Anti-vax sentiment slows Europe’s vaccine rollout

ABC News’ James Longman reports on the E.U.’s slow pace of vaccination, with the anti-vaccine movement and populism both contributing to the continent’s struggles.
4:49 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anti-vax sentiment slows Europe’s vaccine rollout
The vaccines are marvels of technology yet in Europe many are skeptical that they even work some saying this could lead to major cracks in the long term strength of the EU and its capital Brussels to get member states to work together church they could cause we're major hurdles in the global effort to contain the pandemic James long lynch has more. There's feedings on and then there are facts and you know could be really is. What's movies fox team coming think you keep saying next. Weeks. All the complete nineteen feelings often overwhelmed the facts at saint Philip white players and get along great interest in coming in today I just want anymore they think without I think what you have to say. At this small anti vax protest in France should you'll save people braved the cold with a false beliefs and but Europe's anti vax is not just part of the reason Europe is lagging so far behind the United States in the race to vaccinated. Hopefully the government treats us like sheep when no we have liberty. We can choose to Wear the masks are not about to begin juice to get the vaccine or not to miss my body nobody touches me. A year ago he was traced to the relative coordination of its pandemic response compared to the US. Blocking down when needed closing nonessential businesses. And scaling back public events and now there's anger and chaos facing its vaccination program. France is one of the most vaccines skeptic nations in the world in January 1 poll said every 56% of people. Said they get the vaccine or the French have a long history of distrust in the state we sort first haren when we spoke to people in this market in northern. Moments many French people in general are wearied and but to totally kick out the fact that we produced in record time we ask ourselves how effective leader won't be tuning in Santa wouldn't yeah de France was once an immunization pioneer. Treating the shelves and protect against tuberculosis and rabies even when the renowned pastor institute abandoned finding a cut in nineteen vaccine he was seen as a national embarrassment and right now full point 9% of people in France have received the first studies of the nineteen vaccine in Gemini it's around four point 8% yeah. And those numbers yeah. Pale in comparison to those the UK about 25%. Of people who already receive death first channel. I think everybody's been able to beat the did them. Vaccination program. Can be incredibly credible report as being achieved. Britain freshly practically from the EU ordered the AstraZeneca vaccine three months before the European Union and even though Britain didn't need breaks it to get that doses since technically each country could have ordered Daryn it's made bricks he would lose good. It's going Britain having one of the highest death rate cut competition. The bush EU rollout is good the main EU powers only defensive. But this weekend I fully support the European approach that we've had because we should not by accident one country over another. So one walls Europe so Sloan. It's a question of risky UK walls prepared to pay more and take more risk with liabilities. And the EU walls and to Brussels also wanted all 27 member states to act together. The painfully slow process in Brussels is now playing catch up and waiting on AstraZeneca to deliver the promised doses while battling a hesitant public and even though Europe's medical agency gave AstraZeneca the green light. Many European countries said there wasn't enough data to prove it what in the over sixty five's. Public confidence further erode it. The most common currency did feel about. Adolescent sex. The hang me that it is bitter to make natural takes its first. I learned how I did that there is an collision between sums taken a convenience. And has stood retails. Yeah. The directions off a vaccine. It should be hand and took Clinton. Also in the book will I am opposed to Europe engine jet freedom's defense has and they ticking cents a the man is still regularly afoot phones to states not to into France. And our privacy. And then another serious dynamic at play is populism on the rise and promises about why do you think. On yes that the rise until I extend our minds and Iraq and in France is absolutely at sunrise of proposals and speeches. Hungry Carnie seeing a worrying until the far right to the clampdown on free press is going its own way faltering Russian and Chinese vaccines. Although populist movements from Italy to France have gained an entity. This vaccine chaos is testing the very fabric of the U ninety do you. James Newman ABC news life. Paris.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"ABC News’ James Longman reports on the E.U.’s slow pace of vaccination, with the anti-vaccine movement and populism both contributing to the continent’s struggles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76099277","title":"Anti-vax sentiment slows Europe’s vaccine rollout","url":"/International/video/anti-vax-sentiment-slows-europes-vaccine-rollout-76099277"}