Amazon Completes 1st Drone Delivery

Amazon just completed its first drone delivery to a customer.
0:34 | 12/14/16

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Transcript for Amazon Completes 1st Drone Delivery
John is trying for first for the company its first drone delivery tore customer was a success. Amazon says it took thirteen minutes to arrive from the time the customer hit the bed button. Two when it was delivered to the Cambridge area of England to the facility was your box of amid these. Hello yeah no word on what the cuts of abort yet however Amazon only has to test customers so far but the plan of course to expand the program worldwide annually went over farms apparently yes you're right it was open field. Similar to that I've met and had. It probably start randomized open park rides.

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{"duration":"0:34","description":"Amazon just completed its first drone delivery to a customer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"44197285","title":"Amazon Completes 1st Drone Delivery","url":"/International/video/amazon-completes-1st-drone-delivery-44197285"}