ABC News Live Update: Over 31 million votes cast 2 weeks before Election Day

Plus, TSA reports one million passengers went through security on Sunday, the highest number since March, and how schools around the world are coping amid the pandemic in person and remotely.
11:15 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Over 31 million votes cast 2 weeks before Election Day
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update we are seeing record turnout up the full two weeks before Election Day. At least 31 million votes have already been cast that's more than 20%. Of the total vote in what he's sixteen. Voting is now underway in all fifty states including turning key swing states Florida and Wisconsin. This as the Supreme Court ruled that mail in ballots in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Will be counted as long have they received within three days of the election. The ruling denies a Republican request to not count ballots received after Election Day. Air travel hit a new milestone over the weekend the TSA reports more than one million passengers went through airport security checkpoints on Sunday. The highest number since the start of the pandemic in March. Meanwhile the CDC is strongly recommending masks for all travelers above the age of two on all public transportation. Including planes and buses trains and taxis. And the midwest this season of his first snow of the season a few weeks ahead of schedule. The dusting is posing a problem for Iowa residents still without loose after that direction back in August. This winter storm is moving slowly through the northern plains and upper midwest before reaching the Great Lakes later this week's. Meanwhile more than three dozen wildfires are burning in the west. Five states from California to Wyoming under fire wind and air quality alert. And with two weeks left to go until Election Day President Obama will make his first in pursing campaign appearance for Vice President Biden in Philadelphia tomorrow. According to an abiding campaign Obama will hold a driving car rally to encourage people in Pennsylvania to vote early. Meanwhile first leading Gilani trample join the president at his rally in Erie Pennsylvania tonight. Aside from the Republican National Convention in August this will be her first in person appearance at a campaign event in more than a year. And now to Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges revealing he's been diagnosed with lymphoma. ABC's will Reeve has more on his treatment and his message to fans. This morning beloved actor Jeff Bridges with a stunning announcement Monday evening revealing he's been diagnosed with lymphoma. Channeling his best known character bridges tweeting quote. As the dude would say expletive has come to light I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I'm starting treatment and we'll keep you posted on my recovery this aggression will not stay. The seventy year old actor has had one of the most storied careers in cinema. A seven time Oscar nominee bridges won best actor for his portrayal of an alcoholic singer in 2000 nine's Crazy Horse. Among so many others his turn as the dude in 1990 it's the big about ski is one of the most iconic performances of all time. Nobody calls me look I'll ski eat the wrong. Yeah. I'm. Lymphoma a type of blood cancer that develops in the lymphatic system part of the body's disease fighting network can affect patients of any age. Nearly 800000. Americans are living with or in remission from lymphoma. And over 85000. New cases are expected to be diagnosed this year. Our thoughts are with Jeff Bridges and his family wishing him a speedy recovery will read thank you for that. And now to a new report about schooling during a pandemic it offers a look at how countries around the world have re introduced kids to learning. Remotely or in person and where it's working best accusing the pilgrim. This morning Jeanne they with the first look at a new report on children at schools and the code in nineteen pandemic across the globe. As students from Cambodia to Afghanistan Ghana to China returned to the classroom. The University of Washington fighting that while outbreaks have occurred in some. There was little evidence that schools were main drivers of transmission. In Denmark fourth greater Katherine Hamilton is happily settled in her fall semester. Yeah. Denmark was one of the first countries in the world to reopen schools in May putting children in protective bubbles of twelve. Where they ate played and learned what the same part of children and one teacher. But this golf school is relatively normal with larger class sizes of 24. And Catherine school of 1000 no courage infections. We have seen that limiting the group sizes keeping those groups linked together. These are things that we know work to control transmission. Researchers point to another country with relative success in reducing the risk of school based transmission. South Korea and we take turns going to school so in the first week the seventh graders go to school and the ace. Graders and ninth graders stay home picking on my classes. When ninth grader G whole unit does go to school she missed check in using it Kobe in nineteen symptom tracker and undergo five to temperature checks threw out of the day experts say it's critically important to decide orally which group benefits most from in person learning. Denmark Sweden Norway Finland focus on getting younger students back first. Germany focus on older students back in person because they believe that they can more effectively adhere to as a physical distancing measures while. Other countries like Europe way focused on bringing back students from rural areas who the government determined were less likely to have access to remote learning. Fifth grader Bryant attends his village's school with six other students while in row Wanda and Indonesia students are learning by radio the nation's has been tracking school closures around the world and reports that nearly 600 million school children. Are still affected by school closures. And these researchers say that it's important to make sure you have control of the virus before opening schools warning that opening and then closing schools. Can have psychological effects on children. I ads and get to know he the pilgrim thank you. And if you're planning to shop online for the holidays this year you may want to start early. With online sales skyrocketing during the pandemic shipping facilities are bracing for a record season. Which could mean delays here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis with more. For how many shopping this year instead of this. It's back to the real action to happen here. With many consumers reluctant to return to physical stores experts predicting a record amount of online shopping will lead to a record amount of shipping one industry group estimating that between Thanksgiving Christmas more than seven. 65 million last year. FedEx telling us it's anticipating such high volumes that they've added 7000. Jobs and even given this holiday season a new nickname. The entire US domestic shipping industry has been a peak lake levels since March. Now on top of those levels were heading into our holiday shopping season you've got to keep volume and talk to keep volume so we're calling it the ship upon. The shipments on due to not just the big box retailers sending volume soaring. But also a number of small businesses moving online during the pandemic we had to add days of service we are now actually shipping across the United States on Sunday serving 95% of the population. To avoid delays experts encouraging consumers to shop early and ship early seem to deal. Early. We give yourself a lot of time. Also you don't know whether or not we're DC your loved ones friends and family so I think. The American consumer wants to shop early get all of those gifts all planned out and sent off for war. It gets she cracks time. Katic. In the US Postal Service telling GMA they pushed up some of their delivery cut off dates for some services by F Eude is. This is not the time to deal shopper particularly this year. And well companies like UPS and FedEx tend to hire their temporary holiday workers starting in November of this here. They've started things a lot earlier many of those thousands of people who have been hired for temporary holiday work have already begun in October with things kicking off with Amazon's prime day in a number of other retailers. Offering Black Friday deals in the month of October. And by the way if you have gone into a store looked on a website and seeing a lot of Christmas holiday decor inside yourself isn't it a little early for this we'll that's actually by design. These retailers are trying to get us thinking about holiday spending earlier than ever as well. And this year Deloitte is forecasting that Americans will spend anywhere between 25 and 35%. More online. Then they did last year that puts our total amount of online spending at a staggering. 196. Billion dollars over the holiday season Diane. If the forecasts are right Diane. Wow Rebecca thanks. And now for the latest science and technology headlines let's go to Monaco is our update. In today's second bites a new TV channel for music videos apple music TV or mind some of MTV's early days that 24 hours streaming channel. Please videos with no adds a live chat or interactive features it's available on apple TVs and music apps. Massachusetts has sent drove a nineteen tax of people living in areas that have consistently high levels of transmission the tax include advice saying Wear a mask and wash your hands they arrived on the same day is a state reported its highest case count. Late name. Finally a big screen you can tuck away in a flash LG is now selling a role oval. 65 inch LE DTV for 87000. Dollars the four K display can disappear and it's based. When not in use and you can decide how much of the screen you'd like to watch renowned it's only available in South Korea. Jose attacked by stay and help foot at a time it reaches the US they'll also lose a few zeros back to you. Yet maybe all of them on a thank you. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana say no thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis house evacuate 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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