ABC News Update: Chadwick Boseman’s death raises colon cancer awareness

Plus, girl scouts in California raise money for oxygen masks used to save pets caught in fires.
12:25 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for ABC News Update: Chadwick Boseman’s death raises colon cancer awareness
Good morning I'm that Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update the nation is closing in on a crucial benchmarks set by doctor about G. Cohen case numbers are nearing an average of less than 101000 his case today the lowest daily average since march of 22 funny. But concerns are growing about the highly contagious delta Varian as vaccination rates Stahl. KC DC data shows 80% of those over 65 have gotten at least one dose but only 38% of people aged eighteen to 29. I've gotten a vaccine. The senate is set to vote on an election reform bill today aimed at expanding voter registration absentee ballots and early voting. It would also brought in campaign finance disclosures limit partisan gerrymandering. And institute federally financed campaigns. The bill does not have enough support to overcome a filibuster. And two democratic senators have already said they won't vote to end a filibuster. And severe thunderstorms left a path of destruction from Tennessee to the northeast. A tornado in Illinois also did some damage toss in his basketball hoop around. Like a toy. This as wildfires. 43 of them are burning from Oregon to Arizona. Eight states and the west are currently on alert for fire danger and neat. And a journalist is raising awareness about the importance of colon cancer screening take us behind the scenes of his own screening process. Nicholas saint floor says colon cancer runs in his family and the death of Chatham Bozeman inspired him to take action not only for his own health. But also to call attention to the increased risk for black men TJ Holmes has more. Yeah. The death of Chadwick Bozeman inspiring one reporter Nicholas saint floor to take action. Yeah coal rectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer related deaths in men and women in the US so saint floor decided to show just how important but also how easy it is. To get a screening. My mother had colon cancer at each of 34. So I knew that I was at a higher risk to. Developed the disease. Myself so want to say that chatter Bozeman passed away from colon cancer it really kind of sparked me and made me realize I need to be more serious about us about getting checked my south saint floor document in his colon cancer screening from start to finish I want it to help fight or combat any stigma associated with it considered such. Any. Personal part of your body and it is something that many people don't want to go through because he may find it scary. Doctors are seeing a spike in colon cancer rates among young adults and currently screenings or recommended starting at 845 and younger if you're at higher risk like Singh floor it is. Going to become the leading cause of Chancery daft can people aged twenty to 49. I a year when he dirty air is a stigma around talking about colorectal cancer or my hope is that the conversation around this cancer becomes more normal life and that people understand what a humbling she answered this is. Colorectal cancer is even more prevalent for black Americans who have a toll percent higher chance of getting the cancer and also are 40% more likely to die from it than other groups. I knew I had a family history but at any realize that as a black man you know. I was at higher risk as well as social environment which you and your priests. Tell how it. Ultimately lead to were actually. Doctors say catching it early is the key to survival the screening tests are leery of. And they are actually not that it is also important to conveying that they are very easy at home stool tests and are very easy to jail. Kind TJ Holmes thanks for that report. And joining us filler more on this ABC's medical contributor and emergency medical physician doctor Darian sadness here doctor Sutton thanks so much for joining us you know we heard there. In TJ's piece that colorectal cancer. Is going to become the top leading cause of cancer death in people twenty to 49. By the year 2030 according to cancer dot or. A my own family has had experience of this I wonder why are we seeing a spike and why isn't this talked about more. Spoke thank you Dan for involving me in this I think this is an incredibly topic to discuss as we've seen. And specifically younger age groups those under the age of fifty are increasing their rates of incidence of colorectal cancer diagnosis and scientists are trying to understand why exactly this is a we want to hope that is secondary to the advance screening techniques that we're using. But there's also some theories that there is environmental impacts including diet changes and sedentary lifestyles and increase one's risk of developing colon cancer. And so how do we get this into the conversation mark is it feels like one of those things that people are embarrassed to talk about. I think it's exactly that I found what I'm talking to patients about the signs and the symptoms of colorectal cancer. It's often seen as a taboo topic that many people find really really difficult to talk about and I can understand exactly why am also human I also don't see a position myself. And I find that level of discomfort but we need a break through that. In terms of providing more accessibility and communication and awareness around this disease so that we can find this problem truly as we as was stated before early detection would help prevent late onset disease. Now this of cancers even more prevalent for black Americans are your TJ say the stats they're 20% higher chance of getting cooler wreck to cancel. 40% higher risk of dying from it than other groups why is that and what can be done about that. So I think in order to attack this important issue of the disparities in outcomes not just in the diagnosis but also black Americans are three up to 33% less likely to receive appropriate screening referrals for colorectal cancer. So we need to address this from all efforts not just a community in what in the community awareness and education. But also making sure that access and affordability of health care is possible and then of course acknowledging the bias in systemic racism that affects patients with an exam room. I think if we begin to acknowledge all of these efforts and we can hopefully decrease since Saturday that we're seeing today. So only what are symptoms that people should be looking out for what are some measures that we can take to try to catch necessarily. So I try to help patients first understand the history if you have a crack at past medical history irritable bowel disease or other colada can infections and diseases they need to make sure that your physician and provider understands that. Especially family history and those who have a direct family member who has not been affected by colorectal cancer rate increase risk of colorectal cancer in those patients ought to new screening. Earlier on. And in symptoms if you have a persistent changing your bowel habits if you notice that you have any associated bleeding or any concerning to concerning signs or symptoms that are associated with your GI system you should bring these up with the provider. And it's actually Darian sentence great to have you as always thank you. Thank you. And send in the troops cigarette Girl Scouts has a special mission when we come back find out how troop 3003. Is saving animal lives. One cookie at a time. We'll beard act. Welcome back a girl scout troop in Merced California is making the world a safer place for pets. Should state doesn't in threes sold 4000. Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies raising money for oxygen masks. Used to save pets caught in fires so far this year the troupe is donated ten masks of their local fire department and more are on the way. Girl Scouts Carly may CL Ramon Flores and Macy carry L are joining me now to tell us all about it. I Carol thanks so much for being here. I hate so Carl via let me start review where this idea come from hot it is all star. Yeah. I can eat me all. Ma. He. He and mobile I don't I'm going. Eat the way she keep buying masks and eat. Its hundreds gets auction and it and the students. That Ramon firefighters say they already saved a whole litter of six puppies because of the masks. That your troop donated what was your reaction when you heard that. We action blatant I don't seem so world. He's -- they include open at its Boston. An accident that. At me asking the I had written. And yeah humble. And made kid knows or rock beer presenting Girl Scout Cookies with the pandemic a lot of the rules had to change so how did your troop managed to sell 4000 boxes. We each have our hardest but it can really T Boone singing. Didn't reduce flight school who. Met. Him like this social media and want to. Did you feel it people rallied behind you in a different way of this year. Oh. An end Carly I know could be still start again in January what are you hoping to do next year. We eat well while more each. Oh yeah yeah. Scary that he English and I'm guessing it's no. You say behind them. And yeah. I'd like ants. Even as Romney talks foods won't keep in the community is Austin I do what you teach you spot her and DG I'm. Macy within your favorite part of this whole process. Own wouldn't. Mind if I could use. Talking and the most home can industry. Keeps fighting mar. Great limiting message out there to the kids and those of us adults about matter who or watch you guys right now and feeling inspired. Amazing season. You know him and ultimately I didn't. Franco closed so great having you on today huge congratulations on what you've accomplished. We do something really awesome for the world and we appreciate come against tell your story. He ER. Eight in two guys. And that does it for this ABC news live update and Diana Zeta thanks for joining us and rumor ABC news glad it's here where you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here 3 PM eastern with Terry grant for the breakdown. Stacy find out wish I had about scrap. Story of American thought Don lemon. New York court form having served god told him to plead guilty Mark David Chapman did just about to break the defense has. This was to be the first day of the jury selection has courtroom spectators lined up for a security check but the trial never again. In a private meeting with the judge and attorneys 26 year old Mark David Chapman changed his plea of not guilty by reason of insanity to guilty. Explaining that his decision to accept responsibility for John Lennon's killing was quote God's will.

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