Airlines Considering Detour Options Around Erupting Volcanoes

One Volcano is erupting in New Guinea while the other is in Iceland.
7:24 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Airlines Considering Detour Options Around Erupting Volcanoes
Airlines are on alert and prepared for possible detours around two huge volcanic eruptions. This one here a giant plume of smoke in New Guinea. And flare ups in Iceland where -- volcano caused those major flight delays. Back into when he ten. Hello everyone I'm -- -- can -- in Washington those volcanoes half a world apart from each other being watched very closely by scientists. Monitoring every rumble. And we're joined now by ABC's Bob Woodruff who has just returned from Iceland but thanks for joining us today. That's great to -- -- and ask him. It's -- we don't remember a few years ago back in 2010 when a volcano blast senate that huge plume of -- so -- and the air. That dozens of trans Atlantic flights were grounded. Is that what they are worried it could happen again. In this instance they obviously -- beginning or. Five days ago they started to notice some of this magma moving underneath that -- at the -- and they thought that maybe this could be another situation like that but it turned out that it was not. One of the big fears was that amount of all this -- Actually going to be fired into the air the aviation you know the planes were flying. And that was what was really here because last time in 202000. Twice -- were canceled. Over five days and it cost billions of dollars to the Asian. Industry but this time this -- warnings have dropped now to two orange for -- so they're not as afraid as they worry for. And -- -- warnings that you're talking about there are those aviation alert warnings. Yet they they are is that beauty this is. By the way where this volcano area is isn't and central highlands area Iceland it is really unpopular there's not really many people it also wasn't really a feeder. People or out there getting hurt this is all about the flights. How damaging -- would be largely to the economy and -- and outside the country. So that's their biggest of with a -- -- -- that the aviation industry is the the ash. Getting into those engines of the planes which could bring them down they liked the. And again Bob -- recently an island -- Iceland practically walking on a volcano there. Can you just tell us a little bit about what that was like. Well personally Lewis it was certainly colder than I thought it was going to be an August that I was -- I guess I should have figured out. We were there and it is shall we India and -- top of the mountains. We -- -- -- probably within a couple of miles away from this Islam in this back and was was possibly get -- come through -- it did it. Early early this morning. But it was beautiful and -- concise and secure on the moon. Near the ground is all historically covered with -- this has been going on for billions of years and Iceland. And this is all along that ridge and Atlantic Ocean and this is where there -- again. Literally and rumbling of the earth. These earthquakes have been rumbling through there were all these years and they lost it so many times -- lived through so many of these. -- these explosions these these are these kind of events would walk them through and they they've had. One of these eruptions every four or five years and in this country. So they're used to -- that is actually the case. And we're seeing some of the images that -- brought back from your trip absolutely really so stunning to see. And age you just mentioned seismic activity is actually pretty common in Iceland so what's it what's the change here has there been a sudden. A change in the number of earthquakes or any intensity. -- there's there's a -- you know everything goes up and down it is curious what it is it is getting worse than ever before -- -- but it's certainly been fairly and test the one and 2010. You know four years ago that was that was huge part of it is because -- -- how much. Law is coming through from below the cross but also how much longer -- -- Condit comes in contact with. So when -- when it went along comes out whether it's coming your -- Out of place rubbing together opening up. While built in the lot welcomes there's no water than it kind of Bursa is seen as an -- Hawaii for example but -- it -- -- together -- With with water that's -- all of this ash comes a lot of steam but a lot of it is chemicals and little tiny pieces of in a source rocks and other chemicals and doesn't want -- can -- engines of the planes. So it's impressive -- -- you see those video from four years ago especially that is -- an amazing. Gigantic cloud of ash. Really interesting. So let's talk now about it be spectacular eruption that we shot in New Guinea didn't -- volcano disrupt any flights. You know as of now the last I checked -- it really has not the biggest fear was that it would go. Closer to Australia you know this -- You know -- New -- is a very uplifting New Guinea is a little different populated area as good as -- in terms of in terms of the economy. But I don't know -- it has summit -- -- -- people diverted around that they have not been canceled as far as I know. We -- last I checked -- this this ash can go 50000. Feet into the Arabs is where flights. You fly you can't go over you have to go around it and that's probably getting worse -- -- -- -- continues to -- So back to the volcano in Iceland -- one more question for you and this is a tough one. I did the lovely people -- Iceland to give you any idea on how to -- announced the volcano they're worried about. -- -- Yeah you can actually there's there's actually a web -- at eating get anything you can listen to pronunciation of these words the other one back in 2010. Was literally sixteen winners. The -- an errant pick out of order letters are alphabet. -- English. So as all of the other scientists. Has allowed the worst starts with ES fault that the unilateralist and it -- -- A lot of the scientists outside Iceland. Used to joke -- call it the and enhance. And it's isn't what it was difficult languages oral -- pronounce. Yet. Yeah that's right it's gonna it was art on -- easier. Your letters in this -- a native in eighty not quite as bad as enticing as well. ABC's Bob Woodruff thanks so much for joining us today and -- And you can keep up with this story in real time by going to the ABC news at and starring the story for exclusive updates on the -- For now. I'm body cannot meet in Washington.

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{"id":25185011,"title":"Airlines Considering Detour Options Around Erupting Volcanoes ","duration":"7:24","description":"One Volcano is erupting in New Guinea while the other is in Iceland.","url":"/International/video/airlines-detour-options-erupting-volcanoes-25185011","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}