Antarctica, climate change in the spotlight

A firsthand look into the impact global warming is having on the continent.
1:58 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for Antarctica, climate change in the spotlight
And that guy's a few weeks in back Jiang DeLong and James Longman was able to visit. The breathtakingly. Beautiful and coldest continent of an Arctic. But it was a trip with a purpose because it is ground zero for climate change the take a look at this. It's a wonderful ABC news in Antarctica. On what an extraordinary thing to be able to say just look. Were at we off. This is actually the first time is something like thirty years that ABC has been to this confident it is the wildest place on the coldest place on the confident. There was most recently discovered. And it's truly an honor. To be here we've come. Full and very particular reason because this is. He ground zero of climate change you cut a law about global warming. No better place to understand it then hand in fact this continent is warming ten times Foster than anywhere else on the planet it was it. Scientific stations like these that they have worked out over the last few decades what exactly is going on with rising temperatures if at all the ocean around here. Is warm up five degrees Wilma that it was. Fifty years ago and that means the steel prices around this confident in the winter thus melting quick cut about their eighteen days few CI AEA. The mayor Webb previously. The you don't want to believe the scientists. It is who have what wildlife or do understand that behavior and not is one. A lot of people a day at the moment without regard to krill the tiny shrimp like creature that basically subsist. All of the Walt life in this part of the weld. And they are moving further and that south to find. Cold War that means that all the animals that eat krill white whale like penguin by the fish they've got to move to. This place is absolutely stunning but it is very definitely. Not risk. Yen the images there are stunning and if you wanna see more about this story you can check it out on Nightline tonight.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"A firsthand look into the impact global warming is having on the continent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63152894","title":"Antarctica, climate change in the spotlight","url":"/International/video/antarctica-climate-change-spotlight-63152894"}