American journalist detained in Venezuela back in U.S.

Freelance journalist Cody Weddle who was detained in Venezuela has been released and deported back to the United States after being questioned.
4:03 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for American journalist detained in Venezuela back in U.S.
So our top story today is Venezuela chaos there blackouts. Attacks against journalists and one of those journalists somebody that we have spoken with several times. Cody Wendell he has been in bed in there in Venezuela talking about all the latest and he had been taking it in. Mind the government of Nicholas Madera the embattled president. Detained and now deported and he is back safe and sound here in the United States Cody or so glad that you. Are are back here say we were very worried about you. What was that experience like for you. Well it was unsettling it was this Bill Clinton is not immediate relief country is not a journalist were partly country but this is something that's really not comment. Oh I woke up to. Four armed. Security officials they had bullet proof that saw they had handguns. And they were yelling at me. To open boat opened the door that they were gunnery my apartment so it was unsettling and noises in I was arrested I was detained. Four I think twelve hours is what they're telling me and had a math ski mask. Over my basic couldn't see anything. And I was worried about the coming subtype political pond this whole time and and the possibility of being in there for very long time so it was. It was it was unsettling and not just really relieved to be back back. Europe's I can't imagine that you hadn't actual covering over your face. And do you know what it was about your reporting that that. Caused the government to come after you. Well they were very interested in some reporting I had I done about the current situation within the security. The security. Security forces. Within minutes those armed forces and the police forces they seemed very interested in that they wanted to know all of the military people ever spoken to in Venezuela. I reported. Accurately that within that as well as security forces. There are there's a lot of discontent they have been very much affected by by the humanitarian crisis by the economic crisis. And that's what I reported and most of them I think our our would like to see some type of change within the country. But they can't do that because the top generals. And both in the top generals remain loyal to Mobutu and they and their they're very very heavily surveil so. I think that's why they came after me and they wanted to know everything I had done but that with that story or any other story Billy what with the military. And the last time we talked actually we were saying that. As goes Knut the military in Venezuela so logo not political leadership there so. You think then this is a sign that that they are. Worried that more military leaders might switch. I think there's a lot of paranoia and I think they know that but what I reported is true that these people are suffering the effects of the crisis there. And actually my detention. I think because they believe confirmed that even further right I heard plenty of comments by the people. In the place where I was about how they were discontent with their salaries. How. They they weren't. They were being paid well they do they couldn't even. By basic necessities. So I really was able to confirm that while I was there. I'm so I think there's a lot of paranoia. From problem the regime they are about. The possibility of people switching sides but for now it doesn't appear that that's according to happened massively because. They're such intense surveillance by. Good that counterintelligence people to prevent that from happening. For so many years he lived in Venezuela you're an American citizen and you have fought so hard to bring us all the details thank you so much Cody we're so glad that you're back home on Americans law soil safe and sound.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Freelance journalist Cody Weddle who was detained in Venezuela has been released and deported back to the United States after being questioned. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61560799","title":"American journalist detained in Venezuela back in U.S.","url":"/International/video/american-journalist-detained-venezuela-back-us-61560799"}