ABC News Live Update: Biden, UK PM Boris Johnson to sign new Atlantic Charter

Plus, meet the cyber mercenaries hired to hack companies before the bad guys get a chance.
12:13 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden, UK PM Boris Johnson to sign new Atlantic Charter
Good morning I'm Diane estate thanks for streaming with us in today's update unemployment claims dropped by 9000 last week to 376000. Just slightly higher than expectations. It's just six weeks straight that the number of claims has fallen a sign that the US economy is rapidly recovering from the pandemic. But many businesses are still facing a shortage of applicants to fill positions. The biggest reservoir in the country Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam is at its lowest water level ever. It provides water to some forty million people in seven states but it's now at just 37%. Capacity. Nearly 300000 square miles of the southwest are suffering from exceptional drought. And as rising temperatures evaporate more water federal officials not warning this crisis will get worse. Ten are urging people to conserve water as much as possible. And millions of people woke up this morning to a spectacular ring of fire partial solar such this morning. It happened just after 5 AM eastern time in the northeast US and north eastern regions of Europe and Asia. It wasn't bullet clips like the one we saw on 2017 because the motive was farther away from the earth but we didn't get to see that ring of fire is staking out. From behind him than. And president Biden has revealed the US will donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to countries in need. The White House says while the US is ready to spearhead the international drive to and the pandemic. Final urge other powerful countries to do their part to. So spring infectious disease specialist and ABC news medical contributor docked ten dollar and for more on this doctor Keller and good morning you know so. They tell how much of an impact do you think these 500 million doses will have on the pandemic globally. Good morning Diane I mean I think this is extremely important to remember cold but nineteen cases that are under control in different parts of the world. Can affect. Any other country even those that are engaged in a much better place rights when we learned that from that you don't with Wuhan just you know how would start to the immediate few dozen cases then spreads around the world isn't as a pandemic. So I think it's very important that we're getting extra vaccine to other countries and that's 500 million doses of course cool to a lot of good but. There are billions of people in the world most of the world remain unvaccinated so we need other countries to step up as well. And the CDC is also meeting today about a possible link between vaccinated teens and heart inflammation what do you expect to come out of that meeting. And what do parents and teens need to know and be concerned about right now. We're avoiding the important thing is there were keeping our eye on this we know one thing this is rare and so far is not clear that the vaccines caused his heart inflammation or what we call my elk herd I just because viruses are in the bat probably as well and when the CDC last gave us information they said that the risk of getting heart inflammation and after the vaccine was no higher than in the general population of kids who had not been vaccinated I think that's important witness. That's. I think is interesting is that it looks like this tends to be more common in boys than girls and more common after the second dose than the first still swing to get. It is something we have to keep our eye on but in the death. And most important take home message the risk of heart inflammation after cold in nineteen. Is much much higher than the risk after vaccine if there is even any risk. And and good context there's so thanks for that I also asked about his FDA advisory committee they just kicked off a meeting to discuss giving to the Coleman vaccine. To kids five and up so while holding me looking for before they sign off on emergency use authorization. Right so remember something as we get younger in age. We're more resistance the virus so there's less infections and let's face it these kids do very well so the key is looking the FD he's gonna look at this with the lands of safety safety first the other thing that we have to keep in mind is their cases are going down significantly. And because of that. Begin the and get me hard to improve effectiveness of what the FDA will do is what's called illegal bridging it means get the show that the kids developed and immune response that as robust as older kids are young adults and they will give the approval just based on Matt. As long as it's safe. All right doctor Todd Eller and always good to have you here to explain these things to us thank you experience you Tim. And president Biden is making his debut on the world stage were saying new images of the president and First Lady meeting with prime minister Boris Johnson and his new wife. In Cornwall England. The two leaders sat down moments ago for the first time as Biden aims to reaffirm the special relationship between the US and the UK. And our correspondent Rick just got is traveling with the president. Rachel good morning do we know what they discussed in this meeting. They did take any questions from reporters that we solemn look over some documents they are the new Atlantic charter that they were discussing. I really going back to this agreement that was navy right after World War II. And it written today is renewing a baton renewing and emphasizing the partnership the alliance between. These two countries we know that the UK is. As our closest allies so today we know behind closed doors are going to be talking about the pandemic thirty talking about climate change also. Going to be talking about how to get travel back open between the United States and the UK it's bit about fifteen months since shall has been essentially brought to a standstill. Isn't the first time that president died in his meeting Boris Johnson the two coming face to face today and it's. In more than 400 days since the US president has been on foreign soil so he's. Kicking off this trip and we're gonna expect a lot of messaging from the president that America is back and that America's bouncing back from the pandemic Diane and he's speaking at 1:15 PM eastern today what do you think we'll hear from and then. He's going to announce this major roll out that the White House is moving forward with when it comes to distributing vaccines to some of the poorest countries in the nations of the White House is now. I going to release 500 spies or vaccines to be distributed across the globe this is a big stat especially at a time what we know that the White House is really confident about how we are doing and fighting the pandemic back home today they want to emphasize the fact that. Not only the United States and other countries at well as well need to come together and in terms of in terms of pushing out the vaccinations in getting the world back together but still there's at their base a lot of criticism one nonprofit saying that it's gonna take. If the seven year is. At this rate to in order to backs Nate the entire globe so the pressure's certainly on not just on the US but other countries as well to do more. And never racial Biden's also meeting with G-7 leaders tomorrow he's attending a NATO summit in Belgium and then he meets face to face. With Wladimir who next week as he tried to build momentum of sorts before he goes to that meeting with potent. You might think so I think a lot of the conversations with allies and certainly this is gonna come up and the discussion about president who in the two coming face to face not their first tying needing of course they met back when he was vice president eventual and they didn't have any soul not mincing any words there but we're expecting this to be very high stakes meeting but the White House has been clear that he really absent. Low expectations coming out of it the president has said that he once this relationship. To be stable and predictable but president who and in Russia have been very unpredictable and this comes. It's time we are seeing these cyber threats these cyber attacks we know that is going to be but the first thing for the president brings up with whom they come face to face and just about a week. All right Rachel Scott and Cornwall England Forrest thanks Rachel. And you can watch her full coverage of the Biden couldn't summit next Wednesday June 16 right here on ABC news lives. And in the wake of several cyber attacks on the US some private companies and governments are now hiring people to help fight cybercrime. When we come back. Meet the hackers for hire. Welcome back companies are taking steps to prevent ransom where attacks hiring hackers. To test their systems security in hopes of preventing future cyber attacks. It comes after recent tax on the colonial pipeline and at JBS the world's largest meat processor. ABC news Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is tracking the latest on how good hackers are taking on bad hackers. So. We just kick the device off the Wi-Fi and from that we might be able to get a password to get on Wi-Fi network. Ryan Carr mark him dollars and Studebaker or cyber mercenaries and hackers were hired known as a ritzy. Good guy is hired by private companies and governments to hack that before the bad guys get the chief. Ransom where alone. Are up economy has suffered more than 350 million dollars in ransom where payments this year. May seventh. Colonial pipeline. The largest fuel conduit in the US discovers they can no longer access critical data is called ransom where. In this uses a weapon all over the world by underground cyber cartels. Illegal hackers. Breaching into systems. Their two Texas companies out there knows that no that it can happen. And those that don't yet now. Days later colonial announces debris started operations. But we would soon learns they paid a four point four million dollar ransom in bitcoin. Red team it has become a key tool in the global fight against cybercrime. It's now estimated to cost the world economy nearly one trillion dollars in damages it's zero. Teams client cash since she shrine in John push forward making their way through their network. Then planning this device called a raspberry. The whole point of those US trade ties is now we need to have only one of our other red team members and Placer ourselves the next morning. Can expect can't just start going you're taking over everything scenario we have access Holmes reports we know that we got user names and passwords we can just. Mr. Putin knows where they need to be and. It's a high tech game of cat and mouse food with enormous implications. Diane. Right the stakes are high here Thomas thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Dennis data thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is yours for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see back victory Cammie cemetery Amer and for the breakdown. Stay safe have a great day.

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