ABC News Live: World reacts to Trump-Kim summit

ABC News correspondents are in Singapore and South Korea for the latest on the U.S.-North Korea summit, and voters turn out for primaries in five states.
29:42 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: World reacts to Trump-Kim summit
Everybody welcome to ABC news live bomb went Johnson were following the biggest stories happening around the world and talk in the correspondents who are following every detail of those stories. Including. Another primary day across America some key states in key races that were watching we'll check in with Rick limelight in Washington also speaking of Washington the capitals Stanley Cup champions for the first time in franchise history of the victory parade. About to get underway we'll go to Washington with more on that. First though the historic moment in Singapore the first face to face meeting ever between a US president and a leader of North Korea the summit in Singapore all the latest details. They signed an agreement saying that they will be nuclear arise the Korean Peninsula. What does that mean we have a lot of questions we'll check in with our correspondents on that. First though George Stephanopoulos had a one on one interview with president trump following the signing of that agreement and he asked the president if he trust Kim Jung soon. Take a listen what he set. You trust him. I do trust him yeah now. Will I come back to you and a year and you'll be interviewing about say she had made a mistake that's always possible change at a regularly at a very high level. Lot of things can change a lot of things are possible. He trusts me I believe I really do have and he said openly any suited to a couple of reporters that were with them. That he knows that no other president ever could've done this I mean no other prey he knows the presidency knows who we had in front of me. He said nor the president could have done this I think he trusts me and I trust him. And so once again in this agreement North Korea promising to. President Donald Trump in the US promising protection guarantees of safety. Also to stop the military exercises. In South Korea and along the Korean Peninsula. For more on that let's go to James Longman who is live in Singapore James you've been there for several days watching this spectacle in this moment in history unfold. First though talk to me about some of the key things that are missing in this agreement and there are Manning. A strike where it's I think can we'll promises about just what Donald Trump and Kim Jong and would agree it. Then over the last few weeks and weeks ending weeks and days we the administration time down slightly when it was Amy wanted out of this day. Until finally Donaldson was saying things like this is really just a meet and greet which is gonna get to know one another by. Touch and feel Donald Trump is is gonna way out when Arnold a deal can be done and so by the end of today really kind of what trying to work out what it was executive and sign. Low and behold we did get the communique and it made a number of points the most important being if you said that it. It would both sides. Woods commit to that Deedee right ace in the temple. Complete the need my station of the Korean Peninsula and out. And it's quite important pledging festival. The I did it would be irreversible. Verifiable I mean these two things well from the very style Michael and the secretary of state thing he needs me so. They could check that North Korea it would do what is that it was connected and that makes sold it if it was going to take new capability down. That they wouldn't be able to sometime in the future. Ramping back up again site. They were missing I think also just the whole terminology of that in the NC. That would suggest that not just North Korea but the Americans let's would reduce that assets in the region. And that by weakening that position in Asia Pacific which is long been. Probably one of the games of the Chinese of course it was that B play in this region site for that reason. I think a lot of skepticism about just what was done other things that went missing things that that perhaps people Opel might be that. Nixon's of this precisely what sanctions US sanctions. Might even if it. Any kind of timeframe on when this might happen and of course on human rights because that's again. Can Joan and of course rules probably the most brutal totalitarian dictates it. In a wild over a 100000 people. Remain humanizing what its camps killed members and as I've finally to get away is. So I think human rights people would have liked some mention of not even think obviously the focus but very definitely on you created Solomon. Percent to needles that things missing his support is doubled from supporters will say that these benefits pool that is to get double roaming. And so I think only time will tell read what exactly has been achieved today. He talked about human rights were watching our viewers are seeing some of these different images striking images of these two leaders though walking reading each other smiling shaking hands. But the human rights aspect the president had had a long wide ranging. A press conference afterwards. And many reporters asked about that. Our chief White House correspondent John Karl asked him specifically pressed him on that because president trump himself. Called the regime brutal in the past and called can joke and a sick puppy. And it seemed as though the president in the same rap. Said that he talked about human rights briefly. But then also said that they talked about it extensively. But acknowledging too that human rights is not the top priority it was about. Nuclear weapons. I think you have to get Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt in this scenario because. He has brought Kim Jong into the table and the idea vacant house this. Peace at this these conferences these streets if you like Lincoln's Olympic I'm and then Donald some could stand in front of the Walt press and just operating Kim Jung and to human rights abuses. I think. I think a lot of people around the world might like to seeing now in the real well the politics and peace negotiations I think that would have been an unwise thing to date but yes you're right he's that he briefly mentioned it. In the talks didn't want to push too hard on him but I think that that is probably the main criticism all of this event the last couple of days. Possibly the white washing Obama like Kim Jong and I mean we win it in a hotel. As vehicle was just last night that his motorcade was left. There's at the last minute from his hotel. And it totally on plan to let alone walk about eight in downtown Singapore exit and taking cells these are members of the Singaporean. Government he had even went up the casinos and if you can see Green Bay Sands Casino behind me in the idea that a Communist dictator and go up. A casinos quite extraordinary said it will lease. All these moments like these kind of carted off moments and on choreographed moments that the world has been fixated on the last couple of days. Amazed by this guy that we don't see you'll hear very much all the tools suddenly walking around so close to. But as you know we call it invests almost every day people like even made. And I think is important to make it clear that this man is running like that totalitarian dictatorship and I think if there is criticism of Donald Trump it's that he's. He's allowed Kim Jong and to do that and a -- cost I think people would agree that its risk and rewards. You risk legitimizing the Racine all of and online Kim Jong-Il and by giving him. This platform. People would say lots of risk what taking if you can. Dini arise. This part of the world. But then people will say well if they haven't got quite now on the deal then really what was the rewards is it worth legitimizing a regime like this site. These old very very complicated questions and we're not gonna really get beyond since the war Donald Trump achieved. In very quickly what have to wait at. Days weeks months to see what exactly is the north Koreans come all weigh in of course. Kim Jong and is gonna have to go to his respective partners must particularly like I say China is gonna wanna get back to them in and check in with them and see just what. That next news Kennedy. At James I want to ask you one more question we've been learning about this extraordinary video that the White House US delegation played for the north Koreans. Which was essentially a like a Hollywood style movie trailer laying out to different destinies. For the north Koreans you saw that video what can you tell us about it. It was announced today an extraordinary we will watching and I attended the first goal that we had in the think a little people in the room when they were watching it out. Walls is this some kind of video that the north Koreans and that's out because it was a kind of thing. You see on propaganda channels. But know that it it was quite clear that us Nady did enact administration but this video together at the Thompson and his press conference. I see they had shown it to the North Korean delegation a little like pot before hand and it was pictures of the prosperity and wealth of the United States vs the united. If you today that Kim Goldman might option he can consider known going into a note that a peace agreement with the United States and the west. It was quite something to watch and you know I think. You know this is cool what we have come to expect from Donald Trump the united campaigning president he's he's able to come up with these sorts of that he has these sticky produced pieces of that's if senator it was quite a thing to watch. I'd James longer forest from Singapore we appreciate your reporting I've seen it yet that dark behind you than light than dark again and you haven't slept in between. So thank you so much we appreciate it. Art for more on this historic moment in this meeting between these two leaders present from became jungle and let's also bring in Turkey show or ABC news Seoul bureau chief. And correspondent and Judy you've been. Following this part of the world for two decades. I want to ask you specifically about something the president said about the end of the war games and he actually called those. What you know the US used to call exercises with South Korea he called them war games he also called them provocative. Which is very much specific language that the north Koreans would use. How do you think today South Korea is responding to that. Language from president Donald Trump. Well definitely. That kind of comment caught the South Korean government by surprise. And we heard from the defense ministry off the record that they're try to figure out what president trump actually widen it to say what he actually meant. So when secretary of state pump you know goes to South Korea after this. He's gonna have a lot of a lot of explaining to do to the South Korean government had the at this point. What I think that we go and this is true Kim Jung and his father Kim Jung ill and his grandfather that from its inception North Korea. Saw that it needed nuclear weapons in order to have power and recognition and respect from around the world. Why do you think now after decades of rhetoric from North Korea why do you think Kim Jong-un is now willing to take this doubt willing to come to the table. And come up with an agreement with United States. Well let me explain it this way the reality is that the outside world C North Korea with a certain degree of prejudice. There's a certain degree of stereotyping. A hermit kingdom generation of Kim's to have funny hair wears platform shoes and mouse does suits weight behind fashion trends. But north has already seemed fundamental changes there's a new generation of people there are no longer religiously. Loyal to the if ruling family they're much more practical. And individualistic. Yes still no Internet but everyone I talked to mostly defectors. Watched South Korean dramas movies and listen to cape pop music. And in the form of Communists central planning north Prius essentially you know analysts now. And more than half of North Korea has earned their living in the market economy yes or no black market economy. And no one expects the government to provide things anymore when I talk to refugees they say everyone has to find their own way to survive. Now as you said king Dylan is different from his father his father Kim done it was interpreted. Seventeen years empowered him don't you spoke in public only once and that was only briefly. And caved in his palace came to him. Loved his western movies and going up but kids don't read this guy is confident. He mingled with his people he often see that he is often seen hugging and interacting with the fish kills. He holds tense with his wife in public that's. Never been seen him in North Korea and its predecessors. Never really had a public life. And he writes roller coasters but this by people watches. Missile launches early for some ice he's just not afraid of public exposure. So yes he's brutal he killed his uncle. He assassinate these older brother in public and international airport he hacks banks and governments world my with his cyber. Armies but he seems to know what he's got to do to get what he wants and went to back down and went to show respect while getting what he needs. At some fascinating insight here Judy I do want to ask ago. But we've been watching this all play out in this on this beautiful backdrop of Singapore there these world leaders walking side by side. But it's hot there is a net. Talking about the conditions and the temperatures ever he's dealing way. Yesterday it was about ninety degrees Fahrenheit I just heard. From my colleagues back in South Korean at a south pink Hammond and fainted today because of this hot weather it is very hot and humid. And thousands of journalists out there are jostling they are taking their pictures. Judy thank you so much we appreciate your insight and your perspective although all those years of experience that covering this story on the Korean Peninsula thank you. We also want to get some more on the world reaction obviously this is not just an issue that we are watching in the United States at war in Asia and around the world all the world leaders wondering. What president tropic Kim Jung good will ultimately do in this historic meeting let's bring in our Terry are excuse me yet panel. Who is joining us live from our London bureau right now. And in we are speaking earlier this morning and pointed out that no US president has ever met with the leader of North Korea. How would you just characterize the significance of this moment in history. Qualities that to say that I never ends describing this as and historic event along historic summit. That's the reason that it's his historic is because you have assisting US president's meeting with the leader of North Korea. In terms of the substance there's nothing new so far today I mean there are some concessions that are being made in terms of no further military exercises at least that's what. President trumps that there is a commitment to dean you could arise but we've heard that before that are fairly recently. So we it remains to be seen whether this amounts to anything more than a historic movie saying. But is that and an historic deal in the making is that the prospects of peace now it has been warmly welcomed. Pretty much university clearly in the neighborhood the Chinese Japanese South Koreans have have welcomed it. That Rossum reservations Japanese schools will be concerned. To see that the deal involves some kind of recognition all of the capability over decommissioning. Shall range missiles is close a lot of those weapons tests have gone over Japanese territory at the South Koreans of cool schools that won't security guarantees and want to be involved and have already voiced some concerns. About the decision to suspend. These military exercises a war games as some people have put some some of the language it was used again appeared to make concessions. A but the Europeans of British other countries the Russians have said look if this does lead to peace than of course are supporters of course. That has to be a good thing and everyone is also rightly saying. But we still need to see what meets in the Sam which actually looks like and that. That's is going to be determined moving ahead now of course the has been criticisms while a number of analysts have said that this is this was full plate that there was no meat inside the burden of the that would it was and take. Do you rate unions understandably very mind that. President trump announced a withdrawal of American support Fuld Iran nuclear deal. The Iranians warning the North Korean saying we're that you can't trust this president you can make a deal with one American administration and the next one. Content around and terrorists up. So we have to wait and see there's a loss of enthusiasm. About the moments now we have to wait and see what it actually leads to. And yet if you would just help me juxtapose these two images here I think a lot of people are trying to grapple with you have. President Donald from. Heaping praise at the dictator of North Korea in Singapore just days earlier blasting some of his closest allies including the Canadians. And the G-7 summit. How are leaders around the world supposed to do absorb and receive those two very different messages. It's a great question and the answer is with the enormous difficulty and in this is topping solar just intrudes. Has been speaking out she's being. Talking to Canadian reports isn't saying of course that he welcomes the deal. Asked to respond to the latest comments by president trump about him in this the vast of the G-7 summit he's. Reserving. His judgment from what is being said. There's no doubt that president compass and shock waves through the traditionally stayed pre planned pre organized world of diplomacy. This is north have business normally gets done. So would that to. What ties to two things together is it that this style a foreign policy can be described as disruption. The president seems to believe that if you shake things up. You get a win with a business had to try and strike a deal sometimes with a carrot sometimes with a stick that that is what leads to success and I certainly would that the tactic that was applied for example. Over trade. The idea all of Harris over the deal with the G-7 would this funnel. That communique that was supposed to be issued it doesn't really work well with other politicians and diplomats expect a certain way the behavior. Arguably it does work with Kim Jong well. It's certainly led to the two of them sitting together at the table in this historic moment. Many people say it was because partisan trump applied a lot of pressure the was a stick. Then there was a carrot that was the incentive that he came to the table to at least meet and -- so remains to be seen whether vast is a genuine foreign policy tactic whether it leads to success because in other areas like NAFTA like Mexico lovable relations with Canada relations with the G-7 relations with Europe and here in Britain. The juries at least the jury is asked if not concluded that actually it doesn't look. Absolutely it's a really good point I also ask you you've reported on this others have the fact that. North Korea has committed to agreements before that have fallen apart. Why could this moment be different. Well dumb immature offense is alleged to be different if actually they home the agreements all the commitments that they may. You have. I think one will should release October is the fact draw. All of the tensions. Don't. Escalated earlier this year the possibility that what seemed like a very real possibility of some kind of print and preemptive military strike. Vast is probably one of the atmosphere here is different we are absolutely right there have been leasing people looking summits people they're being commitments before after some of the previous. Summits and she led to formal concrete. Concessions by the north Koreans. And with some kind divesting process. This this agreement shall ten place of agreements doesn't have any form of verification. And this that the use of this phrase irreversible mean seems. Typical how you compose we have an agreement it's a reversible as always you have nuclear know how. Inside the country. So it could be different because the backdrop because of pressure because the president trump alone. And the way that he operates that's certainly will be optimist would say. The present us with say there was nothing solid nothing concrete to carry merits of this nothing different and there is no real commitment than new commitment from the north Koreans. And there's no mechanism to apply pressure to them. So I'm afraid we've just have to waste and saying. And I and I do want to mention just the point out that rhetoric that you talked about to remember president trump calling him a sick pup poppy. Calling him little rocket man came juggler and calling him don't hurt sending us all back to work. Our Shakespearean. Pass trying to look up what that means basically a senile old man but all this this war of words and building to this incredible moment. It hell for us live from our London bureau thanks so much we appreciate your time. And perspective. Are we're gonna shift gears we've got some other stories that we're talking about you may have seen some of these images lately in the news here the attorney general Jeff Sessions issuing. Top new asylum. A policy is getting a lot of reaction across the country. We want to bring in Geneva sans are ABC news producer wide in Washington for us this morning. Geneva first let's just talk about what's in this new policy of the key points and differences that Jeff Sessions has laid out. The key difference is that any he has now made it much more difficult for victims of domestic abuse. And gang violence people fleeing gang violence and and domestic violence to claim asylum in the US. And that this reverses that when he sixteen decision by and that DOJ appeal score for immigration. That's generally the highest court that would DOS asylum claims. But this case was unusual and off float getting a lot of criticism because the attorney general himself. Took on the case and he can refer cases to himself which is what he did and that since fence. And he ruled that that decision was that their earlier decision was wrong and that. It should be much more difficult for people fleeing domestic violence at and gang violence. To claim asylum Geneva how or immigrant rights groups or responding to this. They are saying it's heartless and cruel and flies in the face the years of legal precedent. And primarily they're saying that this is gonna impact central American family is mostly women and children that are fleeing Central America. And this is Ben there were the Mike majority of people coming across the southwest barter for many years. They're saying they're the ones at this directly. Targets the hum. And Geneva more broadly though what does this say about president trumps immigration policy moving forward. Moving priority it shows that they're gonna keep. Finding ways to limit immigration it to limit a founder and an attorney general he says that this is. As he is gone on a zero tolerance for illegal immigration and they wanna crack down on in any way that they say. Is it that turned and wall stop illegal immigration. But in this case they lawful been limiting it shows legal immigration and the last. All right Geneva stance forests with that insight thank you so much for your time like for us from Washington we appreciate it. Shifting gears as well it is another night of primaries across the country some key states will be voting people be casting their ballots all building up. Towards the November mid term elections let's bring in a recliner ABC news political director for more on this and and Rick first let's just talk about. Some of the key races in key states that we should be following today. Five states voting today and it is interest in cross section of the country sort of a ring around the country you can go all the way from Bismarck to Bangor Maine. Or from Reno Nevada over Richmond Virginia and you see some of the big story lines that are and I mean this year playing out in these races. The dominant teams really do play out in these states and we're about the halfway point right now. Of the of the mid term cycle you're seeing the candidates come onto the field both parties. Having vicious primary cycles to try to set things up for November the state that I'm looking at most closely tonight which is the state of Virginia. I you were Paul last fall that was kind of ground zero for the resistance and the big night the Democrats had any gubernatorial race. In his state legislative races they're looking to replicate that now in 2018 and is home to several competitive house races including one right here in the suburbs of Washington DC. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is almost universally seen as one of the most endangered incumbents and there's a whole raft of Democrats are looking to take her on. A lot of stories about people that how come from public service backgrounds law enforcement military backgrounds female candidates. All of whom trying to get their shot to try to take on. A vulnerable incumbent meanwhile on the other side everyone remembers Tim Kaine Hillary Clinton's running mate in an alternate reality. He would be vice president United States right now. Instead he is fighting to keep his senate seat most people give him a fairly good shot and the Republicans have been engaged in an all out trump eons trumping is that the proper. Type of war everyone is trying to be trumps best friend in that campaign. I they're trying to push each other in that direction as much as possible that's one reason that Tim Kaine is favored to hold on to that senate seat. And Rick you mentioned Tim Kaine and some others but there are there are definitely other big names to that are running in primaries tonight and maybe not. Might not be as much of a challenge tonight but definitely moving forward as we get closer to November talk about some of the challenges those big political names may be up against in the future. Yet in many celebrities in a in the world the full of political journalism. Everyone remembers the big when four years ago oh win now Eric cancer than house majority leader shockingly lost his primary he lost to a college professor. By many to gave Bratt law congress and brat is running now for his third term and he is a very fierce democratic senate challengers he is now seen as potentially vulnerable even though that's. A Republican leaning district in the Richmond area. In addition to that Mark Sanford the former governor of South Carolina who took me most famous out walk on the Appalachian trail. And and ended up leaving the governor's mansion in disgrace he ran then sued to take his seat in the house. He has emerged as one of the toughest critics inside the Republican Party. Of president trump a guy he's willing to call him out. When he sees a policy that he doesn't view is aligning with the conservative agenda and that has earned him several primary challengers and is a very good chance. That Mark Sanford is going to be forced into a runoff race he will not get. The requisite 50% in South Carolina where he needs it to get that clear that majority to move on. And he likely will face a runoff and a couple of weeks at just a couple of hobbled innings there were keeping an eye on tonight. And that's fascinating guy Rezko owned a lot of his mistakes in the public eye as well. Are you do have to ask you though Rick the backdrop with the summit in Singapore and this is this historic moment the signing of this agreement. How much do you think that Singapore summer we'll have an impact tonight especially in the GOP primaries. Ivan. Even talk to anyone who believes it's gonna have a measurable impact for individual candidates. But as president trump starts to build a case for Republicans voting two to reelect Republicans hold on to the house in the senate. Foreign policy successes that that's what this is only helping keep in mind. The overwhelming dynamic which in all of these Republican primary races is proximity to president. I'm there's almost no daylight between the president and most of the Republican candidates that white that's what Mark Sanford has that challenged a because he has shown that daylight and that's why again even in a purple to blue state like Virginia. You see Republicans trying to beat Donald Trump's best friend so people on the Republican side are more than willing eager to run. On the trump agenda they like what they see in the economy now they're liking what they see in foreign policy and if North Korea is a success uses excess more broadly. That's only another thing for Republicans to be able to run on when president trample all be on the ballot all but be on the ballot this wall. I replied we'll be watching tonight thanks so much another fascinating primary night in America as we march towards those crucial November mid term elections. Speaking of Washington belt but and celebratory terms here you see at the celebration the capitals. The new Stanley Cup champions for the first time in franchise history and guess what the parade the celebration. Is already under way let's go to Jeff cook in Washington with more. It is all caps here on constitution avenue in watching the scene. It is the very first Washington Capitals Stanley Cup parade they were founded 44 years ago. That's right not the lack of founded 44 years ago it's been since nineteen Q since watching DC. Won a major championship. So where enemy at least one person here who's been here since thins out 6 AM I think it was there or not they're expecting a 100000. To be here shortly after the parade starts for sixteen for DC Air National Guard are gonna fly over that crowd going that we. Their mind the federal government is opened but this guy's not at work today that the Jonathan he's been up since really early when you wake up. But vehicle this morning and when did you arrive 630 and you were you here with. Really doesn't investments. That's right so in the capital's means you've been following in your whole life right life. Daddies take to gain publicity steps in and he was so excited and evidently hold Bryant greets them experience I think in Atlanta don't have to authoring and do it. Whit back to you typically DC. Our Jeff thinks a much necessary his objective reporting wearing Viet capitals Jersey there have a good time I think a lot of excitement comes to sports teams. Anyways that does a prosecutor on ABC news live for more on that story all the stories we're following and the very latest on that historic summit in Singapore you can go to Or you can download ABC news app. For all of your breaking news alerts anytime on which Johnson at a rate that.

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