What #AlexFromTarget Hopes to Do With His Internet Fame

Life changed for Alex Lee, 16, when a photo of him taken by a secret admirer went viral on social media.
2:05 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for What #AlexFromTarget Hopes to Do With His Internet Fame
It was the years that Witter transformed a normal teen into a viral half. It all started when a secret admirer snapped this picture of the unsuspecting fifteen year old. Sacking groceries after church one Sunday and posted it how much do you make an hour. I make it's and fire on that Wednesday he was a regular eleventh grader with a lot of homework how many Twitter filers did you have that morning when he went to worded and 44. That's when the now famous picture was re tweeted by a girl in London with some followers and voila. Forget overnight sensation this test. Towers into a shift. When my manager kind of account of his show me the picture. She's Olympic valley 20000 reach weeds. And I was so confused within a matter of hours yeah by the end of the day I had like 300000. I think. Eat inspired countless means. Even saw it still didn't know he's argues we don't know why he doesn't assume half a million Twitter followers were checking out his boy band but haircut. And those pearly whites. This teen Connie was hot news the Dallas speed burst of New York Times CNBC east. To Alan. That's how should take advantage I mean I can apparently bagged her she's pretty well. Those of Alex and target will be able to cash is on his instant stardom now it's trying to get college paid for. So if any money does come in San than Ritter go to college trustee before he went viral Alex from target was not hanging out with. Pop stars his acceded to the ball and I said well you know at first did that actually unite. Is famous preview books excuse me and owns sixteen. And it's Guyana. This presaged. Now it's targets within guys legendary. Though her own.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Life changed for Alex Lee, 16, when a photo of him taken by a secret admirer went viral on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27776959","title":"What #AlexFromTarget Hopes to Do With His Internet Fame ","url":"/International/video/alexfromtarget-hopes-internet-fame-27776959"}