Air Algerie Plane Disappears With 116 on Board

Flight disappeared from radar 50 minutes after take-off.
5:05 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Air Algerie Plane Disappears With 116 on Board
And -- -- flight en route to Algiers from the western African nation of Burkina -- Disappears on its way north -- -- sixteen people on board. When I'm Dan -- in New York contact with this I was lost about fifteen minutes into the flight Algerian prime ministers and the jet -- -- -- over. Northern -- about 300 miles. From the Algerian -- -- communications. Suddenly broke off want to bring in now BC's David -- and by Washington on the latest on this and David there's still a lot of conflicting reports coming out of the region. What is the airline said of the fate of this fly. Well it's it's kind of a mix -- here because you got several countries involved. An airline it actually contractor with the Spanish company the owns the aircraft was actually flying this aircraft so we are getting. Very conflicting. Reports so far but -- Basically what we think happened is this flight took off there was a red -- it was after midnight that it took off fifteen minutes in as a traveling north it's over Molly. It hit some very severe weather. There is one report that the pilot was trying to reroute changing course with controllers. When they lost contact and then -- aircraft fell off of radars and MD 83 can carry up. 15270. People the reports we have is a 116 on board so -- and ten passengers. And six crew members there is a report that there were a few more people on board quite a few of them French nationals 51. Five Canadians are reportedly on board to. There were reports that the French were sending up a couple of fighter jets because this is a pretty. Sparsely populated area north -- -- that the French we're very active in that area. We're in the league uses fighter just try and find the wreckage there are still several more hours of the fight. They have not found wreckage and according to French airport officials. Where the flight originated -- saying they did find it so once again. There were getting a lot of sketchy reporting here but we do know playing with a 116 people is missing. And it was flying around severe weather on that overnight flight up to Algiers. David let me ask you about this is well because obviously with flight -- Malaysia air flight seventeen still fresh and very many people's minds about this. Is there any discussion and -- the possibly of terrorism of any kind of ground targets. Well Molly is one of those areas that is a conflict zone and it's an area that there are warnings about flying over but intelligence officials to believe that the Qaeda and other rebels on the ground -- Molly do not have a long range kind of missile that was used to bring down -- seventeen. They do have what they called man's -- -- launched missiles you use -- mostly for an aircraft there was not a landing or taking off. So no it doesn't look like -- and there are no indications so far. At -- one American source that there was any kind of terrorism or explosion involved. In this aircraft it seems -- -- we've had two days here but we had a bad weather day in Taiwan and lost an aircraft yesterday a twin turboprop went down. Killing 48. It early indications whether may have played a role here too early to say. But the -- tell you that -- you know we've -- a -- incidents here a lot of aircraft incidents. Very quickly compact they put together but that really doesn't they don't -- common thread of anything going on here between these separate incidents. And -- educators as well look because I know -- -- it is Algiers an air air air jet algae here air flight. But who actually owns the plane. Yes so our understanding is that. -- Al junior had contract it was swift air out of Spain. To operate this flight for them and that it was a swift ER aircraft. With a swift turnaround actually owns the aircraft here's leasing it is still. Up in the air to like this and there are a lot of things here that we don't know about this story. But then that's part of the problem is you have the Spanish company Everett police information in Spanish. We're hearing the French. With certain statements in French is -- incoming. -- statements from Algeria and we're getting French -- down where the flight originated so. I really not a clear crystal clear picture of what's happened to this aircraft yet. So -- France Spain working on this US investigators -- they also get involved in other countries in this effort I'm sure US investigators will offer assistance -- their past and so far of the I think they're monitoring the situation there's been no formal request and we don't have wreckage and I think you know once we find wreckage. Going to be questioned the French are very good and investigating these the French the British Americans. Australians some of the best investigators in the case in the world saw I would assume that the French will be very involved and if they asked for American help I'm sure will be there. ABC's erased early fund the very latest on this missing plane David thank you storage for your time insight as always. You can keep up with the story developing in real time by downloading the ABC news out. Started a story. For exclusive updates on the go for now -- I'm -- -- New York.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Flight disappeared from radar 50 minutes after take-off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24701081","title":"Air Algerie Plane Disappears With 116 on Board","url":"/International/video/air-algerie-plane-disappears-116-board-24701081"}