hours I went from feeling absolutely fine to being in the intensive care unit. Christie tested positive after not wearing a mask and during the president's debate craps and that's super spreader event at the White House. He now says he's learned a lesson. I let my guard down and it was wrong it was just a big mistake ears. All across the politics. Sports the media should be saying to people. Put your mass ought to be safe until we get a vaccine that can help to protect us completely. In the race for a vaccine that Pfizer today saying if all goes well they could have a vaccine ready to send for emergency authorization soon after the third week of November a vaccine can't come soon enough in Florida unimaginable loss for the family of Jerry Jones to 51 year old veteran and EMS first responder who died of the virus. Just a day after his 41 year old sister also lost her life to covad. He had to culture is mom mom. Intel her sentence didn't make it captured the Danish tour she got a phone call about her daughter not meet union. She and blows your devastating blows. Are there early show. Losing both children two corona virus just so hard to phantom Alex Perez joins us now from Chicago Illinois one of the many places seeing a surge in cases right now. Yeah Lindsay somewhere really alarming numbers here in Chicago the city. The state I should say Illinois are breaking its own record of new cases a record that was set Jesse yesterday. Across the country we're seeing 63000. New cases of the virus reported in just one day we have not seen numbers like that since the July. Cities like Denver Minneapolis here is Chicago's Saint Louis cities across the country really bracing for this surge. Doctors are saying we clearly are in them middle on a but third surge right now Lindsey. I just thought she says we are going in the wrong direction outs Phares thank you so much. And now to the race for the white house with just eighteen days to go until the final votes are cast on Election Day president trump and former vice president died in both on the campaign trail today with multiple events after those dueling town halls last night. President trump puts another combative performance and refusing to denounce the fringe conspiracy group suing on that supports him. Joseph Biden with a policy focus form cheer on ABC last night and staying overtime to keep answering questions from those town hall voters. The latest salaries here's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Donald Trump was in Florida today pleading for support from seniors. Group he won easily four years ago when a struggling win this year. Partly because of mishandling of Covert nineteen today he made them this promise seniors will be. The first in line for the vaccine the light at the end of the tunnel is in the air we are rounding the turn. Campaigning in Michigan today Jill Biden shot back saying the president is lying about a pandemic hit by any measure is taking a turn for the worse. Turn a corner. My lower world. Is not disappearing huge fact it's on the rise again. It's getting worse as predicted during. Last night's dueling town halls the president insisted he's long known the dangers of culprit nineteen. But he didn't want people to panic. I don't wanna go out and say everybody's going to two they Biden said the one who panicked was trump the reason he lied. The American people. Who he said. People. Americans. Panicked Donald strong candidate. In the first debate president trump declined to denounce white supremacist. In last night's town hall he praised the French conspiracy is of Q1 non. Who law enforcement warns pose a potential terror threat. And the moderator Savannah Guthrie challenged him to explain why he recently re twittered a wild conspiracy. Did Joseph Biden faced the death of Osama bin Laden. We say we weaved that was a good opinion of somebody good. That was immediately. Put an of their people didn't describe of the punishing someone crazy uncle Hilary I mean what. It was one of the Navy SEALs who took part in the mission a trump supporter condemned the re tweeting the thing is. He can go CA any time where there's cabinet it's. Our picture of bin Laden's head and my answer to picture. Today the president said clear signals he wasn't happy with last night's forum another thing in paradise I call it. But for a president who abscess is about ratings would really had to her was this. Significantly more people watch the Biden town hall then watched his. On ABC Biden again dodged the question about whether he supports expanding the number of justices on the so. In court no matter what answer I gave you. If I say that's the headline tomorrow. It won't be about what's going on now the improper way to proceed but don't voters have a right to know when they do have a right to know understand how have a right to know our staff before they vote. See you'll come out with a clear position before Election Day yes depending on how they handled this. In a sign of the trump campaign's troubles Republicans are starting to criticize him. In a call with his constituents Nebraska senator Ben sass said he is worried that trouble lose and bring down the Republican senate to. I think they'll regularly sell out our allies under his leadership solely treat women and sentenced like drunken sailor believed mocks. Found that evangelicals behind closed doors has it is Bentley is treated the presidency electric business opportunities flirted with white supremacists. And this week two of the most popular Republican governors in the country Charlie Baker of Massachusetts. And Larry Hogan of Merrill Lynch. Announced they would not be voting for trump. More Republicans distancing themselves from the president Jonathan Karl joins us now John just surreal split screen last night each candidate's showing very different approaches. What struck you most. Well you know one thing was just how normal and I mean normal or any free Donald Trump sense. They did Joseph Biden town hall was you know. This was a candidate for president. Talking about policies talking about bills that. For being talked about in congress but directly addressing. Questions raised fired by. By citizens and doing it without much. Flair or flash or or or controversy. Really rather straightforward and Donald Trump of course. Was was another very contentious. Died in the evening going right out of wind with the moderator with Savannah Guthrie. And didn't do classic Donald Trump would put Biden it was like a flashback. To preach from politics yes. Politics as usual list of Biden discounted home and we saw then SaaS they're criticizing the president's behavior but it's just bigger concern. Is a president taking down the Republican senate with him if he loses. And I'm hearing that from Republicans privately as well quite a few of them it's been increasing in recent weeks. Republicans concerned. The Donald Trump is going to lose. Likely to lose the presidency. May well bring down the Republican senate and also talk could cost the Republicans to lose further seats. In the house and you're starting next to see that seep out publicly a lot of those thoughts. You know for some time were only expressed privately but now as you saw within SaaS although high it should be said that was a conference call we've. Constituents that he didn't intend to go out but it was clearly you know we making those comments he knew they could get out there publicly. Jonathan Karl from the nation's capital thanks so much John. Thanks Lindsay. An out of the social media crackdown on conspiracy groups in the runup to Election Day UT and has announced it is removing videos and tighten restrictions on conspiracy theories like chewing on that the company admits managing misinformation. Is a challenge. Are we Johnson has more. Hours before that town hall in which president trump refused to denounce the conspiracy group Q and on. I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much like guests that pedophilia station I did very. A YouTube launched a new crackdown on the group. Whose followers are sometimes visible a pro trump rallies donning the letter Q on T shirts and signs excuse planes save the world. The platform owned by the same parent company is Google's saying in a statement. We are taking another step in our efforts to curb hate and harassment by removing more conspiracy theory con ten used to justify real world violence. Additionally we've removed tens of thousands of Q and on videos and terminated hundreds of channels under our existing policies I am 100%. Behind Q. The movement is based on the unfounded conspiracy theory that a group with Satan. And worshipping child sex trafficking endless celebrities and politicians. Are trying to secretly overthrow president trop. Videos espousing the conspiracy have been a key part of spreading its beliefs. Our thanks to wit YouTube says it will begin in forcing these new restrictions immediately but critics argue that after years of letting the conspiracy theories spread. The damage has already been done. And now to the latest on the alleged domestic terror plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Widmer. A judge today finding sufficient evidence to move ahead with a trial a five charged with federal crimes fourteen suspects are now facing charges seven of them alleged members of an extremist militia group. And prosecutors today presented new evidence to make your case of their alleged plot was all too real here's ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Tonight in just released images from federal authorities suspects accused of allegedly planning the kidnapping a Michigan's governor. Seen taking surveillance footage of her vacation home and in this video. One of the suspects is showing off his cache of weapons. All this is the FBI and of the suspects should not be released pending trial because they're too dangerous. ABC affiliate WX YZ obtaining this police did ask him video. Choice suspect Brandon concern are pulled over on September 19. During a routine traffic stop. Shortly afterwards the FBI said consider allegedly said texts of the group one saying the end times are approaching for these piece of expletive cops. I mean that with every cell in my body in this video posted on social media. Consider endorsing violence against the government and an anarchist. I'm about to drop a bomb defensive for worse. Is legitimate but defense attorneys to dig claiming it was our quote the big shock we're talking about. Guys who want to run around in the woods. With guns and and say bad things about the government. Live in Michigan is Mattingly open carry of guns and Election Day polling places. Michigan secretary of state says he wants citizens to cast their votes quote without the fear of threats or intimidation. This plot clearly has many in that state on edge Wednesday. PR thanks to you and there's the reversal much from the administration's initial decision to deny what could be tens of millions of the federal aid to the state of California during its worst fire season on record the White House heads said they California's submission was quote not supported by the relevant data that states must provide for approval California governor Gavin Newsom and announced plans to appeal. And now were the trump administration will not deny the state federal aid more than four million acres in California have burned this season for fires this year on the list of the top twenty most destructive fires in state history. And California firefighters have gained some success with Magruder fire after several days of record he's but the red flag warnings say continue in the west meanwhile here in the east wing terror. He's on its way fourteen states from Alabama to New York are now under frost and freeze alerts heading into the night ABC senior meteorologist rob Marciano. Tracking it all for us from. Good evening Lindsay guy had a and that cold air is some rain that we're seeing here across the northeast rain date they could desperately use across the west especially California where those fires continue to burn and more red flag warnings remain up tonight because of gusty winds and those dry those dry conditions. Temperatures again we're at record levels and in valleys outside of Los Angeles they will cool a little bit over the next few days but remain well above normal through the end of next week. With no rain in sight so it's going to be at the Togo for another week it looks like art here comes the rain here goes central almost 595. New York. Two where I steady or Norwalk Connecticut the sound shore and Hartford around. Boston you're good you'll get the rain as well maybe some snow mixing in across northern New England so cold air tries to sneak in behind it and it comes in and pours in with a vengeance temperatures are in a feel like they're in the thirties and Chicago and Indianapolis and Pittsburgh tomorrow. Morning and by the potentially in the thirties as well as far south as Nashville Tennessee so certainly. A taste of winter here as we get into the the meat of fall. Rainfall here that we can use it minorities especially in New England but they. Certainly would want to happen in California as well but that's not the way it works looks like bigger state drive for at least a week there the struggle continues with those wildfires. Stronger continues indeed OK rob thanks so much and when we come back at history teachers. Right in the middle of a street in France and the deeply emotional decision seek preventative care during. With several women with a rare gene that predispose them to breast cancer about their tough choices but up next are. In depth look at the state of the nation's testing and surveillance effort in the fight against Kobe. We stand and could there eventually be an effective rapid test that doesn't require a lab. A Seattle police officer is recovering tonight after a man charges him with a burning piece of lumber and then threw it inside his cruiser the incident occurred in downtown Seattle the officer suffered non life threatening injuries the suspect moments earlier was allegedly stomping her homeless camp. Shouting racial slurs the suspect was not struck when the officer fired his weapon but was taken into custody a short time later. And it's unclear what charges he faces. Switching gears now is a corona virus surges across the country tonight we have an exclusive look at the front lines of the nation's testing and surveillance effort. Where's our testing capacity standing crew needs to get tested. Even once we have a vaccine and could soon all be able to test ourselves for -- it quickly and affordably at home here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. Covert cases surge it's being fought swab by swab. Million swirling their cheeks tickling their throats in plunging those white tips into their noses. After a slow start the nation's Kobe testing operation has been humming the samples pouring into labs like this one run by testing start up curative. Where ABC news got an exclusive look at the operation processing nearly 10% of the nation's daily task. You've got thousands and thousands of tests today coming through here yeah. We have extra capacity as well so this is all designs. To have scale up capacity 200000 samples. The trump administration says more than a 120 million Kuby tests will be available nationwide in October. But far fewer Americans are actually being tested only around a million per day less than thirty million per month. I think people on them years to land an award what to do whether it's get a test I think there was messaging and we've done to assess it must really need it you're taking a test someone else. A country now has more testing capacity. Adding to confusion changes to CDC guidelines on testing and president Trump's comment over the summer that he wanted testy rolled back. So I said. People slowed the casting doubt blades. Do you want people to go get tested we definitely want people to be patented admiral Gretchen Larson trump administration's Kolzig test teams are it's. Symptomatic you need to get tested if you've been in close contact. With a person known to have the disease. You should get tested we need to have many individuals tap it on a routine basis. Who are asymptomatic with no known exposure we can call that surveillance testing. About 40% of people infected with Covert nineteen don't have symptoms according to CDC. Flagging many more of those cases through testing could be a game changer. If we give everyone. Zen knowledge of their own status. They are positive as we can get enough people than she is not good work that day not an excellent day to stay home. Doctor Michael Mann of Harvard University wants a Kobe test to be as routine as brushing your teeth. Inexpensive paper strip tests like these still under development don't require a lab and would give results in a matter of minutes instead of days. I think that we can how beast has had an Indian available for earners aren't that. Used. If that's what it tasty as we know that a lot of people don't want to stay in. These bigger systems for various reasons. Companies designing at home tests tell ABC news they're able to manufacture millions of tests to date. And could have been widely available immediately. We should probably be doing something like. When he million tests heard an. If we want to use these tests as the actual use stop transmission if we were to reach twenty million tests a day as you can surmise an. How soon would that help us get the virus under control within about a month I think if you could actually snap your fingers in and made her like us. Start tomorrow what's your sense of how quickly we could get decent test distributed in federal government institute Lorenzen unit the federal government. Isn't sold on the idea the FDA has concerns about accuracy and sensitivity. There's also concern the tests higher rate of false negatives. Could create a false sense of security. Let me get it I assure you. That that there were at home pat would be cheap indeed need to do ahead performance. Anywhere close something that would be acceptable. It would be authorized. We all want. On we are getting to the point that there might be some candidate. But number one they have to have a degree of validity at an inaccurate. Beat in August the FDA authorized the first rapid Kobe test that doesn't require a lab and so this is what it looks like. Marriage and if he thought to realize you see it indicate a positive test result the five dollar car cheap test made by Abbott which require a medical professional to supervise. Give results in fifteen minutes. The government purchased a 150 million of them last month. Now shipping them to critical hot spots nursing homes in each BC used with the university of District of Columbia which receives 7000. I think these. Rapid test if they're going to be very very important and good tool for us as we start to think about bringing more more people back on campus. A majority of Americans believe widespread testing is the key to return to normal activities. Five months ago nearly 60%. Said they were worried about the lack of available Kobe test. Now it's just 25%. We saw for ourselves so easy walk up testing can be. Now increasingly available at health centers and pharmacies without a doctor's order and often at low or no cost. That sample collection in the fields. Is is about Mike right now not allow processors themselves. That process the gold standard PCR test is labor intensive and time consuming but highly accurate. There's 300 Americans right here who had swapped themselves. There are samples are in his miles back. But no amount to testing can completely eliminate the virus from spreading or provide a free pass to those who get tested. The White House one of the most tested corners of America became a super spreader site in recent weeks. And I think we all know. Even. The best. Places that have tested every one has seen outbreaks. A cautionary note is many look to Kobe test Steen. For some peace of mind. Testing can be helpful. But. See you can't rely on testing. Because if your negative one day you could be popular the next they are the next day. And so on and you hear rely on that. As sort of your your card at Fayetteville Katie get together and I wouldn't risk my family's life my mother's life on that. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Some promising signs there are thanks to DeVon for that and still ahead here on. On Hawaii has just reopened to tourists but like other vacation hot spots there are restrictions we'll tell you about them. You FDA's warning for pregnant women about some popular pain medications and how many American counties do you think mark Kobe free. We'll take a look by the numbers. But first decade of the day the endangered the leamer who vanished from a San Francisco Zoo who was reportedly spotted by a five year old now safe. And sound. Welcome back everybody with corona virus cases and Haas physicians now surging in most as a country ABC news has found the very last Kobe free counties in all of America perhaps it's not all that surprising that these places are sparsely populated and geographically isolated like the version of the NBA bubble if you will. Here's a look by the numbers. Only four counties out of America's 3143. Counties have reported. No cases of Kobe at nineteen they are loving county Texas population of 102 the land of open skies few people. And oil fields and scat wave municipality Alaska population 1601. It's a picturesque port town in cruise ship destination in pre pandemic days welcomed about a million visitors each summer. But has now emptied out. And then there is how allow county Hawaii population 75 votes is secluded community on Hawaii's most inaccessible island. That used to serve as a leprosy colony. And finally asthma around accounting Nevada with a population of 981. Residents spread across 3600. Square miles of mountainous desert. Making it rather's easy to socially distance. And for those of us who don't live in one of these four communities well then we have had coded nineteen outbreaks in our own county. And we still have a lot to get to hear on prime the former Mexican defense minister arrested on drug and money laundering charges. The warning from the World Health Organization about the rise of Colby in Europe. And so remarkable comeback story the quarterback whose injury could have ended his career worst and now back on the field but first. Toughening stories on From. From. President Manuel why didn't hold back on the campaign trail after nine months doing town halls of the popularity here. Fort Myers the president focusing on Florida added indoor rally with few visible mass. Campaigning on healthier for seniors and rule no fighting is leading a mom. Socialist health care plan is always end up denying care coverage to this and the elderly and ordered them. You don't call. Mr. proper railing against the affordable care around but still not providing health plans of replacing I want to do. Getting rid of Z terrible yeah. Geologic. That's because you know that the individual mandate is god that was the worst yeah. Unit. All of born here to rock we'd like to have. New health care much better and much less expense eleven. The Supreme Court is likely with its new was appointed justice Amy Cody period we'll begin deciding the fate of the affordable care practice all week after the November election still trying to take away from your health care former vice president Joseph Biden making that his vocal point this afternoon in Detroit suburbs. Control gets his way. Forty million more Americans lose their health care. From the former Mexican defense minister was arrested and LA acts and accused of taking bribes from a cartel trafficking drugs to the United States prosecutors in New York saint general Salvador centerpoint has subpoena was served from 2012 to twenty team took steps to protect an ancient cartel leaders and their drug operations and New Mexico NN several US cities including in LA and New York collisions and going as is expected to be transferred from LA to New York to face the charges in the. The FDA is warning pregnant women to avoid popular pain medications during the second half of their pregnancy the FDA now says pregnant women. Should avoid painkillers like. And bill and the leaves for the last four months of their pregnancy and originally the warning was for three months but officials say it's because of the drugs and how the courts are rare but serious complication that can part of the fetus and affect the fetal kidneys. Mattress sale of the drugs argues it's important to do so under medical supervision. Between June use this class of medication in obstetrics in the second and third trimester sometimes good to treat preterm labor so it's all about weighing the benefits vs the red. The FDA says the women who are not sure if their medication contains drugs should talk to their doctor. Texas billionaire has been charged with a massive tax evasion is being accused of hiding you billion dollars. From the IRS from Balmer rocks and allegedly had a hit and how well meaning come off shore from twenty years and released on a million dollar bond after pleading not guilty. The allegation of a two million dollar tax fraud. Is the largest ever tax charge. Against an individual. In the United States. Totaling already polarizing enough now is blamed for one of Europe's worst corona virus outbreaks. In Switzerland where you're ruling sparks joined 600 fans attended the concert masks. We're not require the event's organizer says several people from the group were infected with corona virus when pandemic now sweeping through that region and one Dayton 94%. Test and came back positive researchers say the risk could have been reduced have the singer's worn mask. School among us smaller audience. It was a gruesome murder and it played out on a French street a history teacher who was recently having discussions about images of the Prophet Mohammed was being headed. Maggie ruling has more on how police stopped the suspect. Tonight a barbaric terror attack in broad daylight in December. Paris police say an eighteen year old man the headed a middle school history teacher with a knife on the street in front of his school. Officer shooting and killing the attacker after a brief chase police say the teacher have received threats after mentioning the controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Published by the Charlie had to a newspaper during a lesson about freedom of expression. Images many Muslims find disrespectful it. Late today French president and then you home home from visiting the gruesome scenes but the lowliest calling the killer look how worked up. Back in 2015 Islamist terrorist attack Charlie have does offices in Paris killing twelve people. Recently the satirical paper had republished images that led to that original attack today's murder is the second tier related attack in France in less than a month and since the start of the ongoing trial for the newsroom massacre. Just weeks ago two people were stabbed in front of turley have Doe's former offices. And Maggie ruling joins us now Maggie just a horrific attack in tonight we're hearing from that magazine Charlie had DO. What was their reaction. He believes that same word Lindsay Charlie had to call this attack today horrific and revolting they made a point that. This teacher was killed in the line of duty doing what he loved to do his job was in and they made a point also that now would this attack intolerance has just crossed a new threshold and they called on the politicians and the people of France's stand up for. For freedom. And also the French president in the cronies he was emotional tonight in his response of the attack also visiting this seemed if you provide any more specifics about the attack. Full and he was certainly emotionally was also careful not to provide too many DT undated an ongoing investigation is not going to release the name. Of that teacher who was killed on the family has been notified but. He was able to confirm some details for us to confirmed it was an Islamist terrorist attack he also confirmed that the teacher had been murdered porch teaching his students about freedom of expression. And he also tried to call on the French people telling him this was a time to unite to rally around each other and to have. All of those friends in their prayers also teachers he made a point a to talk to teachers and say he will try to protect them in the future. Day. Maggie ruling thanks so much for your reporting. And while there's been talk of a third surge here in the US in Europe the WHO is warning that without tougher action deaths could soar by early next year France's imposing nighttime curfews in Paris and other cities people will be fine if they're out after 9 PM Belgium is announcing a nationwide curfew shutting down cafes bars and restaurants for an entire month Europe has been averaging about 100000. New infections per day for the last week. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and tonight you take a look at some of the unique challenges of screening preventing and treating this disease during the global pandemic. I for women with what's known as the bracket gene mutation to journey can be especially daunting. ABC's aerial Russia has this report. It's a delicate topic first so many. I didn't answer his voice a little fun that this isn't he should remain keenly and Zeke preventative care for heightened cancer risk. I deeply emotional experience I had not my. Breast surgeon and as well we cannot oncologists and telling me that as soon as I knew me McDonough trained capsules and I needed to pull the trigger high end here. Eight bilateral. And preventative mistakes mean and a total Hester. But during the Kobe nineteen pandemic an added layer of anxiety and logistical complexity and new research fighting breast cancer screenings like mammograms were down 63%. Between march and June. And researchers that Quest Diagnostics finding a dramatic decline in new diagnoses first six cancers with a 52%. Decrease in new breast cancer patients per week and doctor Judy Garber chief of the division for cancer genetics and prevention at Dana Farber Cancer Institute says. It's an alarming trends. When Kobe is under control and that table. And cancer will still be here. I don't want people to forget and not take care of those risks especially our high risk populations. Well they're still coping with a bit. 45 year old Shannon Terre Earl's mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011. In 2014 Shannon tested positive for the brackets you'd gene mutation. On December 23. 2014. As I was packing up my office you leave for the Christmas holiday. I dreaded phone call from I eighty telling me that NT results and come back cash and I was. Positive. Women with the brothel one gene mutation have a 72%. Chance of developing breast cancer by age eighty and bracket two carriers have a 69%. Chance which means cancer is likely but not certain. Leaving these women with a difficult choice. Chan and a so called pre driver opted for preventative double mastectomy to reduce the chance of her developing cancer. She scheduled the procedure after losing both parents. And a close friend to illness in 2019. Those were three things that really called lineage in media citing a 201920s. When he had to be ears that I went ahead with my eye surgeries but since surgery was pushed back twice due to the -- nineteen crisis somewhere around that aired week of march. Once the hospitals started it. Saying no. Elective surgeries are going to be held and only the surgeries were deemed necessary we're gonna be held in the hospital. I got a phone call from the doctor's office telling you that our surgery had indeed end. Teen collective. And therefore was being time. A hole and Shannon is not alone to 48 year old Andrea Wallin was also worried her procedure could be postponed due to the pandemic. There's a lot of uncertainty is there in. 32 year old Caitlin Meyer Krause had to fight to see a doctor in person for her regular check up. After finding a concerning spot but took about convincing than Harrison and finally I was able drinking at ND CNN center despite the challenges all three have taking care of their health witch doctor Garber says is critical during these trying times that what is your message to your patients rate now. Are deserted your. And for those pre by first there's added urgency to proactively seek treatment. But products not going in and maybe having cancer occurred at sane scared me more than. Then keen on spending that time and being seen with a global pandemic on top of an already difficult journey. Many pre divers are finding solace in community. He still has happened there's a ton of people only need to be my prayers and breast cancer patients this and I understand Brewster all kind of thing is to get their organizations like force bringing together those facing hereditary cancers and providing resources to help them navigate. And emotionally taxing and. Arduous process just no mean that you're not alone in math are thousands of other people out there. Go into the same things going through screens that are thinking about surgeries in. It's a different topic she says that's surgeries theme. It's that's really powerful knowing that you're not in this alone. But with unprecedented challenges. Homes unprecedented. Resilience. So here we have patients who had inherited risk of cancer that days. He's learned to live with they have to find a way to incorporate that into their lives it may be because of that went Kobe comes it's one more thing. But it's when we're seeing and they have been remarkably still reaching out taking care of each other taking care of their families. They eat now think of coded as well but. You know people are amazing and I've Kobe brings that out it in us as well. Gary L ranch at ABC news New York. A reminder of resilience our thanks to carry L for that and now to tonight's valid watch. But so many Americans planning to vote by mail to hear from a state where everyone has voted by mail for years so our colleagues at GMA three's spoke today with governor Kate brown of origin which in 2000 became the nation's first all vote by mail state brown discuss how the system works there and responded to the president's unsubstantiated claims it vote by mail. Will produce fraud. We've seen from across the country evidence of voter fraud is extremely rare. In the 2016. Election cycle here aren't worried and we stop point. 0001%. A voter fraud. Extremely rare what the president isn't telling Americans is that he himself I chaos so do a number of members of his cabinet. And the wonderful thing about voting by mail in. DE in this study global pandemic. Is that it's safe eagle on how to put their wives or their health risk while exercising is very fundamental right. So point 0001%. Voter fraud and brown also offered this advice to anyone voting by mail for the first time especially in those states that are new to the system because of the pandemic. I want to encourage all Americans to vote early. And make sure that you plan to. And certainly different folks putting my mail from the convenience of your home. I'm sitting here dining room table near exam is doing currently and in your opinion an option Dropbox. Or Brody through the mail off we had a great partnership. With our friends that the Postal Service. Annular current to make sure that every ballot gets in the mail get delivered to. The elections office and gets counted. In order and we believe that your you're voice and that every single voice matters. Thanks to Governor Brown. As the colder months approach are thinking about travel and just how practical and safe it might be to take a trip as the pandemic rages on but the other challenges let's say pick a destination there could be. Restrictions just to get there. Hawaii is just removes some of there is an 8000 vacationers touchdown as they began to reopen Caylee hard time tells us what we need to know to get away. In a time of covad. Yeah. Hawaii's saying a little hot. Thousands of tourists for the first time in nearly seven months. We just couldn't stay closed any longer when people were suffering. He wants or numbers are hospitalized patients or jot 70% on the doctor otherwise. But it devastated us so it's very exciting to see these people come back. Hello pot it's aloha. Sure looked up the lush tropical paradise known for its pristine beaches and world class surfing. He suffered the worst economic fallout of any state in the country following the corona virus but they are committed to bringing tourism back. Our occupancy has been zero and functional zero OK so we will open up in stages we'll bring people back in stages. And we don't want to go to pass. This state now lifting the mandatory fourteen day quarantine with what important qualification apartment part I don't know what I'm multi if covic text must be taken within 72 hours of your flight. With the help of some airlines and select list of testing partners. Finding an approved test indicating your results in time can be harder than it sounds feel is. Send me two hours time frame even not hacking antibody test they would accept that. There regaining said he hasn't made the stop sign in front the money Kelli. Performing you actually had to pay for your test can't pay 220 Cervantes but we're back costs. It was an aren't they. I ask that is the that is also a nominee for I think your mind the first flights coming to Giuliani. Without warranty you clearly had the state circled on the calendar did. This state will only except test results from a limited list of trusted testing and travel partners. I'm meeting of women at this CVS in Los Angeles with no gearing TI get my results before take off. Thankfully they came makes light of some airlines like Hawaiian united. Streamlining the process for their customers and select West Coast cities offering tests at the airport just before take off. It's critically important to be economy of our state. That we restart tourism which is really the economic engine of our state and we got to do it safely in a way that keeps our community safe keeps our guests and our industry workers safe and so we're working incredibly cart along with all of our colleagues in upstate and in the visitor industry make sure that we're not just reopening reopening safely for every -- passengers. To create an online profile including health questionnaire. Upon arrival on the Eileen it's validate exist. Really efficiently in one of the reasons why am I telling more people are showing up at every test completed did not follow instructions and publish their information. Touching its them. British hope for people. These individuals supporting what it will make that difference there will be able to get back on track. These iconic beaches a dead deserted many storefronts shuttered some hotels shut down completely. And it's not just from touts its activities it's restaurants at three channel I mean we have built. An empire. Great hospitality here in Hawaii and it's been very hard to see that we there. But now government officials of local businesses are hoping this program we'll bring the island's east back to life. We are gonna grow that. The beauty back here and be able to share again with the world what makes Hawaii so special work cited this. To be open and excited says say aloha again to the world. Glenn DC this famous stretch of Waikiki Beach basically empty. Locals tell me why is typically unheard of some hotels behind me they're still close. Some of the store fronts along this main drag he just real thing yesterday. Why is taking the first step on a long road to economic recovery for the state but the doors they are open. It's a dozen patients and some planning to get here that we have been welcomed with the warmest smiles behind the masks. Limping. Hayley Elan a lucky duck getting that assignment our thanks to her for that and when we come back. Remarkable journey a player getting back on the field after an injury. It could've killed him. Welcome back tonight the impact of Covert on football is growing the New England Patriots practice today was canceled after a player tested positive but the teen is still expected to play on Sunday. Many college football six games this weekend have been postponed or canceled 32 games have been affected so far this season. And after testing positive earlier this week Alabama head coach Nick Saban hopes re back on the sidelines tomorrow night. Say there needs three straight days of negative test return the university says he tested negative. On Thursday. Finally tonight the incredible NFL comeback story for Washington's Alex Smith he's returning to the field for the first time since suffering a severe leg injury that not only to have ended his career but also his life will Reeves sat down with the quarterback to cure his remarkable tale on perseverance. And human trying. Here comes pressured her brain gets up that would JJ watt. I thought deep sack on cement. On November 18 2018 Alex Smith was sacked for the 410. Time in his NFL career. Jay Lloyd Smith is hurt badly certainly felt something strange animal related appointing him. Obviously to look down and didn't see this what it happened and and I knew right away that I've broken my leg. Smith's right leg was shattered and then things got worse getting ready to go home and end. The last thing I really remember there was artists in my my temperature spiking yeah. Before I went home and looking down my leg once it was on wrapped in realizing how she does something was wrong. A bacterial infection eating at his leg his body entering septic shock. Smith's doctors were greatly concerned not only about his career in. But his life. And how did that affect you psychologically had a lot of time. It was going to be a long long long process. To come back. Reagan after as the Mona. Smith's journey back began in San Antonio at the Center for the Intrepid first row since that. No victory in the military hospital specializing in when recovery. Don't know if I'd be here with that without. Their involvement in this process not only from their expertise in the science. And care but it is also from the motivation for me you know go down there. That was really the first time. That I ever thought about attempting to try and play football again. Seventeen surgeries and a year of rehab later. Smith was cleared to play again. This video showing Alex and his family celebrating the news there were so many. Ups and downs and complications along the way. To finally get the green light from all the doctors. In agreement that the Miley was it was good to go yeah I was very cool. Grinding through self doubt and the rigors of an NFL training camp Smith earned a spot on the team as it back out. An improbable triumph itself. Then last Sunday his number was call. A small moment there were I think you know here goes zit. I was ready the house so thankful we hadn't had any fans and our first couple home games and we had just progressed to just family. And saw. I knew going in obviously. That they were gonna be there and for me that's all that mattered. What a comeback our thanks to will for that story before we go tonight our image of the Davis one. He's a real treat take a look Joseph and believe you husband and wife. Married for sixty years Jaycee game right there aren't he Joseph's coming up the two were residents at a Florida assisted living facility but were part. For 215. Days do the pandemic. What you're looking at. His then reunite him. Nice little tender hug there. Little I'd love you back and forth in this news frontiers mission. Marriage apparently still strong as ever. That is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news site for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us have a great weekend.

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