Prince Harry: The birth of a royal

Happy Birthday, Prince Harry.
1:27 | 09/15/16

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Transcript for Prince Harry: The birth of a royal
It's a board Forbes vacant lot that the Princess Diana and Prince Charles. We'll we'll we'll international calls will celebrate. Enjoy. As. The boy is six pounds fourteen don't help. And third in mind that British throne behind his brother William and now here's the threatens new royal baby born yesterday was today given the name. Henry Charles Albert David. Vince Henry Jordan just plain area home. Anyways this they belong to the young man who was second line. Escorted by his father did have a look at your brother and perhaps to be sure there's nothing to be jealous and finally. The big move. 24 hours after going through natural child of princes Diana and her baby boy left the house. He was looking bell just looking. Blue eyes. Here are unknown colorful and the future. The broadcast includes scenes of the royal family gathering for last Friday's christening of Prince Harry. He's on a Prince Charles and princes Diana's.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"Happy Birthday, Prince Harry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"42096596","title":"Prince Harry: The birth of a royal","url":"/International/video/archival-video-prince-harry-birth-royal-42096596"}