ABC News Live Update: Biden on the way to Geneva for showdown with Putin

Plus, California loosens COVID-19 restrictions and incidents of unruly airplane passengers are on the rise.
29:19 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden on the way to Geneva for showdown with Putin
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden is on his way to Geneva that high stakes meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin's marked. These bright. He's tough and I have found that he is as they say we used to play ball a worthy adversary. And just one day by that vote and are set to discuss everything from election interference or ransom where attacks. And a possible prisoner swap as one of the Americans and rushing captivity sends a new message from behind bars begging president Biden's bring a halt. Our team is in Geneva this morning. California is now the latest state to get one step closer to a return to normalcy. Build. More physical distance he requirements no more caps. Occupancy. Starting today the state is also dropping mask mandates for fully vaccinated people and hear the announcement from Disneyland. About vaccinated guests all this as we learn new details about a deadly dispute over masks and Georgia. And the FBI's investigating a mid air scare on a delta flight at the FAA warns of a rise in threatening or violent behavior on planes. Here with the CEO of delta says they're doing about it. Plus the best time to Atlanta travel field. Believe in with president Biden leaving Brussels this morning for Geneva where he will meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin tomorrow. While in Brussels Biden made a courtesy call to the leaders hosting the NATO summit. You can see him with Belgian king and the prime minister's well. The White House has released specifics on Biden couldn't meeting yet but the Kremlin said this morning it could last board five hours. Chief White House correspondent see if they get is traveling with the president. This morning president Biden is final day in Belgium before heading off to Geneva for that high stakes showdown with Russia's Vladimir Putin the president telling me he's ready. You've met Vladimir Putin before what's your mindset walking into a meeting. With a former KGB agent who you've said has no soul. I have met with new. He's bright. He's tough. And I've found that. She is a as they say. We used to play ball a worthy adversary. Sources say the president has been deepened traps briefing at least one today the White House assembling a team of experts on Russia including a former National Security Council official from the trump administration who once said she considered faking a medical emergency. To stop that now infamous press conference where trump sided with potent over his own intelligence community president Biden says his goal is to avoid conflict and stabilize relations. Is are there going to be specific concessions. You want food and to make I'm gonna make clear. President true. That. There are areas where we can cooperate. If he chooses. And he chooses not to cooperate. And acts. In a way that he has in the past relative to cyber security and some other activities. Then we will respond. We are responding com. On his first foreign trip since taking office the president and NATO allies putting up a united front against the world a talker sees the group naming China as a new security threat for the first time. Calling out Beijing's assertive behavior. And also identifying Russia as a risk among the pressing issues on the agenda tomorrow to former US Marines in Russian captivity. Including Paul we Lin who is serving a sixteen year sentence for espionage we went insists he's innocent. Camden new audio message recorded from prison and just released by his family we'll in bags president. Biden to bring him home. That other former US marine in Russian custody Trevor read his daily is also now imploring the by the administration to try and negotiate his release during this summit tomorrow. Kremlin they do say that they are open to a possible prisoner swap but so far the White House does not seem interested day and they say that this could. Essentially encourage the Kremlin to unfairly target more Americans. All right to Syria big and Brussels Forrest thanks to Syria. And Biden has said he wants a more stable and predictable relationship with Russia so what's at stake in tomorrow's summit. And what does a win look like for president Biden RG global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has more on that from Geneva Martha good morning. For Vladimir put. And Joseph Biden this is really is scene setter a prologue a diplomatic dance to see where the others red lines are. But both of them have had some very tough talk. Leading up to this both of them seem to of already drawn those red lines especially. About cyber security Joseph Biden say those hacking have to stop. Vladimir Putin's saying he had nothing to do with that I think that is going to be a very very serious talk between the two man because that is. One of the things that's a big priority for Joseph Biden because of what Russia has been doing in these last months and years. Ian hacking into our cyber. But he is also aware. That he needs to flatter Vladimir Putin a little bit he called them a worthy adversary show I'm a little bit of personal respect. As they go into this room so they are very high stakes in this but it really is just beginning. Our the united says it state says they want stability and predictability. You won't know about that. For a very long time Diane right chief public. Airs correspondent Martha Raddatz thank you. And we'll have full coverage of the bite includes summit tomorrow right here on ABC news lives. Back here at home California is scaling back its pandemic restrictions. It's one of the fourteen states hitting president Biden's goal of at least 70% of adults vaccinated with at least one dose. And this morning we're learning Biden plans to celebrate independence from cold it with the July 4 White House bash. But there are new concerns over the delta variant for those without vaccinations. The CDC estimates it now makes up about 10% of current US infections KV hearts and has the latest. This morning the Golden State is back in business no more physical distancing requirements no more caps. And occupancy. Starting today for Californians who are fully vaccinated life is almost back to normal. When grocery shopping going to the general Barr you can ditch the mask to night Dodger Stadium opening up at 100% capacity. Co written games are over we're gonna be sold out for the next couple of nights Disney land widening its doors to. And welcome me back out of state acts and dropping its requirement for masks both in an outdoors for fully vaccinated guests with more than 70% of adults in California receiving at least one dose. The governor announcing new in senate's handing out six in state dream vacations to try to get shots to those remaining arms. And as the US near 600000. Deaths from Kobe and with more than 300 people still dying every day the need to protect the population is as urgent as ever. Turner's semi death that significantly lower. And at the peak. Of this crisis. But is still a real tragedy crystal Morgan lost her fifteen year old daughter Dakota just last month. Dakota had no underlying symptoms or illnesses or diseases. And the virus apparent. In less incentives who Allison the first Nancy within the symptom. And now new concerns over the delta variant for those unvaccinated the CDC estimating about 10% of current infections in the US due to that variant. And in the UK right now it's responsible for 90% of cases. But according to two new studies preliminary data shows that the Pfizer and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines can't fight the very. And her more than 90% effective in keeping those fully vaccinated out of the hospital. Says Diana Kyrie Dodger Stadium without capacity limits and no social distancing requirements. They are looking to sell this place out tonight pack it with 50000 fans. But eve for those who are fully vaccinated there are still some places where you do have to Wear masks in hospitals on public transportation and long term care facilities. And indoors K through twelve schools and child care facilities but let me leave you with a warning Diane for those 50000 people are expected to be here tonight. Come early Diane. I did tip Gary Hart sang thank you. Let's go to position at Stanford children's health doctor look telkom want all this doctor Patel thanks for being here. It is fourteen state number fourteen states meeting this goal of 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated president Biden was aiming for the whole country to hit that by July 4 so how are we doing. All eyes you mentioned a word not even halfway there any if you look at the actual vaccination raised in his country by Jamie were up three million in April right now or are now. Part of that. Is because yes the vaccinated animals are all people were eager to get such as health professionals early but honestly now and there isn't it has sought out any yes she look at state by state data. There's a clear difference. Between. Those Blue States and red states and you know I hate to see this level of vaccine partisanship if you already just so's they need greater degree at community level. Conversation and we look to see how he can work together as a country all only would this new. Vaccines work I knew Harris administration and more on the ground communication look at their but it doesn't look like we're gonna meet a goal by deport July. The CDC estimates for delta Berrian is now causing 10% of current infections in the US it's responsible for 90%. Of UK cases so how concerned should we be about that particularly as we here in the UK. It seems to be affecting the younger population more than previous variance. And as we all know because you and I are both young yesterday. Younger population are the ones are more likely to kind of get out there Wendy's are to reopen it go to those events those concerts. Ours Disneyland whatever needs buried it easier to transmit from one person and others. Cause for concern in ice on analogy you imagine that's our each U impacting our selves is she going to a whole. Don't agree to some more issues Ian in my eating better screen examples. And so I do worry about those people out there who are not yet been backs needed. Especially those who may have underlying conditions and eating is booming and asthma type one diabetes or obesity here particularly iris. And we have these kind of pockets of vulnerability in a country that she was in his cigarette packs machinery is not enough to find out the potential Johnson Barry out. So the more of us who get vaccinated that that can. We have them help to protect. They younger people who aren't of age or those who have other conditions that would prevent them from getting. From getting vaccinated so how close are we to. Herd immunity does that still seem like an and and achievable goal. Reluctance in your lessons and and I and I pray at a life act. I think her community itself is kind of a moving target. Does not just in my opinion his nickname from our experts infectious disease experts you know worldwide. It's a moving target because he could change with city year could change depending on the very but I think the person you product in question is really important. You know back in December January people were saying handymax needs for myself to protect myself but we have enough information Alice vaccinations can also prevents. Transmission of the virus you're protecting Aaron around you I think as easy as these are 30. Combination that natural immunity and an accident art immunity. Gonna keep bringing cases down but again scientists aren't sure how long that natural immunity to encode and ask. Actually last this is angry believed it was actually go out there and get shot in Jenin are. All right doctor look at tells us great to have you thank you. Likewise thank you let's go to Disneyland yes please. An investigation is underway after a deadly mask dispute at a store in Georgia. Investigators say a man shot and killed a grocery store cashier after she told him to Wear masks and then an off duty sheriff's deputy got involved ABC's Victor Kendall has the latest. My shot. Itself so I accept. This morning a Georgia woman is dead and two men including an off duty deputy are in the hospital. Ultra deadly confrontation over masks card per side. Officials say thirty year old Victor Lee Tucker junior entered a big beard pursche restore Monday afternoon. Well checking out a forty seeking gotten to an argument with the cashier about a face mask. Tucker left the store and that's what witnesses say he returned with a gun. Cash. Pentagon officials say the suspect opened fire shooting the cashier who told him to Wear a mask. Didn't exchanging gunfire with an off duty to cab county deputy. The suspect was arrested trying to crawl out of the front door. The treasury and striking just as many states are phasing out state wide masked men dates. But some stores are still requiring customers to Wear them as Georgia reports a rolling seven day average of nearly 300 new Covert nineteen cases. In Diane that deputy is in stable condition. The owner of this store told are badly in a station WSB that they actually hired this deputy in order to help enforce the mask policy. Diane. I Victor komando in Georgia thank you. And the FBI's investigating a mid air scare at delta flight as it warns of a rise in inflight confrontations. Here with the CEO of delta is now saying. About how they're handling it after the break as. Also ahead a mega drought is shrinking some of the nation's most important reservoirs. The weakened back ginger Z is giving us up close look at the crisis a Lake Powell. And what the drought is revealing below the surface stay with us. Welcome back video of a violent arrest on a boardwalk and Merrill and is going viral after a team violated shaping rules. The incident and others like it or not forcing the ocean city police department's review its use of force policies. ABC's cannon mountain has more and want to warn you these videos may be difficult to watch. This morning this disturbing video sparking outreach police and merely repeat do we need a man. Stop for allegedly beat being in a prohibited area. And now the Pennsylvania men arrested on ocean city's boardwalk speaking now. Permission. Or he wouldn't do. Officers say they warn nineteen year old Brian Anderson and his friends that BP is smoking hard not allowed outside designated areas. The police think Anderson continued BP became disorderly and resisted arrest yeah. That repeated. Please call in the crowd aggressive and hostile. Bogeys at the time begin though who that's what oak let. After scuffling with an officer one of Anderson's friends says he was Haiti's. Police security Lewis threw an officer's bike. And I don't be so. I like this I know at least eight it is that's been its opera. Ocean city police telling ABC news while the use of force is never the intended outcome. Our police department's first priority is to protect and serve they do not target based on race or a each. But this does not the first time tensions have escalated over beeping on the boardwalk. Just days earlier at this video showing eight year old 'cause the year Griffin putting his hands up before being taste. Ocean city police say when Griffin was told to stop bait being he threatened to kill officers. It was not resist it was not an issue. Police officers his mother grateful the situation didn't escalate further swing your child's situation you're no ordered her and you don't know what you flashing the V news Brock asked a cap and. And I was just cranes aren't that it. Diane all those young men are facing various charges including assault and interfering with an arrest. The mayor of the city released a statement saying he understands the public's concern over this viral videos. And police internal affairs is investigating both incidents. Diane. All right Kenneth mountain thank you. And that of the FAA is asking airlines to utilize their internal no fly lists more often. Amid a rise in threatening or violent incidents on flight the agency says it's received roughly 3000 reports of un unruly passengers since January 1. Most of those confrontations related to passengers refusing to Wear masks transportation correspondent GO but he test has the details. This morning the FBI is investigating that scare in the air when an off duty flight attendant on leave allegedly threatened to take down to play. The FBI looking at this new video as passengers and crew members restrained 34 year olds to plunge more Dunkin'. Who's accused of making terroristic threats and assaults and two flight attendant. And authorities believe he was having a mental health crisis. And passengers say he was acting strange. And dressed oddly in a helmet and knee pants. The FAA now telling ABC news it has received more than 3000 reports of an rowly passengers on planes. The overwhelming majority are passengers refusing to Wear a mask. Of course in this year to have almost as many events as we have seen up early passengers in the entire horse eat (%expletive) in the entire history at aviation that's how big this as. This as. Air travel season record numbers during the pandemic TSA screening more than two million people on both Friday and Sunday. Prices are on the rise to in effect for the first time in four years harper tells us it's anticipating the average domestic airfare. To be higher than the previous year forecasting an average of nearly 300 dollars by the end of the year. And the deals are going fast till hopper telling us that domestic airfare war peak by the end of this month. And by the fourth of July we're looking at the same prices we Saul. Before the pandemic even began. Diane right transportation correspondent you Benitez thank you. An earlier on GMA George Stephanopoulos spoke to the CEO of Delta Airlines at bastion about how delta is dealing. With these in flight incidents and when customers can expect flights to drop to pre pandemic crisis let's listen to that. Let's start up a talk about that incident. The company's claim we just saw it off duty delta flight attendant saw some of the pastors say that he was acting strangely before the flight should don't have done more to prevent this could you have. Well good morning George thanks for having me. The safety of our customers and our crew is of Paramount. Concern to us at all times and I've got to tell you that our crew on board that flight handled the situation professionally. They managed it well resolved that quickly. Safely. At no point that aircraft was ever in danger was an unfortunate situation was a sad situation. But our teams doing a very very good job of managing the stressful environment as were. Seeing a massive surge in people returning not just to air travel but the public life and we're seeing this message surgeon and only confrontations as well putting so much pressure. On your crews what is have been like for them and what are you doing to make sure passengers are safe. Bart crews are professionally trained to resolve situations of this we've been dealing with at all. The last year for masks as as you know we. Force and forced mandate ourselves without the government's support last year to ensure masking norm on board are planes are still there. We're having some incidents on that but I I would say George the bigger issue. Is that customers are returning in such large numbers. We know the pandemic cause a lot of emotional. Will be challenges for a lot of people has everyone is coming back to life or we're seeing this in all walks of life and we're seeing prices spike as well as or anything passengers can do right now to get better rates. Biden cars people the book seven because as people are part of coming back and demand is is increasing you're gonna see fares start to rise are still. About the level they were probably five to 10% less than they weren't when he nineteen certainly over the last year they've increased because they were all time. Lower travel last for a but I'd expect by the end of the summer. Hopefully will be back at least in the US the fares that are probably consistent with where they. They were when we got introduced to the pandemic at the end of when he 91 of the other consequences of the surge is your phone lines are getting all jammed up we're seeing on Twitter five hour wait times you can put. You can drive to the airport get your ticket that would in person. In that amount of time can you fix this. And everyone in the industry is experiencing the same challenge. The home volumes. Are up 40%. Above 2019 levels and so. We're not staff that we have of his staff for the massive amount of increase in calls questions that people are having are on the rise challenges in terms of understanding what the the requirements or the new requirements to travel will be accused of and a great job we're bringing a lot of resources and I expect in the next. Two to four weeks we'll be back to normal levels of handling times. All right our thanks to George and Ed bastion for that interview. And now to the record breaking heat out west temperatures have climbed to triple digits. At a heat and the dry conditions are killing large wildfires and the mega drought that's affecting some of the nation's most important reservoirs. ABC's chief meteorologist change disease in Lake Powell Arizona. With a closer look at that crisis. Good listening releases in the extreme desert heat outlined by other worldly rock formations it's on the man made lake that brings water to thirty million people. And it's down. Big tax to 34% capacity as the water drops history is being busiest. Fair enough. Good old people. Both Boston last decade and beyond. Now perched on stony beaches then used to be the lake bottom in the hunt head of wet slips of a lot of votes and from one of the still working dock them get some setbacks we embark on five hour tour. That's right there is a good example of the dry enough to stand trial on ramp absolutely yeah used to have water. A couple years ago sits in the years ago headliner now let me that's been playing on them to the gap pretty significant forty to fifty. And it's not over. The lake is projected to drop to the lowest level never since it was filled in the 1960s. And you don't need Watergate is you don't need data. Jesse and it's right here and this is a muscle covered shipwreck that's been without a firm who knows how long. What were seen. Here is. V trend and it's a trend in which is not a good trend that's less water available. Itself plants and that impacts us all. The problem drinking water availability. To irrigation problems it's an impact in many parts per line. If you can't get our arms around this problem. It's a problem next in the sandstone. See that gorgeous discoloration on the side of the rat that different players tell you love story about time. And about how much water has spent here at different points the highest levels and that even read up next the letter would have been up there in the 1980s or 1990s. But the story now in hell moment. Robert and captain Jim taking us to include math and big spot. He came up here outlasts your great in this bottle president the last coming five years in here. And you and accidentally drive undervote and it isn't all. An arch now above the Aqua marine waters. Says it's one of those shipwrecks left behind a treasured. You know and I and I had not bend to Lake Powell in effect in no better make it wouldn't know that we are in a decades long drought but it can't miss it now. Boats like this show and up about six of them on the lake so far. And while they are mysteries it's really no mystery how we got here and tell mystery about what's gonna happen going forward. This lake is going down projected to be at its lowest levels since the lake was made in the 1960s but the folks here at Lake Powell are adapting they widen out tourism is huge they needed to still come they want you to it is. Gorgeous by the way it is a stunning place to be. But on top of all of this I think it's important to note that there is a climate change connection. Experts in the climate around mark telling me that the mega drought and can be at about half of it attributed to warming temperatures. And unfortunately. It looks like in this next century could be very tough to turn that around so even if you have some seasons with more rain. Over all drought began its drought. And this monsoon season is looking below average for a lot of folks Diane. I'm going to be tough to get that chief meteorologist ginger Z and Lake Powell thank you. At a fire is still burning after a massive explosion at a chemical plant in Illinois on Monday when we come back. The warning from health officials to residents in the area. And we're hearing from Danish soccer star Christian Erikson after he collapsed on the field during games this weekend. Hear his message for his fans after the break. Welcome back time to take a look at today's science and technology headlines here's ended embers. It's an insect bites YouTube revamping its act the site will no longer accept spots related to. Alcohol gambling and politics or prescription drug terms Eugene says removing those subjects from its most prominent at slot will lead to a better user experience and Verizon is the latest company to reward Americans for getting vaccinated starting today customers can get a 10% discount on accessories at Verizon stores. Or its web site they just have to complete an online questionnaire confirming they perceive their Kobe's shot. No proof is required. Finally Baltimore's big mouth solution to keeping its waterfront clean it's known as mr. trash wheel and it gobbles up floating debris with the help of moving water a conveyor belt and movable dumpsters since his debut mr. trash we'll has gotten rid of three million pounds of garbage. Duffel we have one of those for the streets of New York does your tech bikes Diane back to you. RA ended ember at thank you. And a few more things you know before you go off fire is still burning after massive explosion ripped correct chemical plant and rocks in Illinois yesterday. Thick black smoke forced the evacuation of residents have been two mile radius. Fortunately all the employees of that plan made it out safely but now other concerns over the environmental impact. The Winnebago county Health Department is warning residents not to touch debris from the fire out of fear that it may be contaminated by chemicals. Danish soccer star Christian Erikson is addressing fans after collapsing on the field in the Euro championship tournament. He shared this photo along with a note saying quote the big thanks for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages it means a lot to me and my family. UN on Tuesday he's fine under the circumstances. And will be cheering his team on as he recovers. Erickson went down in the middle of Denmark's match against Finland the team doctor says he suffered cardiac arrest. But responders on the field were able to use a defibrillator. To resuscitate him. And check out this emotional buzzer beater for high school basketball team in California. Torrey Pines senior nick Hermann hit a three pointer to win this cif San Diego section championship. The clock hit zero the moment was especially special for neck. Who's a bone cancer survivor and was at one point told he might lose his leg and never play basketball again. After the game nick said quote every day that I was in the hospital I dreamed of this very moment. Taking that very shot accused congratulations to nick. And the rest of the team. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm diet Isiah thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Was evacuate at 11 AM eastern stay safe.

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