ABC News Live Update: The final push in race for White House

Plus, Melania Trump strikes back at former adviser after she released audio recordings of the first lady, and the “Hocus Pocus” reunion 27 years in the making.
13:51 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: The final push in race for White House
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update just fifteen days to go until Election Day president trump and Joseph Biden. Are making their final push in the race for the White House. President trump is ramping up his rallies and mocking Joseph Biden for saying he will follow science when it comes to the Courant about. Here's. Don't listen to the scientist. If I listened to Arlington this act as we would right now have a country that would give him massive depression. Meanwhile died in is blasting the president's handling of the pandemic. Turner Kerner. Things are getting worse it continues the wide it was about the circumstances. We have the latest from the campaign trail and what president trump said about Michigan governor Gretchen Widmer following the alleged plot to kidnap terms. Also ahead the wildfires are burning in the west mandatory evacuations are underway in Colorado chief meteorologist ginger Xie joins us live with the latest. And it reunion eight years in the making hocus pocus stars Bette Midler Sarah Jessica Parker and cat dated Jimmy. Are together again making a comeback for one night only all for a good cause. See the behind the scenes photo from Bette Midler alongside her weak sisters. But we begin with the new corona virus surge in the US cases have passed eight million across the country with at least 41 states. Seeing an increase in hospitalizations. A quarter of hospitals across the country report that more than 80% of their icu beds are filled. ABC's Matt Gutman has the latest. Overnight with the US surpassing eight million cases of Covert since the pandemic began the US now reporting nearly 70000 new cases daily the nation's highest numbers since July with case is on the rise in 39 states. Here in Texas the state the point doctors respiratory nurses and PP heat to surrounding areas including El Paso. Health officials have said coping is quote out of control. He'd Wisconsin one of fourteen states seeing an increase in fatalities doctors they are begging people to take copd seriously. People still don't believe this is a real disease were saying some some dramatic. Very dangerous situations occurring in our community. A New York where officials this weekend Holton an upcoming wedding with 8101000. Person guest list governor Andrew Cuomo revealing the state will now be focusing. On what it calls micro clusters of hot spots hoping to slow the spread. Earlier this where George spoke to. Governor how worried are you about New York what's your strategy to stop any search. It's going to be a precarious fall of course recurrent or there's no guard about that you put the viral increase of the pool. Together with this quarter and called Cole good fatigue. And that's a bad combination. And nationally of course there is increasing focus on vaccines as well the National Governors Association which is chaired by Cuomo. Actually sent a letter. To the trump White House asking about. Three dozen questions about how the vaccine candidate will be selected how it's gonna be distributed and of course. How it's gonna be funded. That as parts of the country specifically here in west Texas have been who really hard hit by Kobe just over the past couple couple of weeks. This weekend and they had a record number of cases they record number of hospitalizations. 449. On Saturday alone police said an icu beds left in a region of about a million. People and we went to a funeral home we spoke to the director Nair who anticipates that in the next. A 21 to 25 days they are going to see a massive influx of cases that means. Guess they expect he says. To be overwhelmed. Diane. You know vaccine can't come soon enough not Guttman in El Paso, Texas thanks Matt. Early voting starts today in Florida and with the election just fifteen days away Joseph Biden's campaign is warning voters that the race is closer than polls suggest. 530 -- national polling average shows Biden up by ten points his biggest lead of the cycle. Meanwhile president trump is campaigning in states he won four years ago and needs to win again. But his campaign is also cutting spending on TV ads in battleground states ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest fifth. And vote. Down in the polls the president is crisscrossing crucial states and seeming to admit a loss is possible that I lose. 10 I don't. In Las Vegas Sunday trump making a rare visit to church attending this pact indoor service not wearing a mask. At a rally overnight in Carson City he continued to insist the country is on the mend mocking his rival Joseph Biden for saying he'll follow the science. You listened to the scientists. The violence isn't totally took besides as we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression. But over twelve million Americans are currently unemployed and congress is still fighting over a stimulus plan. As deaths in the US climbed past 2191000. Died in Sunday in a critical battleground state of North Carolina. Holding a driving rally saying trumps rosy picture of the pandemic is flat out wrong turn a corner. Thank you get any worse it continues the why it was about the circumstances Biden is leading trumped by twelve points nationally according to our latest poll but his teen isn't taking anything for granted. Blasting out a memo warning Donald Trump can still win this race and urging Biden supporters not to grow complacent trump is ramping up his rallies campaigning heavily in states he narrowly won in 2016. Like Wisconsin and Michigan where Saturday he ripped into the governor Gretchen which America just one week after the FBI revealed she was the target of an alleged domestic terror plot to kidnap her got to get it governor to open up his day. It locked up. Widmer says the president's words are putting her life in danger. The president is at it again and inspiring and and incentivizing. And I'm inciting. This kind of domestic terrorists it is wrong it's got ten and now on the stimulus after months of. On again off again talks the window for action here is closing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now set a deadline she says they need to reach a deal. By tomorrow but that seems all but impossible the two sides are still far apart on how much to spend and what to spend it on. And that means that millions of Americans are looking to Washington for some relief. Are likely going to have to wait until after the election. Diane neighbors thank you an early voting is underway in a number of states you can find out how to vote where you are at 538 dot com. To the west now where dozens of wildfires are burning threatening more than a thousand homes chief meteorologist ginger zee joins me live with the latest. Ginger what do we know about these new fires that broke out over the weekend. And while we know that the conditions have been horrific Diane that is for sure relative humidity went down in the teens over the weekend though wind gusts over thirty miles per hour. An athlete getting fires like the cal would fire they see hear from Boulder County. It's 8700. Acres burned already only 15%. Contained therein been mandatory evacuations and watch the hills there go flame in this time last. 26 homes destroyed so far and say so far. Because between that and the Cameron peak fire which is just to the northwest. Closer to Fort Collins. This one to remember is the largest wildfire in Colorado's state history and has now burned more than 203000. Acres. It's at 62%. Contained. But either way you go back to you tell us and you had new fires so wasn't just the state of Colorado seeing all these blow up over the weekend. Now with pills mandatory evacuations in place we have a concentration. Of these fires and unfortunately a rough couple of days to come Diane. And ginger I know dangerous winds are making it hard to fight these fires what is the latest forecast and is their sense of one fire crews might be able to get these under control. Well that's the thing they knowingly look at these types of things you always hear California and sometimes you hear about heat being a part of it here that is not the case this is all about the wind and boy do we have it today Breckenridge should seeing gusts up to forty miles per hour the boulder. A National Weather Service just put this red flag warning all the way up here. Air quality alert we don't want to forget either are in place because it has been says smokey not only in northern Colorado closer to that Cameron people posted Denver even if your far. Hundreds of miles from a fire. He end up with really bad smoke in the air and so they're gonna have at least a couple more days of those rough winds and then go Overton Alaska to California. And this is where you end up with a fire weather watch that starts 1098 and goes to the end of the week so not looking good especially for the northern. The Bay Area mountains up through the Sierra. This air quality alert Diane has been in place for months it has not budged and so they're sticking with it through this week. Unbelievable gender Z thank you I'm. And firstly no money at trump is firing back at her ex friend and former advisors Stephanie Winston wolf off after she wrote a book. About their relationship and released audio recordings of conversations with the First Lady senior national correspondent Terry Moran has that story. This morning First Lady Maloney a trump is fighting back taking on her former friend and advisor who wrote a book about her personal life and released secret audio recordings of their conversations to CNN. Competes it does he really he supported the Jena I don't drawn up. Maloney at trump who's heard venting to Stephanie Winston walk off in the tapes from 2018 is now blasting their release as pettiness. Writing in a letter on the White House web site. These kinds of people only care about their personal agenda not about helping others in the recordings the tour heard discussing the controversial policy to separate children from their parents at the US Mexico border. Siegel shortly you know did not bad it can't be can't pay you cash. I see there but you know yeah dad talks to parents sat. But it when he comes here loan mortgage utilities in eco chic can only need to you need to trust. These recordings were released this same night to president and First Lady revealed they tested positive for cove in nineteen. And now the First Lady is fighting back saying walk off. Secretly recorded our phone calls releasing portions from me that were out of context then wrote a book of idle gossip trying to distort my character. The Justice Department is now going a step further government lawyers filing a civil lawsuit against wal coughed accusing or breaching a non disclosure agreement. The lawsuit has so many claims it that are false but weren't covered by the NDA so. We'll see what happens walk off is also responding to the first lady's letter in a statement to ABC news writing. I wrote this book to share with the public my experience of working with Maloney on our fifteen year friendship and her ultimate betrayal. This portrait is now all flattering but it's the truth and Americans deserve the truth about the occupants of the White House. In August walk off told. I gave on the benefit of the doubt that she was my friend she was different than that Donald what she's different and the other from children. He's now. A trump is a trump is a top. So the First Lady also wrote in that post that Winston walk off the author that tell all book quote hardly know her. Walk up responding in a statement to ABC news I find it puzzling that the First Lady the United States ask someone she hardly knew. George gender nuptials joiner for countless lunches helped plan the presidential inaugurations that over the White House tomorrow Largo and act as her senior advisor. Diane. My timer and in Washington thanks Terry. And a few more things to know before you go to Los Angeles Dodgers are headed to the World Series. The divers will face off against the Tampa Bay Rays after beating the Atlanta Braves sports a three in a critical game seven last night. The World Series will start on Tuesday in Arlington Texas at the new global life field stadium. It's the first time in World Series history that teams will play on neutral turf. Due to the pandemic. And a new monument has been unveiled at the Arlington national cemetery honoring women in the military. The new bronze statue called the pledge features a woman in combat and a service dog. The statue was commissioned by the US war dogs association. And is now available for public viewing. And they hope his focus reunion is in the works Batman they shared a first look at the Sanderson sisters altogether again. Midler Sarah Jessica Parker and catching a Jimmy looked almost identical to when they graced the screen. 27 years ago completely their iconic hair and signature team. The reunion is part of a virtual event that we'll take place on October 30. Proceeds will go to the New York restoration projects. And that doesn't for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news is. ABC news live rather's your for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. It was here if accurate 11 AM eastern with your latest headlines Stacy.

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