ABC News Live Update: Fires continue to burn in West

Plus, tips to stay safe at your indoor holiday gatherings during the pandemic and a woman found after being lost in Zion National Park for 12 days.
7:53 | 10/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Fires continue to burn in West
Good morning I'm and the state of thanks for us in today's update gusty winds and dry conditions sparking wildfires in Colorado and topped the weekend. At least three dozen are now burning. In Colorado dozens of homes have been destroyed and thousands are under evacuation orders. How would fires about 15% contained and crews still working to get the left and canyon fire will. Meanwhile the Camry peak fire the largest in Colorado history. Is now 62%. Contained. Already burned more than 202000. Acres. Corona virus cases in the US have now surpassed eight million. Hospitalizations after the 41 states and a quarter of hospitals across the country see more than 80% of their icu beds are people. A lighter note. The LA Dodgers are headed to the World Series the doubters will face off against the Tampa Bay Rays after beating the Atlanta Braves sported three. Any game seven last night. The World Series is set to start tomorrow at Arlington Texas the new low light field. It is first time in World Series history that the teams will play on neutral turf due to the and as we head into the colder holiday season many wondering how they're going to see their place. Now we know be inside with other people increases the risk of spreading of the nineteen but for those who decide getting together is a must. Becky Worley has more on how to try to reduce the risk of indoor gatherings. Outdoors it experts have been urging us to go with small groups but what happens when it's freezing outside do you really recommend that people stay away from art gatherings the CDC recently updated its guidance saying the virus can spread in small droplets that linger in the air potentially for hours and another of their report shows how dangerous that can be inside. It details twenty relatives who attended a family gathering over at three week period. Including eighteen who unknowingly brought the virus with her. All but two of the fourteen shared a house contracted holding sticks only visited for a few hours mostly remaining outdoors and last is not infected. So when it comes to being indoors with people from outside your household it's something that you can't imagine not doing then you need to prepare for at least two weeks and in our everybody and that gathering. Essentially. Are. Also say when asks and socially distancing a key. But another important factor reducing the amount of virus particles that could be in the air. Your circulation is critically important we learn from increasing evidence. Back here trance mission is Moorer active terrorists viruses and we originally five. So how do you improve air circulation in killers burst with outside fresh air through an open window. That fresh air diluting particles floating in the air the second option with theirs it's been run through the filters in your heating system. But experts say that dirty filters aren't as effective at getting rid of those particles so the change under filtered now. Plus that's gross. And while finer filters like those Byrd thirteen are more effective not all heaters can handle the workload of a finer filter. So check consist inspect a call your H back guy another layer of alteration air purifier. So blessed that I am American many consumers acting center can't help us our tradition that area edition every human being articles that size that we care. And there are readily available on the market. But you have to make sure by the appropriate size near pure fire for your space all our layers of air improvement but there's no magic bullet to make indoor gatherings risk free. Very helpful thank you thank you. And now to the remarkable rescue of a missing woman in California's Diane national park. She was found alive two weeks after going on what was supposed to be a one day hike. ABC's can't whitworth has that story. This morning if the Emmy reunited after the miracle rescue of holly court today. But 38 year old mom missing an alone for twelve days in Zion National Park. I can imagine. When. She disappeared October 6 after taking a shuttle bus into the park. The nature lover left her phone behind cleaning a solo hike through the canyon. But authorities say she never returned to be picked up. Spread out over the park's 232. Miles family volunteers and rescue teams traverse the park known. For its high plateaus and needs of Nero deep canyons. Searching by drone and on the ground with K nine units. Yeah. Tiger. Actually an outward and it's trials we're gonna look where she could. One went on the edge of the cliff and rocks are falling on acts and my eyes this is my sister. You know IG. Spirited. Days passed with no sign of holly she was without food and had little water. Until a tip came through alerting park Rangers of a possible sighting rescue teams finally tracking her down. Holley speaking to family members from the hospital. Should. She had very little water beef and I doubt. Economic I. I talk to her on the pounds she said I love you some extra signature and aid people Sheila and I said and so. Home. Holly's daughter says that her mom lost her job during the pandemic says she decided to use the extra time to explore the national parks. The two had actually just hiked the narrows as Zion National Park weeks before her disappearance. Can a whitworth ABC news Los Angeles. Candy thank you glad to hear she's recovering and now for the latest on science and technology headlines here's Monaco's are opting. And today sent by its new details about Samsung's next phone released the new line which doesn't have a Maine yes. More importantly debut in January 3 new models are apparently in the works. Including an ultra model which is expected have a stylist fan and up to four camera lenses. Nokia is putting together a cellular network that's out of this world the company is want 814 million dollar contract. To put forging on the moon the network would support the wireless operation of lunar rovers on the moon's surface navigation and streaming video. And Google has a new search feature that will help you remember the name of that song that is stuck in your had users can now on saying are whistled. The tune into their phone it's available for iPhone and android and it's called it only works on mobile devices. Those air attack by X and a try to hunches and it would it work and no it's not because I'm pitch perfect act AM. It's not him on I can't get to him to work that way either constant soundtrack going on here get to know we now have other options. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana say no thanks for joining us remember ABC news live here all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 3 PM Easter with Terry grant. 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{"duration":"7:53","description":"Plus, tips to stay safe at your indoor holiday gatherings during the pandemic and a woman found after being lost in Zion National Park for 12 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73697006","title":"ABC News Live Update: Fires continue to burn in West","url":"/International/video/abc-news-live-update-fires-continue-burn-west-73697006"}