Al-Qaeda Leaders Unite for Big Rally in Yemen

New propaganda video showcases large gathering of militants in the terror organization.
5:57 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for Al-Qaeda Leaders Unite for Big Rally in Yemen
This is a special group. Michelle Franzen -- new York and this is -- there -- he she. In Yemen he is believed to be the leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula affiliate group with ties to the organization founded by Osama bin Laden. This video produced and distributed by the militants shows what one US official told ABC news is likely a group -- prison escape these. Gather together for training and a meeting with the al-Qaeda affiliate leader. Today State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie -- delivered the verdict from foggy bottom. I think this video actually was fairly unusual. In some ways -- -- Mr. would he she who I think there a couple of interesting points one of which is an addition to being headed BQE -- the number two. Now -- al-Qaeda core which. -- speaks to some of the points we talked about al-Qaeda -- that there increasingly decentralized. As we've had success in Afghanistan Pakistan neighborly -- their affiliates which is why we've been increasingly concerned about there -- And with more now on -- fairly unusual video we're joined from the Pentagon by ABC's Ann Hughes Dana thank you is not their -- PG and what -- -- to the militants. Well he's considered the leader of a QAP which is al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. And he's really giving the militants a kind of pep talk a rally. He's saying that the crusader is still the enemy and that's. Of course the enemy is the United States. Does the US know when exactly they filmed these scenes and how it was distributed to the public. Well officials think that this was filmed some time. With in the last few weeks but. It's been difficult to pinpoint exactly. When it was -- It started circulating among G Heidi web sites. And on YouTube on line and where does this al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fit and to the hierarchy of the larger organization is there recognize. Higher hierarchy anymore. Kelly. Al-Qaeda at this point. You see that with the death of Osama bin -- -- and the increasing. If you can call it stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That really the core of al-Qaeda that of the way did we know it from September 11. I has really been quite decimated but what's risen instead is something that as a deputy spokesperson Marie -- noted. Very dangerous and that's these affiliates and a Q8. -- -- -- The former leader Adam Al koehlke was killed by drones in you know -- he was considered to be a major recruiter there have been. Plots that have had failed but were significant plots that were tied to him such as the underwear bomber plot. And the -- in 2009. To blow up a plane using printer cartridges you know -- has it's very concerning yes we're watching this video we see some of the faces are blurred do we know why these are alert. -- it could be that. The militants don't necessarily -- while they want this propaganda to get out there. They don't necessarily want every one who was the -- at the meeting known. As it's been pointed out that it's quite and usual. That this would be a propaganda video it's out in the open it's a large gathering and it's possible that they didn't want. Everybody that was in the video known to the public. And the US of course has not been shy about deploy deploying those drone strikes in Yemen was at that intelligence officials. Either didn't know about this meeting or chose not to attack or do anything during -- We don't actually know that they didn't know about the meeting but one of the things that we do know is that. There isn't increasing collateral costs with drones and drone strikes have been quite controversial in Yemen while the United States has gotten. Very high profile targets such as Al Albuquerque it is also hits weddings and other sort of civilian areas and there was quite an app -- an -- an outcry about its. Missed drone strikes so. At this point you know the United States feels like it has to be dairy -- clear and careful about when its employees drones and why this has been classified as some unusual type of video -- used to seeing these days and US officials. And intelligence. Agents and community as they look at this are they concerned. Should they be concerned to see these video service. I think they have to be somewhat concerned that mean a while deputy spokesperson Marie -- said at the State Department briefing that. She. That the United States sees this as another sign that core al-Qaeda is weakening she did -- meant that. They are recognizing that. At the same time al-Qaeda is gaining in strength in some ways particularly a Q8. And I think to have such a brazen video. Where ads to large gathering are not in the shadows they're not -- they're right outside in the open saying it essentially saying. Come get me I think that you have to be a little bit concerned about. ABC's -- Hughes at the Pentagon thank you. Thank you and you can keep up with the story in real time download that ABC news -- and start the story for exclusive updates on the ago for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"New propaganda video showcases large gathering of militants in the terror organization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23352146","title":"Al-Qaeda Leaders Unite for Big Rally in Yemen","url":"/International/video/al-qaeda-leaders-unite-big-rally-yemen-23352146"}