American 'ISIS bride' speaks out

In an exclusive interview with ABC News' James Longman, the 24-year-old "ISIS bride" says she wants to come home.
24:02 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for American 'ISIS bride' speaks out
I'm days only full ABC news in Syria. Part of the fun was a nineteen year old go before years ago it decided to leave Alabama. And travel paid to the Middle East to live in the so called Islamic state she spent four DA's as an ice is Bryce. But two days into how a timing issue says that she had a change of heart and now fuels to come back to the United States. Bots the United States government the State Department on president trump walls saying. That should count as she was never a US citizen advocates have full that was originally a Yemeni diplomat in the United States. She was never entitled to a possible and for that reason she went bin out back into the country I spoke with. The refugee camp where she is now living with her eighteen month old son. Have a watch how long we in on Obama. Well I think since seventh grade. I suppose time pool. And what was life like that is easy enjoy out of there was nice people nice symbol. Painful and did you have good relationship how many and so I had a good relationship with my family but I wanted. A more americanized. Life. What do you mean bugs I didn't have was very strict it was very strict in and I am I was born Jason America and I wanted to. Basically. To do American things like it's wanted to go I wanna have my friends go to. Places. And get any of them condoned the only way out for me was just to go to become pressing. Animal religious and nonreligious and so that was what. I was indulging in many while everyone else was just being a typical gate to you can walk and age you think he became more religious I think. Eighteen. Activity was quite quick. What you think happened when I was seventeen. Any. Had an account on Twitter. And neurologists. Know almost loose speaking together and that's the whole group of these little things became part think. We weren't we didn't have particularly just learning from each other feeding off of each of them basically and once we became. Edgy heading. I remember someone from the group. Made his job. And real shock and then. Which Felicia because we didn't know what would happen in this thing he's making Asia mean someone from Hillary and Andrea Sloan the women. They might have been just wanna have what are those reforms from. Muslims when it's they would every corner there's just twits have just I was just gotten active. We heard the killings that killer that was announced and me we interpreted ourselves. That it was a little time for months ago. And me growing up I was very scared of ho. Very scared of doing wrong things I had fear of god in my life. And when I read a verse in lieu. Foot and and I heard that the left was announced I thought it was obligatory upon me to go NIA wins. Without thinking of the consequences without thinking twice beneath. When you say you became too happy what does that mean you feel like he became daddy before we go to Syria. What I mean by ten he was. People that wanted to make gent who basically at a Italian resident has died this like a fascinating the struggle. To be goodness that you know you mean being. And so most to a friend's how many people directing or in this Texas you most of the youth in crisis were part of it. We'll be. 2002002003000. You know speaking openly don't fit through using the DN. You through. Speaking openly on preventive. So that you desecrate a group of you on with not using your real names or hidden in the east on these fits counts. All kind of giving each other tips on how to maybe come to Syria's out what happened and say you lost him for advice on how to make the journey you have. You have basically people that you think have more knowledge than you infancy. And brainwashing and tutor at mid and big influence on me in the I would have never known these things about the people tell me without. People influencing means that we'll tell me this is. Obligatory on you. And if you don't do it then you go to hell basically. And there was no an annual there was no individual in a life it was a long fits but that one Susan unknown. He didn't speak face to face and anyone in Alabama. And so the day you decided to go told me through how Aviv. Today. I've heard of lots of people going and entered a woman going and then. I think some good what followed. Winds ended up being there. And and I thought to myself that I need to go and Chinese gold. And give my whole life towards this because I thought I was. The right thing to do. You go to attacking. Dividend move. Tons. EU NATO air about what was the point here was this to double what's. Interim of the month. November. Tuesday you came in the same month around the same time as the British skydive space to. And he said at the time he can we just won't have the border that was not to students to be any security without you experience. Every day was different I think because when we ended up in safe house. Sisters would come a day after after us before us and they would have different situations. For us and we had actually and I don't know which factionalism but they weren't shooting at us while we are trying to cross. When. Did you think you're not in nineteen year old. Change. I come home. I thought. Everyone blames. The struggles. Of the things that go on. In a war zone that it's a test for blood basically. We'll play it safe house not allowed to leave till we get married and they would say it's the customer. And even even. At the time. Yet when I look back at a I was out of the title when it hit rate at 26 number 24 had their husbands. And divorce that there. See in a safe house and in west area now and and you know looking approved. And they keep you know they circled happens in the become available. And there are. With locks on all the doors are doing those. And guards in front of the locked doors and a guard in front of the guard who is there is no whale. And how many of you in this room. It was a house. And at a time going to be about 200 people in law's house in Iraq it was not that I can't see you kind of supporting him. And then what did they say to you did you have to policy tests so what was that program. It was just gave their preferences on who me liked Larry and. We've given a list of men that you keep you didn't listen consumes. Union enlisted man and you could cheese and from a list. That's on crazy Tina I'm very weak and where and what the man who foreign rare. A different runway shows if you wanted to what's they had to get a lesson Wilson learned and in the finance and each has slowed because Smartphone world I. I have amid a friend there immediately and we wanted to get out of there a sense we tried ways of getting you know what there was no way out. So he was considering that point he wanted to leave. We'll leave lead to think I believe the same time sir. She had. One of her old guy friends that she was good to me. And that she offered me his friend thinks it just bring him immediately could only get out of here. And so what was on whose first husband was in who's Australian. Painting with us. And how long and what was the marriage ceremony. And those gross annual it was just go to court sentenced in prison and union rates. And you're giving pro with thirty minutes to get ready and vessel to the came Judith in thirty minutes immunized here. And you you won't mind this non. Was nice to you what was you know he was he within the data was who was normal rules I think he was killed I think he was killed him. Where was he killed in Cologne and how lofty denies he killed I was going rate for three months. Three months there were twenty to twenty or anywhere that the and what happens your life off TV news husband and like safety be treated differently as a woman. Acting become widowed you do this setback for the safe house. And if you don't go back and think rusty don't get money from them. So you have to say it again when he felt very apparently somehow or it. Regularly in the you don't get rights basically. But you married again. I'm Reagan. And who's the person in my second whose approval. His book and his. And how long we and I. A year and he wants. And he was that is. The latest on the 21 annual wooded toys. And and it's a sunny Philip it's strange to you to Haney say back then. It is it's a high offending you. And they could go back to being widowed going through is that within our food child. It's not common at all accident probably the first. So do. Oh lost about what what life was like inside the Islamic state with regards to how much he knew about what it was doing as it ever organization. We were watching from the outside and we would see the videos that had things been it is. And it was shocking new aware of those things going wrong. We didn't we can't say much about what we did see when we could see it we do. I think we kind of woke up from our. From roughly consistent we within. That bodies in public we think kids seeing that finding publicly it's me. Lindh was splattered on the floor. And seeing it seeing with young guys really made you wake up and change. When did you realize that things mineralization have been because I think a lot of people. So what you're tweets thing. I'm a low of women they were we're off to kind of try to get others to come by and spending time on line. And there was one particular it tweet which this kind of defined in many ways which is about. Calling Americans to go out Memorial Day weekend electorates. I do I really don't know what was going on IA in. O stuck the peak of being brainwashed Vegas and I had people all around me that would just widowed so we were very angry. Not because. I think because we were all just. Young girls in grade for the first time what some of it was their first relationship and then me because. Suddenly dies. It has a big effect on hand where the and they can go crazy and weeks and traumatize Ed. When I read about three I found it pretty shocking and it's as Americans wake up men and women all together. Give much to do while you live under our greatest enemy enough of your sleeping. Go on drive byes and spill all of that blood or rent a big truck and tribal over them. Veterans patriots Memorial Day kill them. Some laws and what's going through had going to be something. It was just. That mentality that I diligent that we have before. And when you hear it now what do you feel it's. It's clear that can even believe. That maybe it's. The more I gain knowledge good morning. I knew that it was incorrect. We're active we're just at the beginning of the seeking knowledge once we did come through. I think so we had this young people not knowing much about their religious thinking they hear everything in the we interpreted everything very wrong. Do you feel. Who saying when you when you have a very much look. And what if you had a message for people now watching nets in America what would it be. I wish I couldn't take it completely off the net completely out of people's memory. I hope America doesn't think I'm that to them and I hope. They can accept me and I'm just. A normal he would be who has been manipulated once and hopefully never again hopefully when I go back a woman Laura and I will try and how people might make the same thing that I have time and going. Or was not life isn't as an expectant mom be worried about having it Kate in this. I was born I was not and there was this team going on. We were giving the option to leave or stay. Immediately. I wanted to leave because I had I knew what had been instant that I didn't. Have before I was terrified of the bombs I was actually there not go. For about two weeks level when he was born and they would be. Mortars hitting right into our neighborhood. And it terrified they always do it to go over him in particular. But as much of it said. That we've had reports that when when I Cisco very about it they'll. Proposed to having to be Graf says that wasn't enough food. To him about those days. We would seeing trucks full of food coming in. And then they suddenly disappearing we don't know where that go and there was nothing in the market it was nothing in the shops. And everyone was starving and we learn. The people just actually became stingy if you go over to someone's house. They wouldn't want to show you what dating because they would want to care for themselves and their children and everyone was like then we gave them to pieces that are. And the last couple of weeks. The got really bad we were eating basic training camp food and I was left some kind of weak that they give the callous and we just struck. Grabbed her around our house's and I think. Friday cropscience. And about point lethal to self. But I get out when I ate. The grass I said to myself but that was my last thing in. I am I was planning to leave for months for me dean a lot of time and that was my last government being with an egress that was my last thing. Because you keep it to you and you wouldn't have about fully is. At what point in the fully is to decide a poetic about it. It was two years after. I came. I think I was pregnant with him. I was thinking about his future my future and in a war zone and and was thinking aloud about my family now have a relationship having been seeing him in some and seeing everything around me. I kind of woke up from. They sleep an elegant and I wanted a good buy for him I wanted him to be educated and not enough schools does no good schools that is known. You couldn't even. I don't get. Other events that we do as Americans I want it signaled it was wrong and I knew that staying here with us and we'll give it. I went to some of my friends and asked them we think about going back basically to country. And doing just my book basically doing the company think of that why would you think something. Look fat creamy if they thought it was disbelief to go back. And I was. Kind of fat and that no one was on my side basically and I told my husband about as low and he kind of just. He was shocked as well you duck breast. Even something if only and then even won't say wanted to back him or her. At that point I really big wanna go back but I had no war held on my side panel. It's acquitted dangerous thing to tell people in the Islamic state do you want to me they've signed death warrants because. They tried leaving. And they'll cut by then me and once they've been caught they would make them sign a paper saying. That they would not try to leave again and that if they do work tune award went to persuade others to go than they would be excluded. Did you see any of these executions. Are I didn't. I rifle dead bodies producing it executions live you know I think that binds instinct. And did you did you. I think they they showed people the videos that they made over the executions to you when you Shah and those video avenue and side. I think once I got there wasn't an intra city much. They're different from here OK and he honestly no me I was I was SP helps like most of my life there. Sophia first two years he did you you did kind of think some of these things were okay in Islam that was you'll mend or. And then you have this kind of amendment two years and lethal actually this is wrong. An entity isn't it basically into the. Basically people for whom that include. When it stay with white thing. Keep up. He thought. I think people back in the states who probably feel that they have sympathy for him because is that his abate. Can you see why people in the United States might be skeptical of your story now that. That the any reason why you say that you feel regret it because you won't come back the United States can you see that people might feel that way. This song that goes my pieces that I'm young. And I hope the excuse me because of how young gay and in the Iowa when he and I can tell them that now changed and now my mother and now. I have none of that ideology. My a dead give it when I speak live my life in an ice pick him. And hopefully everyone will see it when I get back. And do you understand now the damage that. Going to Islamic state aid to. Communities back in the United States and the. It ruined family that would apparently in this them think and especially we struggled a lot. But we think are coming through. Five times more. What. Do you think would be the right punishment fear. Do you think you deserve a punishment for you did. Who. I'm just the united us in theory you know like. Because going to join Islamic state as a crime writes I. I mean I appreciate you want about the United States but is it do you expect to be punished in some way. What what do you think would be a kind of a. Maybe. Therapy lessons from making. A process that won't. And chef they'll never do this again. Jail time I don't know. If that has benefit from people sometimes that it has the what's different from people who they keep them in a cell looked up and they need. These people they really hope I won't need help mentally as well I am. I am not. I don't have the ideology anymore but I have just come thanks for my things. Do you think about what you so does that trouble you know I had there would be cars passing by and I would just don't downed it was a plane. Hit a hiring Obama from me. Do you expect people to have sympathy you know situation. It's funny just because sitting at two PT now I think that. I think that you are in some kind of show my sort of analysis what happened. But I don't know if you've quite crossed it. How cool fleiss' laws to the communities. That it he's when it when. He has the women that were enslaved. The men and women who are accused of being I'm sexual who approached off buildings that it was. Woeful. In so many ways and joining an organization like about. Help protect. And so then must be an element a sense of regret to new sense and some solar. Remorse. Do you feel those things. We definitely had. It's. It's not Islamic I don't. I believe that would accent and anyone that says so I aim will fight against it. And I want America to come okay. Hopes Lillian and what's left leg with him in hand can you come isn't it about almost cried myself to sleep everyday because. I know that when they do get back I'll probably will be sentenced to jail for I don't know how many. How much time and thinking that my aide last few moments with him is stuck in prison. Before another prison. To think you're gonna get separated from them in about a State's. People watching wheel safe themselves while the decision you made. It required as a consequence. And therapy isn't enough they keep it requires you to south in some way. Because so many thousands of people went through something horrible having us this route on that do that she's you know I mean. I know that. Maybe speaking against them. I own definitely planning to do if any warning people. Not make the same decision that I made even if another group does come up with the same ideals and maybe you would help. Because a compensate for what. I me. I'm joined. And upon apologizing. Two proposals and important. What to do with ice this wives and their children. Has become a huge issue all they mate to stay here in the region statements unable to go Haim. But by cops posing as future security threats. All all they brought back to their countries of origin to face justice. Really is against popular opinion we've seen peeping United Kingdom the United States they don't want these people. Coming so what will governments do this is all uncharted territory and is more and more people flee the last remaining pockets of ice this. And more foreign license brides and knives this question is not going to go away. Tingle when ABC news in Syria.

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{"duration":"24:02","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News' James Longman, the 24-year-old \"ISIS bride\" says she wants to come home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61202722","title":"American 'ISIS bride' speaks out","url":"/International/video/american-isis-bride-speaks-61202722"}