ABC News Live Update: Biden says US making ‘historic progress’ on economic recovery

Plus, activists wear orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day and “That Gay Doctor” makes waves on TikTok.
35:10 | 06/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden says US making ‘historic progress’ on economic recovery
Mourning. Today we received great news for our economy and our recovery. And for the American people. This morning we learned that in May. Our economy created 559000. New jobs. Unemployment rate fell to five point 8%. And wages one up for America workers. That means we have now created over two million jobs in total. Since it took office more jobs and ever meant creating the first four months of any presidency in modern history. Trip overrated my predecessor eight times the rate of President Reagan. Unemployment rate is now below 6% for the first time since the pandemic kid. The first fourteen months. First time first time fourteen months we saw the largest decline in the number of long term unemployed. More and in more than the entire decade the last ten years. Long term unemployment dropped by the second largest loan ever recorded. Not only that but the signs of further progress sorority here. This report is based on a weekly. Pinner and weaken early may that's how we did they determined. The the job record growth or loss we have growth. Andrew that was new in this that we can may we only had 35%. Of working age adults hadn't fully vaccinated. Now we're still always they were still a worry mask since then. 21 million more adults have gotten vaccinated. Making it easier than return to work safely in short. This is progress historic progress progress it's pulling our economy out of the worst crisis is banned in 100 years. And is testament to the new strategies is growing arts this economy not only growing number going from the bottom up in the middle out. Remember. What took office in January economy was in the tales. Job growth install. Coleman was re G average initial claims for unemployment insurance were over 830000. Per week. Now those claims of fallen below 430000. About half of what they were when I took office. Before I took office. Almost 24 million Americans are going hungry. None of those long lines of cars miles long people waiting for just a box of food to be put their trunk. That number is already dropped by 25% still too many. But clear progress. Before I took office independent experts were projecting. At the American economy would grow by three or 4%. In 20/20 one this year. This week the organization of economic cooperation and development the so called OECD. Which makes up a group includes some of the world's largest economies in its membership. And has been one of the leading bodies analyzing economic growth worldwide and individual nations increased their projection for US economic growth this year. To six point 9% in 20/20 one. That's the fastest pace in nearly four decades. In fact the US is the only major economy. We're projections of future growth are stronger today than they were before the pandemic kid in 20/20. And made. Manufacturing activity was nearly as strong as it was in more than fifteen years stronger now than fifteen years. No other rage economy major economy the world is going as fast as ours. No other major economy is gaining jobs as quickly as ours and none of this success is an accident it isn't lock. Is still in no small part first of all the cooperation the American people. In responding to my effort to get Colvin under control wearing mask initialing getting vaccinated. And this no small parts in the bold action we took by passing the American rescue plan. The plan provided those resource is to get shots of people's arms. Underwrite the vaccination effort enough vaccine supply for every single American. More vaccinated as people to put shots in the arms and more vaccination sites and now. 52%. 52% of American adults are fully vaccinated. 75%. Of our seniors are fully vaccinated. In the American rescue plan plan delivered economic big benefits directly to the American people. Because of that law. More than a 167. Million. Of those rescue payments of up to 14100 dollars have gone out to individuals families. Greece's study the Census Bureau data found just how much these checks mattered. They drastically reduced to be really reduced depression. According to the study anxiety and hardship for families. More than 40%. Fewer families struggle to afford food rent utilities car payments student loans and health care expenses. Small businesses and restaurants are good we're getting killed now Howard delivering loan whose support they need to reopen and to stale. Schools are struggling to reopen its remain vaccinated teachers are priority. We delivers his schools and the much support they needed state and local governments had to lay off tens of thousands of educators are first responders. Many are now back on the job thanks to the rescue plan in fact in day. State and local governments added 103000. Education jobs returned them a work. These funds are continue to get out this month to support state and local governments which will help get more people back to work. Small and medium size businesses. Are now able to take advantage of a special tax credit called the employee retention tax credit. It provides businesses a generous tax credit to retain or hire more workers. Through our restaurant revitalization fund. We anticipate been able to help over 100000. Hearted restaurants stay open or reopened. And beginning next month. Most families or children are beginning a tax cut which should be going and deposit and are counts directly Interbank accounts every month. We know that access to child care is one of the biggest barriers in the way of parents going back to work. Our administration is delivering 39. Billion dollars in child care relief help child care providers get back on the fees to providers. And serve more families and this month. Our economy added nearly twenty. Thousand more child care jobs who weren't there last month in fact allowing parents to have access to get help. And temporary boost in unemployment benefits that ended. Then that we enact and I should send help people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. And you still. May be the process of getting vaccinated but it's gonna expire in ninety days that makes sense it expires in need is to summit outlook. Colored cases are down Colvin deaths are up. Unemployment filings are down hunger is stacked. Vaccinations are up jobs are up. Wages are up manufacturing is up growth is up people gaining health care coverage is up. His small business confidence is up. America is finally on the move again. As we continue this recovery. We're going to hit some bumps along the way. Of course and I happen. We can't reboot the world's largest economy like flipping on mice light switch. They're going to be ups and downs in jobs and economic reports but. We're going to be a supply chain issues in price pressures on the way back to stem its stability is steady growth. In the coming weeks my administration is going to take steps to combat these supply constraints. Billion on the work we're doing on the computer chips that is we're providing more computer chips to be manufactured here United States so. And don't slow off the manufactured automobiles for example. Everyone needs to get their shots. Now's the time to accelerate the process we've been making. Now's the time to build on the foundation we've laid. You know I'm progress is undeniable it is not assured. That's why I propose an American jobs plan and the Americans family plan. For generational investments. We need to day we need to make those investments today. To be able to continue succeed tomorrow. We have a chance to seize on the economic momentum. On the first months of my administration. Not just to build back but to build back better. This much is already clear we're on the right track. Our plan is working and we're not gonna let up now. We're gonna continue to move on I'm extremely optimistic I hope UR's well. And may god bless you for being godless America may god protect our troops thank you offer readers are. Yeah I saw this afternoon beautifully that harness power. Tell yeah. He's he didn't. Hi everyone I'm Diane the city of them watching president Biden delivered remarks on the may jobs report I want to bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein and business correspondent Deirdre Bolton for a little bit more on this said Deirdre. The president is painting a pretty rosy picture of the economy and how things are looking after this jobs report which granted. Was much better than the previous month but the previous month's numbers were very low is so. Overall what is that picture here especially considering the jobs report this month was still below expectations. It's certainly less and healing this shows us what the president said we are on the right track. But given the shock that we hats and our economy this isn't like a light switch where you justice. Slid on his wish all the jobs and that I mean we're still miss seeing more or less about seven and a half million jobs in the US economy. If you look to where we are now vs February 20/20. So congress isn't an easy both. Former president trying to end president Brian and I really passing. Spear muscular measures. We she is meeting our economic recovery better and faster than it was after the last 20000 from two dozen SG doesn't tonight where is that. A decade and to get all of the jobs act. Assume most economists and asking went say the recovery is going to be faster. But it is not a straight line possibly the most similar receding when this morning saying today's figures were a modest disappointment and the one thing that I think we can underline. Which is a bright side is in the package jobs. We're revised higher error for the previous you might switch showing you the trend is moving higher were moving in the right direction. It's just an anti tax and. And Rick yeah. In it right now for Biden because one we now have the market is a lot. Love psychology essentially of people feel confident they're more likely to spend they're more likely to invest. And and also he's trying to get. More bills through congress to help in terms of economic relief so what is she trying to do with his speech today. Yet Diane this is a pivotal day for his side infrastructure plan he referenced just at the end of those remarks is meeting later this afternoon with the chief Republican negotiator. On the senate side said the shelling more capital of West Virginia. I and that could be a make or break moment for bipartisanship when it comes infrastructure and really whether infrastructure gonna happen at all and the message he's been trying to deliver and using today's job numbers to try to reinforces the economy is on the move and he needs more attention. I can't give up now. It's an odd kind of political a box that he's in because. If the numbers are too high if it feels like the economies to overheating your core inflation concerns and more skepticism about a didn't need the wisdom of dumping additional trillions of dollars into the economy. I'll but that's that trajectory is important and he's got some good numbers to hype you heard him. I'm making all sorts of comparisons of the two previous presidents I feel like all of that is up the pieces. These are the argument that he's making too maybe some jittery Democrats as well as some Republicans who definitely want to see Colvin ended in wanna see us on the other side of the economic recovery. That Biden's economic policies are working and that's difficult you live by the numbers you die by the numbers is a politician. But today you're hearing him say this at a time where his agenda is in the balance. And Deirdre there are still millions of Americans looking for work right now so what injure it industry's right now seem to be doing. The most hiring where should people who need work be looking. Well the big standout is being leisure and hospitality and we got even Indian point yesterday that showed that very clearly it's not a huge surprise this is really the sector that was hardest hit injuring. This is where there's the most growth so people are looking for jobs in leisure hospitality and that whole entire restaurant bar early tell. Charles Linder they would like to hire you. Not a place overseen a whole lot of growth is in health care and they're sort of in knots she non essential procedures should think about dentists. We're thinking now maybe years shoulder. During the pandemic but not enough to go see a doctor now people are beginning she T comes a point is that these doctors are bringing in more and more and other staff. Deserted area got a seamless hiring is actually tree. And transport are very much linked to shoe retailer also as Morgan resources open need more goods and that sort of part of this fight scene and we are seeing jobs and companies that are in the spaces. Almost a downright desperate for workers and. And on the flip side to that dear Joseph there are a lot of companies that are out there saying listen. We're trying to hire were putting the help wanted sign up were putting the ads out there. And we cannot find people to take the job so I kind of want to get both of your take on this because. This is both an economic argument but it's also turned into political discussion so first you're sure want to go to you on what economists are saying about this the fact that there are companies out there in this economy millions of people looking for work and it all these companies trying to hire saying they can't find anyone to take the job. They should be sure it is a puzzle everyone that I see with this Chinese here have been great importance again kinda great formula. But it's not just a single there's a job we'll end we need workers and then there's worse. Sometimes people have left the workforce and even if that person is ready to come back and that exact. Job may not be available. There is so people concerned for health reasons me eating living with somebody who is in you know compromise not every state has followed the scene got a nice. So I do seeing thank goodness we see such words he passed the worsening pandemic. But health concerns are still on war crimes many americans' minds. You also have a child care which free means clearly an outstanding issue. Some schools are not open yes and day cares are not over yet we're not open at the scene hours that they once were and for many people that does remain a challenge. So he goes she factors. Aren't you have to be added in to the overall equations and. As soon Rick cat is at all factor and on Washington because you got a lot of people particularly Republicans pointing to. The code relief bill bolster unemployment benefits all those kind of safety nets and saying you know essentially people are now making so much money. Not working to and new taken away the incentive for them to go out. And get a job so how does that work with some of the legislation before congress now. Yeah I this is actually I think of pretty important political point nine and I think it's become a talking point on. I'm both sides of the conversation and I think you're point is very relevant here as well. The we're in a period where who the country is not fully opened and there are many many schoolchildren millions of them were not backed full time and that means families have to make adjustments around schedules I think in the summer months. With camps re starting it's still going to be an issue. I think by the fall it'll be clear that the country is back to work and I think people are not willing to work then you have to address that and a different way. But the Biden administration has been very strong and trying to push back at the notion that unemployment. Remains at any kind of level because people don't wanna work these are people that want jobs I'm people are really still hurting in so many fees fears of our health care system as well as though the broader economy. I'll buddies tempered by the fear spending too much and doing too much and and and it does impact the dating game politics now this at this critical juncture for the Biden presidency. And you heard Biden mentioned child care release in that speech she says he's dedicated 39 billion dollars or can you tell Slobodan war. About that plan in what he's aiming to do there. Shore and and this is a broad thinking about what infrastructure means is we've we discussed previously Diane. The White House has a view of infrastructure is more than roads and bridges are calling human infrastructure. Where you wanna find that the dictionary the idea is that you he support people in ways that they work and in new economy 21 century economy requires that sort of innovation and that he bringing child care to people we've seen it rolled out through some of the that the cult did vaccinations as well to try to find ways the past polls designing databases it is an urgent concern that more people working if there was if it was addressed. I think he's going to be hard to get any political support for for this though Obama and until or unless you have some bipartisan buy in on the on the other piece pieces of infrastructure. I and that's why this becomes a cut a key choice for Biden if he wants to get the other broader ideas are on infrastructure and child care done he may have to take a smaller deal. And here your we have heard time and time again particularly. Before things started looking better in the pandemic at least. That the big. The big mistake would be not to spend enough not to pump enough money into the economy. And then that that would be much more detrimental. Then that B fears of putting too much money into the economy. But up until that point you're the dangers of inflation had been largely ignored now are seeing investors. Become a lot more cautious about that so how does that balance strike. On Wall Street. When you've got congress debating a lot of a lot more spending. Well I think your forties and teams. Diana and Nash I think congress as a whole. Realized that it. For example from the last economic sharp that we had some ten years to get Jackie today apologized. Added into the economy and no one watching grocery that it can select cheesy that's why. We have seen it so much public spending and so much support. And there's very few economists RSC who at this point way to disagree with more faster is better and this is part of the reason why we are moving in the right direction access. This economic rematch as quickly as we are. Even if there are few bumps in the road. But going forward I can't feed one point saying that people are making that completion. Is that this number today let's call it tactics used humor is that we have to leave and Donna and Larry the reactions of investors. But no dissent has telegraphed pretty clearly that it is going to hold steady and yes some areas may see ease some inflationary pressures. But it seems as if the Fed is going to wait until the economy is showing a lot more strength. Who work for better or worse being concern. Inflationary pressures am and then finally I want to ask you about supply chain issues because the president mentioned that in his speech today and this is something that facts. All of us if you're trying to buy a computer you're trying to buy a car I mean you name it. It seems like there's so many things that are hitting supply chain issues particularly when it comes. To computer chip so dear to what is the update on that situation now because this is affecting you. Is so many different products and prices. It sure is Diane Goldman Sachs and batteries or should know meager dollars saying here aren't even 170. Industries that are being a fact. Dire shortage semiconductors. Zero point it is an acting so many products ones that. We buy every day matching computers cars any breweries are there there is not one business. That is untouched by this and it is one of the economic lessons from that can damage is just how fragile. The global supply chain track wise. Queasy moments we cars in the EC people in the auto industry they say yeah there's no way and this is really ended all be resolved by the end of this year. Optimistically most analysts are looking for be resolved in the first quarter of next year. And Dennis this idea totally switch just be. You can bring workers back to factories there are other elements involved including transport. Including just quirks of every single industry. And just he's a little bit tired. I really do get it now G-8 as your city by somebody who is trying to learn how to try it in a manual car distinct shift car. I feel like you're moving forward our economy is moving forward the agency Abiola stops and starts along ways I. And I remember I was learning had a drastic shift it was far from a smooth magazine. And still ran out. We heard the president bring up these supply chain issues today what is he trying to put forward in order to address that. Well first I never learned to drive stick so I would be good. That's only when they're together. I think we'll have that these in this study is actually. Get a new effort in is shoring supply chain in slightly different angle as well intentioned the the reason that's cyber attacks on critical pieces of the infrastructure. Everything from transportation. To meet. Two of course electrical grid and water grid in things like that. This is he probably a big issue all been down the easy the economy and I think. You're seeing it is White House trying to trying to deliver on promises of building back from the middle. Trying to build back a working class and to shore businesses that they're gonna how whatever they need whenever they needed Americans whatever they have and whenever they needed and and I think using these are these are complicated challenges that are going to be solved very quickly. And I think I think you're starting to see though the contours of love abroad by connect economic approach come into view and when they have numbers like these that are good knots and it's a talent they will tell them. All but it also know that's out there there's a lot more than I think it's on. Right Rick Klein and Deirdre Bolton great to have you both thank you. Thank you. And today is national gun violence awareness day when we come back we'll talk to the mom behind a group raising awareness for both parents. And kids stay with us. Welcome back today's national gun violence awareness days you might notice people around the country wearing orange to honor the lives lost to gun violence America. According to survey USA 58% of American adults or someone they care about have experienced gun violence in their lifetime. And approximately three million American children witness gun violence every year. I want to bring in Shannon watts a founder of moms demand action and threat management expert Spencer Corson. For more on this thank you both for being here this morning Shannon I wanna start with you today's a first day of this Wear orange weekend how did this movement start. You know asserted Barack in 2015 and if you remember. Idea Pendleton. She was a teenager who was shot and killed Chicago and her friends wore orange and her marriage. Color that hunters where you protect themselves and others wouldn't. Eighteen and it really became. Campaign and open Herman an answer now. Every year. Do weekend first weaken in June people Wear orange really you are doubts. Whose lives have been stolen by gun violence or who but it would island's. Culture is. She. And if people want to I didn't banks than the week and they just text the word worst 64 or retreat. And forgive me for not wearing orange this morning I get dressed for the toddler hanging on me so sometimes you wonder I didn't dress. At all and Spencer I know you wrote a book called the safety trap a security expert secrets for staying safe in a dangerous world news today. You are never more in danger than in those moments when you feel you are safest UX. Blame not. Absolutely but armed that the biggest misnomer between. Safety and security is that safety is a feeling but security is a state of being. And so we've just because we feel safe doesn't mean we are secure but emotional beings and when we feel safe our vigilance tends to go down. Which means our rest tends to go up and more safe we feel more at risk we are to falling into those. Also danger that could get us into troubles so the city trap is all about understanding that. Just because our fears have abated risk still remain. And Shannon you founded moms demand action after the sandy hook massacre talk about fear there what are you hoping to accomplish now with this group. Well it's important to remember that a hundred Americans shot and killed every single day an or 200 or Bridget and their about 400 million guns in America. If guns made it safe are we need to shape his country in the world instead what we scene is increasing world. Rate in terms about written by times more than any other your nation. And exacerbating gun violence particularly during company a great this is an epidemic within an endemic. Shadley as ads should violence has grown show has the movement just thankfully that's we are really going toe to deter with a gun lobby. And getting other Americans are cyber where educating and organizing amendment that it or immunities. And we're winning you know its importance remember that. I I know everywhere to wants this could article permanent congress we're all waiting for but we are winning which houses and boardrooms and she councils school boards. And and it really is important for everyone to join me and really what we're or weekend. And so Spencer why volleys people are trying to work on sort of solving a larger issue eliminating or at least reducing this violence. What can we do as individuals to protect ourselves and a threatening situation. What we want to do is just understand the overarching dynamic that awareness plus preparation equal safety. I Zeller world returns to normalcy we must also cautioned against a return to complacency because as I say in the safety truck. Gun violence mass violence suicide. Will continue until we as a society as a as family and his friends take a more active role in helping those who are hurting. And unfortunately kids are not immune to this as we learned tragically over and over again in this country so what advice you have for parent Spencer. Who want to teach their children about these kinds of safety tips but he also don't want to scare them. Absolutely not. Make safety fun not scary it is always better to have that safety conversation with your children. Earlier rather than later and one of the things I talk about in the book is. Empower them to participate in their own protection so if your child is alone in a freighter there. Now at a park in something bad happens. The three tasks of food flags and family are places where children can know they can go to be protected annual with a flag on their uniform or in four of the building is a safe place for them to go places that are selling food. What restaurants or the ice cream stand have been vetted and permanent day to a background checks. And also if they see other families other adults with children those are good places that children to go to get help so it's very important that we empowered which children with a protective strategies that not only help them when they're young but the thing carry with them during. Our lives right Spencer course in Shannon watts great to have you both thank you. Can't thank you. And in honor pride month weakened doctor making it his mission to help people feel comfortable in their skin and work. Today's field that Friday is coming up after the break. Welcome back it is time for feel Good Friday when we bring you a little good news heading into the weekend and today we're celebrating pride month but the Chicago based doctor and tic tac star. Who's using his platform to increase LG BTQ plus visibility out work. Doctor John also known as that gay doctor has more than 520000. Followers on tick tock. Where he's encouraging people to be out and proud in the workplace take a look. And doctor. Oh yeah here understand. You wish and not help you. Not so much. Do you guys yeah. How healthy your problem. And doctor John is on live let us now to tell us more about this well on the having pride. I be trying so how does hold things start what drove you to start making these videos. So honestly kind of started by accident. You just. Downloaded it can't get an entrenched and made a video kind of a joke which dire. And my second line god like. Millions of news and I did kind of plan would and people love the include being myself and being a doctor and I did kind of blew up after that. What was your reaction when you started seeing those numbers take out on how many people were viewing these videos. It's. I couldn't believe that I really liked it with something that I did not plan not and the data and I know likewise people or some due to bad. A guy who they would opt manage really big conference and start to bond in the eighth. And I know most of your videos and are kind of fun and lighthearted but you know away from tackling. Serious issues you we have a quick clip I want to play. Imagine there is equality are characteristic about yourself that you cannot change. Historically people were treated very negatively about. Until other people who possess that quality they couldn't work certain jobs they were often abused chooses they had mental illness. Cast away from society and their family members and so if you have that quality but he's still able to be successful in your career marriage and other aspects of life. Do you think that's something to be proud of and celebrated. Can give hope to others who have this quality that they can overcome the experience and life can get better. So I reactions have you gotten from people not only from. The fun and dancing kind of videos but also these other videos where you kind of sit down and you and you you're trying to put a message out there. I mean again make Tribune I'm not quite Kenyatta large goes to medium and they're all it can MPB people coming cork went negativity. And that I cannot you. Yet but both could go get me down and I try to you did have an opportunity to educate people like that video that you just showed. The point especially if I'd mind that is by. A lot of people say things like why they're no straight. Amended really because they don't under the right thing. Preventing myself that compassionate caring and try and hurt and that I can relate to people at a wedding things of that nature. I hope the message. Breach in column a local there. And you said that there are many people who are out in their personal lives but then they go back into the closet in the workplace. In order to beat professional why do you think it's so important that people be out and proud as you say not only at home but also work. Because I mean that this is part of your identity you know I do you understand that it it may not be safe for everybody to be out in the workplace and done that such an important thing after before. And being Howell. But permeate it's a big part of member you know and are being album to be my authentic self in the workplace. Would be a huge negative George in my life and I think that really. Increases my ability to communicate with my coworkers education and act I had nothing to hide and that I really am just being. Now while where answer what are you hoping that people take away from watching your videos not just people who are in the LG BTQ plus community that. As you said in people who maybe aren't exposed to people from the LGB teach us. But plus community or think they aren't and have questions then and then want to know more. Yeah and that's kind of a big goal of bad I think that. I'm a lot of times people have. Misconceptions about the Greek communities. Because they don't personally know anybody in the community and they'll Canadian and the Indians he's at times the normal related blog I be they can change their perspective on that and I hope that to happen with Asia. It also he. While people cannot be scared to go but are there and cannot be nervous about it are like they can't be there may I may go to the doctor. I know a lot of good or evil avoid going to the doctor got their big you are judged and I really would like to do away with because I want it but the commanding. I'm doctor John it's so great to have you thanks so much for being here. Thank you grammys can't measure happy pride do and for more feel Good Friday stories you can go to Good Morning America. Dot com and that doesn't that is ABC news live update and anissina thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live as your for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis Stacy can have a great day everybody. This great leader often about his side. Was denied his rightful place in history. Because is openly gay. Can change that but today we honor. Bars restaurants memory by taking our place in his mark sports football.

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