ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 11, 2021

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace: President should face ‘accountability for his actions’; California’s escalating COVID-19 crisis; What’s driving Bitcoin’s big boom?
47:27 | 01/12/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 11, 2021
Hard to believe the pilot survived this crash but he did. Title managing to steer away from more populated areas of Long Island as the plane started to leak fuel before crashing into a dumpster near the ground. Meanwhile in our nation's capital incitement. Insurrection. That's the single charts president trump now faces from the house for unleashing a mom of his supporters. Who carried out a domestic terror attack Nancy Pelosi insists. Could be a peach in this week. Calling the president deranged unhinged and dangerous and hear from a Republican congresswoman tonight. Should there be accountability and consequences for those actions if so why. Yeah accelerated should be accountability for those actions from the president on down this is the FBI issue is alarming warnings about farm protests in all states. Groups threatening violence if president trump is removed. Playing catch up the massive effort to track down the perpetrators are. Tips continue to pour in while authorities examine the footage including the new images coming in. How officers being viciously attacked and potential. Cottage home mom. Money talks the company is now cutting ties to president troubled on the Republicans who sought to overturn the election results and spread false information. Businesses are now holding them accountable and how trump and his supporters are fighting back. Losing the larger battle of the virus takes on its own operation warm sweet spreading at record rates. It's like the push to open new mega site's LA and Miami stadium switching from testing to vaccinations. Cities overrun by the virus. Desperate for any relief work at a tipping point. We can't Eddie mean. And hold on tight because we're following big Colin on its wild ride this digital currency is even being compared. Two gold. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. At the end of 20/20 one columnist argued that it was taught to retire the word unprecedented because it is being used so much in the past year and it's a word that is intended to be used sparingly. But already 20/20 one in its infancy is proving the word unprecedented remains relevant for a number of reasons. Impeachment proceedings are now set to get under way in if successful president trump would be the first US president to be impeached twice. In the fallout from the capital riot has now fanned across the country. Tonight federal law enforcement officials are warning authorities in state capitals to increase security following threats and concerns and emboldened far right wing. May now turn to targets closer to home. And five days after that assault on democracy. Serious questions remain about why do you us capitol police were not better prepared today DC police did brief the public and we learned that 56 officers were injured and in some officers described last week's riot. As scarier than two tours in Iraq. Tonight Democrats in congress are demanding answers and accountability. From Mary Bruce leads us off tonight in Washington. Tonight calls for accountability is the horror of the siege on the capital comes into clear view. Rioters seen beating an officer with an American flag. President trump supporters trying to hunt down his own vice president after he refused to overturn the results of the election. Chanting pain at my parents. House Democrats are now moving quickly to try and removed trump from office. Introducing a single article of impeachment charging the president with incitement of insurrection. For inciting violence against the government of the United States by urging his followers to march on the capital. But sadly the person turning executive branch that is a deranged. Unhinged. Dangerous. President of the United States the house speaker d.s healing to sixty minutes how we're staffers hit a horrified as the mob overtook her office's. The staff went under the table barricaded the door turn after winds. And we're silent in the dark under the table and tables for two and a half dollars. Sixty minutes obtaining this audio of what her staffers hurt its. The president's supporters trying to being down the door. The speaker is now pressuring parents to act first. Urging the vice president to invoke the 25 amendment and immediately remove trump from office. It seems highly unlikely but pence notably hasn't publicly rejected the idea. The vice president scene at the White House today but we're told he and trump haven't spoken since the riot. Several members of the president's party like senator Pat Toomey say trump should resign. I do think. The president committed impeachable offenses some of the president's top allies are also turning on him. You know thing you think it was an impeachable offense for Jordan. Oh sure. If inciting insurrection isn't and I don't really know what is tonight prominent freshman Republican congressman Mattison call Thorne who attended the rally with the president said it was a quote major mistake for trump to tell the crowd to head of the capital. And that he'd be there with them. He should. Work or. You know it. Was almost. Even after the riot call Thorne and more than 100 house Republicans stood by the president and voted to overturn the will of the voters. And tonight the vast majority of congressional Republicans. Art saying one way or another if trump should go. My personal view as. That the president touched the hot stove on Wednesday. And is unlikely to touch it again as for the president he's been holed up in the White House silent since Twitter permanently kicked him off the site. Due to the risk of further incitement of violence but breaking her silence today the First Lady. The Lonnie trump says she was disappointed and disheartened by the insurrection. But that she's been treated unfairly. Saying it's shameful that surrounding these tragic events there has been salacious gossip unwarranted personal attacks and false and misleading accusations on me. It's unclear what she's talking about. Sunday trump finally lowered the flags to half staff at the White House in honor of officer Brian sick nick who was injured in the chaos and later died. Pelosi pants and president elect Joseph Biden have all spoken with the officer's family. But not the president he still hasn't said a word about officers sick Nick's death. Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary woke us in the next couple of days on Capitol Hill it would seem the Democrats do have the votes for impeachment. They do they have more than enough votes fur from Democrats to pass this impeachment resolution and we do expect that some Republicans will get onboard with this as well now a vote is expected on Wednesday that is assuming. But that the vice president does not follow Pelosi is requests here and go hadn't invoke the 25 amendment to remove the president immediately that certainly seems unlikely so since the vice president it doesn't seem is going to act and Nancy Pelosi has said she will which means Clinton that I the end of this week. President trump could be impeached for a second time something we simply have never seen before in our nation's history. And we're also learning that minority leader Chuck Schumer soon to be majority leader is considering using special authority to force the senate to act sooner if the house does in fact impeached from. Yet there is a lot of debate here among Democrats about how to handle a trial in the senate. Now it seems most likely that a trial wouldn't begin until after Joseph Biden takes office Chuck Schumer tonight is trying to change that he's pushing to use this special authority to try and get a senate trial underway before biting takes office. But then that the problem years it would require Mitch McConnell to sign off and I just don't think that's going to happen but look it didn't put Democrats in a really tough position because they want Donald Trump accountable but Joseph Biden is also eager to get to work and wants to trying to heal and unite the country that's so hard thing to do appear in the middle of a senate trial of the former president now buying today suggested that maybe congress to split its time between working on his agenda and descendant trial while other top Democrats say just wait. Postpone a trial in the senate at least until after Biden gets through his first 100 days so Lindsay there are a lot of unknowns here tonight about how all of this is going to play out. Right never a dull moment and how those next nine days do play out will likely be included in history books for time to come Mary thanks to thank you. Past president trump she is being out of sight for several days now holed up but the White House stripped of his social media accounts an unlikely to resign. So what's his next move our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl joins us now John. The president is making plans for his last days in office what's the latest on the thinking inside the White House including on this idea of a self pardon by the president. We'll the president admitted making it clear for some time that he. Fully intended to pardon himself tissue kind of a a blanket pardon for any thing that he could have been accused of while he was president. But you was t.s now been warned by some of his lawyers that if he does that. He could make himself more vulnerable to civil lawsuits including from anyone that was hurt in the capital riot because. A self pardon could be seen as an admission that he did something wrong the president has not taken this news well he is angry. And he is now suggesting that he is a want to do any pardons at all. The attitude seems to be if I can't get a pardon for myself well then nobody else should get one either. Lindsay. John King Carl we appreciate you as always. Thank you. Announcing investigation now under way in all fifty CT images of the siege leading to some arrests and more tips are being followed up on now. So who were the writers and how coordinated was the attack here's ABC's Martha Raddatz. These pro troop Reuters came from every part of the country. A violent mob that sold to meet capital. And the police this new video showing one of the writers keep the fire extinguisher at a wind up. Police strike several in the head. Homicide investigators probing the death of capitol police officer Brian sick nick. Have been looking into reports that he may have been hit with a fire extinguisher but unclear if it is sick nick in the video. And this new and horrifying video. Watch the man in the white cap and backpack polish officer to the ground as the world leaders dragged him by the lay eggs. Pummeling him with the polls caring American slant pass. Tonight FBI field officers in all fifty states. Combing through videos and images along with some 45000. Tips a senior official telling ABC news the mob had leadership communications equipment and the expertise of former military officers. Like Larry Brach who police say is seen here in the capital holding white flecks cops. The Texas based air force officer and combat veteran turned in by his ex wife according to an FBI affidavit. And Eric munch I'll. And Tennessee bartender also arrested law enforcement officials say man shall appears to be the man here also carrying plastic restraints. Prompting questions about whether the mob intended to take hostages. But it seems clear what the intent was here as rioters smashed through the glass to gain entrance to Wear pumps members were huddled. Ashley Babbitt another air force veteran seemed climbing up through smashed window and and from the other side and officers buyers is Sean. One of five dead. Today the DC police chief emotional after watching that video of his office served. Being crushed by rioters. Makes me sick to my stomach just to see that the video and an officer obviously he was afraid for his life. And this office are now being praised for his quick thinking the Washington Post reported an officer do. Deliberately led the model of the weight from the senate chamber after noticing that door to the chamber was opening. He and officer using himself isn't Decourt as the crowd followed inch. Chased him. Tonight the man who police say led that mob Doug Jensen now in custody. Actually alarming warning tonight about the threat of violence heading into next week's inauguration of president elect Joseph Biden. The FBI now says that farm protests are planned in all fifty states. Will America's transition of power BC ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has those details. After those horrifying images at the capitol federal authorities war. More potential uprisings. The FBI bulletin alerting law enforcement across the country that spawned protests are being planned. At all fifty state capitals through inauguration day. Intelligence pointing to an unnamed armed group calling for the storming of government buildings in courthouse is. Q president trump is removed before January 20. The FBI saying the group is also planning attacks here in DC the days of Biden's inauguration. There's also identified against Joseph Biden come of the Harris and Nancy Pelosi. If I'm scared of anything it's for our democracy. Because we had a very extreme factions in that country. That are armed and dangerous. DC's mayor requesting that all large scale public events be counseled. Until at least January 24 the Secret Service official overseeing security for the inauguration says expect an army. You're gonna see checkpoints you're gonna see barricades you're gonna see magnetometer screening. Through all aspects and points of the senate. We're joined now by Pierre Thomas here what to expect next week in terms of security for Biden's inauguration. Lindsay these security here is going to be extraordinary. Renditions of police we expect. 151000. National Guard they're taking no chances. And peer any indication just yet who was responsible for planting those pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC just a short distance from the capital. Lindsay that's a critical part of the investigation they want to know who did that because. They think that if they can find out who it may give them answers as to how much planning actually went into this attack. FBI busy looking into that as we speak Pierre Thomas our thanks to you. So we're joined now by Republican congresswoman Nancy mace of South Carolina she opposed the GOP challenge of the Electoral College vote. And it's called the storming of the capital an act of domestic terrorism. Thank you so much for joining us congresswoman do you think direct in calling out president trumps role in citing his supporters last week but. You also joined six of your fellow GOP house colleagues in writing. A letter to the president elect Biden this week and asking him to oppose efforts in the house impeached a president a second time. Writing and I'd like to quote you here a second impeachment only days before presidential believe office is as unnecessary as it is inflammatory this impeachment would undermine your priority of unifying Americans. And would be a further distraction to our nation so. So might argue that the president's actions have been inflammatory and divisive and so my question to you should there be accountability and consequences for those actions if so watch. Yeah absolutely it is should be accountability for his actions from the president on down and it wasn't just the president's. Dad that an evil this violence happened at incited it mean there were if you watch his speeches are read the transcripts of its beaches that day which if you look at their rhetoric after the November election leading up to it especially ratcheting up in the last seven to ten days meets a man threatened to shoot me on social media. Those are by a desire to unite might my intention to vote is certified what should have been a ceremonial though to certified Electoral College. And so people do need to be held accountable and right now on impeachment I mean she. The it there's no there's no way you could have an investigation. Or trial or review evidence in the next week before her Joseph Biden is sworn in an impeachment articles of impeachment and it come out of the house will not get in the US financial January 19. Casting a dark cloud over the an operation. Joseph by NIC that action it is your risks use further divide the country I worry about a peaceful transfer power particularly you know at the inauguration coming up so soon after this violent. Act last week I think that there are other options on the table. On whether that's a bipartisan bicameral commission to investigate. When you do an impeachment and easy to get overtime NE CB deliver deliberation needs to be due process that can be really careful but the precedent we set just like last week talking about the constitutional precedent. A certifying Electoral College is thinking goes for. Ian teaching young and so we've just got to be very careful circumspect about it without pouring gasoline. On that the fire that already is across United States and they're a number of people all across the country there are severe denial. About what happened last week and we got to be got to do better one technology got a problem she'd accept responsibility sport degree. Figure out what artists solutions that we can work on together and a bipartisan manner to leader country out of this crisis. Now some of those calling for impeachment those say it's necessary because a senate could also vote to prevent president chum from ever running for federal office again. Is that a valid reason to proceed with an impeachment process even if it isn't completed before January 20. If not it what's to stop president child from continuing to divine right nation which you say as your concern. And keeping up yes ideal of the supporters at a let's run again and trying Tony for. Well I don't. I don't beat runs into 124 found that the only has one of the class and its articles to teach it donating at trial investigated essential link in January you're kicking somebody out of office at ardea out of office censure might be a potential option where he could prevent him from running for office again. Com but we've got a hold not just the president accountable but all the participants at purchase the debt participating in the charade now what are now. Your fellow GOP colleagues to even after the riots still voted to challenge the results of the election democratic congressman Corey Busch. Has put forward a resolution for their expulsion and she site section three of the fourteenth amendment which states. That no individual conserving the House of Representatives Susan gauged in disloyalty or sedition against the United States. Do you think it any GOP members should face consequences for their voted and for perpetuating the false idea that the election could be overturned. And I haven't read what she's draft are planning to file that was my question. She minor and members of my own party today in in the previous days it's how do we hold ourselves accountable because if we continue precinct is another wrench then the American people are not going to trust us and they shouldn't trust us. Now you also said recently that you're gonna participate in what you called it the big ally that was being told the American people that the congress of the vice president could overturn the results of the election but. Yes let's just press you on that for a moment because here for the vote you joined with six other GOP house colleagues explaining your views. And in the first paragraph of the statement he wrote we like most Americans are outraged at the significant abuses in our election system resulting from the reckless adoption of yelling ballots in the lack of safeguards to maintain to guarantee that only legitimate votes are casting town of the people cannot trust a system. That refuses to guarantee that only legal votes are cast to select its leader so. After more than two months of court challenges investigations and recounts and a handful of states there's zero evidence of widespread voter fraud mail in ballots. Widely adopted due to the pandemic and there is still zero evidence that a legitimate ballots even in small numbers were casting town is so. My question directly to you as you feel that you personally have any responsibility in perpetuating the idea that there were something. Question alarm about the results of this election which owns both sides of the IL secretary of state judges have said. This was valid. Well it is different every State's not talked with some state legislatures and legislatures and there's an you know I I that a dissident when it comes due elections I think that there is voter fraud and almost every election whether that's. Voting machine whether that someone be voting with the provisional ballot rather than normal. Ballots cast at talk to lawmakers in Pennsylvania where they were shut down and state court they're seeking relief in federal court they have since what I understands and systematic. Voter fraud issues but they're not mutually Tulane users things that have been around for. A very long time for years I do think masks Naira about our problem we saw staged action masculine ballots to voters Hubert deceased your voter she moved away or registered in other states these are problematic is would it not change the outcome of the election but they are things we need to look into because the American voting system is only as good as people's confidence. And it and I do believe that those things have to be looked at and investigated. We now shift torn nation's ongoing crisis with coding. 24 hours 3866. Americans have died due to the virus many. In the new American at the center of California. Today to LA county health director said that ten people become infected every minute. But if you remember the beginning of the pandemic California was one of the first to shut down and flatten the curb so. Puerto things go wrong Caylee hard time brings us this reports. This is the reality outside many hospitals in Southern California. Ambulances lined up sometimes and waiting for hours. How long he ideal way to patients in this parking lot today. 56 hours yeah. He looked yesterday sandy Amos hospital seventeen hours in the back her ring with a semi critical patients don't get pretty bad. Since Thanksgiving California's faced the high surge of coping nineteen infections in the country. More than 22000. People in the state now hospitalized with the virus. Paramedics described scenes inside emergency rooms like a war zone patients packed and hallways turning parking lots and gift shops into makeshift hospitals. It was like a bomb went off here. There's like people and see colors as people leading that people stomach pain is so that patients lined a ball down the street you know it's bad. For a hospital the overwhelming for him yet and all hospitals overwhelmed flight one let's say hey we're close year old clothes but yet to go somewhere. In Los Angeles this situation so dire that ambulance crews are forced to conserve oxygen for coping patients. And now transport other patients whose survival is unlikely. They literally had the oxygen tubing and how to connect there but keep patients for using basically the same oxygen blood to save time so it. Resource as are really love his that was your best option that was the only option. Saturday was California's deadliest day of the pandemic with 695. Deaths reported. Morgues and funeral homes are running out of space to put the bodies LA county bringing in refrigerated trucks to store them. Last month we doubled the number that we normally would you at least that we. And now this month like we probably four to five times the number of services for families that were affected by Coca ninety. But months ago health professionals dubbed the Golden State that California miracle march was amazing because there was no good reason to believe that California wouldn't be New York it was ash ton of international travel big diverse place coastal. Coastal state. In March governor Gavin Newsom issued the country's first stay home order. We can make decisions to meet moments in this is a moment. We need to make tough decisions that we direct a statewide. Order. For people to stay at home the results were remarkable we you know we watch with horror. This so what was unfolding in New York. And California was pretty benign bush and does stayed that way for the first for the first couple of months for the next three months California's curve remained flat. With fewer than 2000 cases reported each day. Yeah when in the in California because we've done so well in March and April I think you know many people let their guard down came to believe you know. We're we're invincible here we've done OK we're gonna keep doing okay then in June. Before you saw its first search thundered in 151000 cases and 4200 deaths but the numbers were fraction of the devastation in New York. A state with half of California's population. Some more than three times as many cases and close to 30000 deaths. And by July many businesses were ordered to close again as California saw per capita confirmed infection rates outpaced the nation as a whole. Six months later much of California is back in lockdown but there's no sign the virus is slowing down. The Serb breaking through the state and highly contagious new covad variant is adding to mounting fears. I didn't surprise I think many people who've been following this carefully. Have been surprised not that we had a surge during the win torch. But that it's lasted so long and in so so devastating particularly in Southern California. LA county's public health director breaking down in tears over this search is growing death tool. Oh over a thousand people. Who are beloved members of their families. Are not coming back among the hardest hit Latinos they make up nearly 40% of the State's population but nearly half the Kuby decks. As overall deaths have begun to increase we see that people in the lowest resource areas are bearing a great deal of this burden. The gaps between race and ethnicity groups. Have now once again dramatically widened particularly for our Latino residents. Now governor Newsom is scrambling to save his state. And his political career the sporadic lock downs and slow rollout of the vaccine coupled with his lavish dinner at the restaurant French laundry. Have led more than a million people to sign a petition for a recall election there are nine weeks left to collect the additional 500000 signatures that would place the measure on the ballot. We all thought the bottle neck was going to be the supply of vaccine. You know it just wasn't gonna roll out of factories as quickly as we needed to push and to now understand that there are tens of millions of doses of vaccine sitting in freezers. In California and elsewhere in the country bush is an outraged. As California waits for the vaccine the pressure on health care workers is crashing. Sexy deployed to Hurricane Rita. And Hurricane Katrina. And this is by far the worst disaster I've ever been involved in that is the situation right now what is worse even look like. Our employees are physically exhausting. Right now work at a tipping point. We can't add any more through that. It's for ABC news live steely hard time Los Angeles. And no indication it's no let up anytime soon our thanks to Caylee and adding to the frustration is that we have a vaccine we just need to get it distributed. One of the ways and number of states are trying to get a vaccine moving through the population is by converting a large venues into so called vaccination mega site's. Our chief national correspondent Matt got many is there in hard hit Los Angeles Matt. How of these sights set up to work and to officials expect the bill. Really help meet demand which as we've seen is incredibly high specially on the front lines. The infrastructure is relatively simple Lindsay because. Generating exist right this is the biggest Covert testing site in the country behind me the parking lot to Dodger Stadium by the end of the week they hope. They can converted. Into being the largest vaccination site in the country com. There are plenty of doses out there California for instance is only vaccinated. 28%. Of the people for whom it is allocated vaccine doses so they're still you know. Hundreds of thousands of doses that are just sitting there. On the shelves and that is the issue right now. Officials across the country are encountering more reluctance to get vaccinated than the than the originally anticipated in Riverside County nearby. 50%. Of the nurses said they did not want the vaccination and did not get its so the issue is not as much. Getting you know flooding the zone with vaccine doses it is figuring out a way to entice people make it easy for them taxi show up at places like this. And get that sometimes painful shot in the arm but obviously so much better than the alternative. And right now Lindsay nobody seems to have it anywhere across the country. Nobody seems to have a good answer for that. Still summon comes with a role on the distribution match our thanks to you when we come back. The young soldier found dead on New Year's Eve after once reporting she was sexually assaulted an investigation now under way. The big cooling foam and this siblings who made an eleven million dollar investment in crypto currency. Now worth a million dollars today what you need to now. But up next many corporations revoking their support for the politicians who voted to object president elect Biden's election win despite it being a fair race. But should companies be weighing in stay with us. Welcome back everyone as the fallout over the attack on Capitol Hill continues most corporations are now taking a stand in choosing a side as more companies are pulling funding from Republicans who supported overturning the Electoral College results. ABC news business correspondent Deirdre Bolton brings us the latest on companies that are turning on trump. And his allies. In the aftermath of the Capitol Hill attack private companies are taking action against president tram this CEO of Yonder a company that specializes in information and branding integrity. Says the days of companies being neutral on political social or cultural movement. Are over. Corporations have a cultural responsibility. And end I get a lot of ways it lasts for and they recognize that they need to tell us a fill. I'm with the public and. Marry Ott is suspending donations to Republican senators who objected to certifying president elect Joseph Biden's electoral victory. A hotel chain spokesperson is quoted as saying. We have taken the destructive events at the capitol to undermine a legitimate and fair election into consideration. We will be pausing political giving from our political action committee to those who voted against certification of the election. The blue cross blue shield association also said it will suspend contributions to lawmakers who quote voted to undermine our democracy. Some business leaders and seemed conflict did these past four years the champ administration made many polarizing decisions and also enacted so called. Business friendly winds including a 2017. Tax overhaul that delivered a windfall to corporations and wealthy individuals. But Wednesday prompted action for some. Simon and Schuster canceled a book deal it had with Missouri senator Josh holly. Senator holly led the fight in congress objecting to president elect Joseph Biden's win. Holly was seen raising a fist in solidarity to -- supporters on Wednesday during the insurgency. Senator holly tweeted about what he called the woke mob at Simon and Schuster and called the company's decision orwellian. Corporations have really leaned in to grant it a lot of consumers said you know bullied and our brand get behind our grand we have this we have values. And now consumers are. When them accountable. On Sunday naked PGA announced cancellation of its contract with the trump National Golf Club in bed minster New Jersey for the 20/20 T championship. Setting the tragic events of last week. The CEO added we finer souls and a political situation not of our making. We're fiduciary for our members for the dean for our mission and for our brands. A spokesperson for the Trump Organization says it is incredibly disappointed and the decision is a breach of. To be sure organizations are making difficult decisions in a complex environment financial tech firm to strike a recorded police stopping processing payments to the trump campaign web site. And trump of fund raising website we reached out to striped we have not heard back yet directly from the company. For us a publisher putting out a very strong statement. About anybody who worked in the trunk administration communications team amid a quoting here. Hire any of Trump's still low fat populists above and force will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is all lie we're going to scrutinize. Doubled Shaq. Investigate with the same skepticism. We had approached a trump tweet. Lindsay. Fossum scheming words their dear Gerard things used still ahead here on crime that converts cover girl controversy. How Vogue Magazine ended up picturing vice president elect come on Harrison or sneakers and did she sign off. The pope's personal doctor has died of Kobe complications when will the pontiff get vaccinated. And we've another impeachment will mainly take a look at how other impeachment proceedings have taken. By the numbers but first start tweak the day the lawmaker who got tested for Kobe after that mob stormed the capital. She's now Pozen news. Welcome back everybody and closer look by the numbers at the impeachment threat by house Democrats a rare move in the history of our country. And an unprecedented one this close to. The inauguration. Just nine days before president trump leaves office house Democrats filed a single article of impeachment against him for incitement of insurrection. But at least 218 house members co sponsoring impeachment article trump could become the first president in US history to be impeached twice. Only three US presidents have been impeach presidents Donald Trump Bill Clinton and injured Johnson. A fourth Richard Nixon resigned when faced with impeachment and removal. US senate has held twining impeachment trials for public officials mostly judges. The process does take time in nearly eight weeks passed between president Clinton's impeachment and senate acquittal it was seven weeks for president trump. An out of the house votes to impeach president trump this week of possible senate trial almost certainly would not begin until after. Joseph Biden becomes president and we still have lots more to get to hear on prime tonight. The investigation continues into that deadly plane crashed aircraft plummeting not long after take off what went wrong. Wasn't it in 2009 you can buy a big point for about a penny. Now each one is worth about 30000. Dollars creating scores of new millionaires is this the new gold. But first a look at our top trending stories on And. None of them. No president has ever been impeached and twice but this week is that distinction could fall on president trust. Congressional Democrats say that is vice president Mike McKenzie and the cabinet do not invoke the 25 amendment and remove the president. They will vote on impeachment for incitement of insurrection keys on something. So serious. That they should be prosecution against him the mayor of DC is now requesting additional security for president elect Joseph hide his inauguration next week if I'm scared of anything it's. Our democracy meanwhile the far right social media platform parlor has filed a federal lawsuit against Amazon being a response to me kick off its web services following the seizure of the capital the parlor players and this is a victim of an antitrust violation and breach of contract. Parlor has also been banned from Apple's App Store and Google's place storm. President elect Biden receiving his second dose of the co in nineteen vaccines. Nationwide the CDC says almost nine million people that receive their first dose of the vaccine. Los Angeles the nation's largest testing site at Dodger Stadium he's close to being turned into a vaccination site. All other ballparks and stadiums across the country are doing the same. It's being reported over France's his personal doctor has died of complications due to coax venerable 78 year old was being treated for cancer it's unclear when the Pope was last seen by the doctor Francis a proponent of the vaccine is expected to gets a jab this week. And answer questions surrounding the death of nineteen year old army soldier in Asia Graham was found dead inside her marriage at Fort Bliss in Texas on New Year's Eve according to Fort Bliss officials last June from Graham reported to purchase commands and that another soldier sexually assaulted her back in December 2090. The investigation into her salt and took several lines the charges not formally dropped against the unnamed soldier until October when two months later. Was Daniel. Army investigator saying the foul play is not suspected in her cat and now this morning that unnamed soldier is sneaking into full court martialed after being charged with assault. The search continues for cancerous after a weekend crash of a passenger jet into the waters off Indonesia Saturday afternoon when the plane plummeted. 101000. Feet in just thirty seconds and only minutes after takeoff from 62 people feared dead including seven children. And three and this three week stay air jet was a Boeing 737 and like not a Maxi. Officials say they have detected pings from the black folks like quotas and advocated them but have yet to retrieve them. Over the weekend the cover of the February issue of vogue featuring the vice president airline believed that covers Unclei under early release immediately drawn criticism. You're not measuring up to what's expected from the leading fashion magazine. Slamming the photo for looking like an amateur snapshot she even though it was shot by accomplishment photographer Tyler Mitchell a person with direct knowledge of the negotiations telling ABC news that he harris' team believed a different image shocked by the same photographer. We'll cover them in addition. ABC learning that harris' team chosen both outfits to. Fashion magazine telling ABC news the teen vogue and filled them more informal image captured vice president elect harris' authentic approachable nature. We treat feel as one of the hallmarks of the lightning Harris administration. To response to the seriousness of this moment in history. And the role she has simply leading our country forward we're celebrating both images of her as covers digitally. Welcome back for many bit calling this. People of her about the they don't quite understand for others it's helped make them millionaire script don't currency prices surged last week during the storming of the capital the today. If plummeting it is a volatile market that is rapidly growing and has Rebecca Jarvis explained some consider it digital gold. Calling it a record high over the weekend. The hots assets that we have been watching this year it clamp of course has been near the top of the list. What you heard of that currency is currently worth almost 33000. US dollars. Big coin it's been digital currency you've probably heard something about his point those stories about early investors striking it rich hitting all. Those guys from the social network the waigel boss twenty. This idea is tension with millions of dog do it they eleven million dollars into bitcoin back and 2013. Now they're billionaire. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has been a big point advocate from the start billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates got one as a birthday present. Somebody gave me some for my birthday. It kind of. Then appears later I thought hey I'm gonna sell that even rapper meg in these stallion recently did a bitcoin give away. But what exactly is that. Grueling is the world's most popular crypto currency it's a digital currency that you could use like cash. But unlike other currencies it isn't backed by any government and you don't keep that in a bank board here reading your hacking it exists only online. You can use it to get a hotel room on Expedia. I furniture on over stops but that's not actually how most people are using it abundantly to store their wealth and Mike no regrets is a billionaire former hedge fund manager and philanthropist. So was born out of a ditch trust says it originally. Fuel people bernalillo grids that computer hackers. And what we seen is that has morphed into this vibrant ecosystem. Where institutions started coming in more and more. First discovered bit going seven years ago. Now he's one of the biggest crypt to investors in the world through his financial services firm galaxy digital what do you do then. Or average person we all lost your edit I in the picture could be Gary. I think you know. Three of 4% of your work should be. An. Well you don't need saving your entity savings and so that's certainly more risky but it you have some savings. Even a small town you will. Win big according began a little over a decade ago you could buy one for less than a penny. Today it's worth more than 30000. Dollars big point been coin bitcoin to prepare currently. The Y price swings feeding skeptics in the crypt don't die hard to light. There's a lot of instability in the world you know to over 20%. Of all US dollars in circulation. I've been printed in the last year. You know we used to call acorn a bubble. Would this dollar and Fiat currencies are looking a lot. And a lot more like a bubble these states even more bullish on today and anywhere we. Yeah we'll get adoption of it today I just still being. There. Are enough doubters. To ever meet it valueless. We met Jeremy Gardiner packing twenty to seventeen in San Francisco that if they read this is the crypto castle. Think of it as a dorm room meets think tank interests saying led by Jeremy. Jeremy calls himself a venture capitalist and crypto currency evangelists are you a millionaire. May tenth. You are big. And it goes to zero. What happens. All that then you don't have any made the reason why I actually don't believe that happen anymore. Is that there are so many people in the world believe so deeply into. There are always going to be people that I'm working. So let's along Izzard sellers there will always be buyers. In addition to betting on the currency itself many are also betting on the underlying technology that makes big plane work. Transaction is recorded in a public digital ledger and called the block change. Block chain is a sense lead the fundamental technology. That gate price point industry likes it to. Coined the term web three point out. They Morrissey cure away. And not only the process and by Handel in and reach and that's currently used in. Chris McFarlin is the founder and CEO of patient Torre health care company that relies on the underlying technology of the block chain to exist we use the technology tube. Honor basically create a streamlined data access. I'm for our credit how information. And to unlock. You individuals so they can start you own how they still in the same way. A block Shean allows people to you owned equally. It also allows people to own air health information. Exact I would seek three year or years there's been an increase and the number of brands and where outs. On health care you know systems which most people don't realize you know can show that entire hospital. So technology is in older. And you may Abbott safeguard and patted each. It's a far cry from its not so distant dark past. It point once the preferred currency to buy drugs and other illicit items on black market site silk road which was eventually shut down by the FBI. Today with more widespread adoption the bigger question is the height. Overblown. What do you stated here that is it. Well. There's a bubble and everything there's a bubble and classless Clark there's a bullet. You know pellets on what she knew about it internal where it. As people want environment there with the girl and we want. The only money intercede with at us clerics. Democrats arguing that a finite amount of bitcoin could make at the new digital goal right now we're about 5% of bowler 4% Google. Why can't pick maybe 10% goal in twenty years ago. Traders become role because we go to 600000. Ascended like she'd see two years ago and I actually think we'll get either three or four years. But it the last 48 hours are any guide. Prepared for a roller coaster ride to reach those lofty heights. For ABC news live I'm Rebecca Jarvis. To bitcoin or not to bid calling that's a question and answer about the we'll be right back with into the day. Before we go tonight our image of the day on Capitol Hill police officer wearing a black band over his banjo in honor of officer Brian sickened and died as a mob inspired by the president of the United States stormed the capital. Will this lead to the second impeachment of president trump still to be determined. That is our show for this aberration stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us good night.

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