ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Young Syrian Refugee Image Makes Global Headlines

Sept. 3, 2015: A look back at the image of the young Syrian boy found washed ashore.
7:17 | 09/01/16

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Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Young Syrian Refugee Image Makes Global Headlines
Good evening grief and outrage tonight over a humanitarian crisis a biblical proportions the photographs impossible to unseat. That image of a toddler drowned trying to reach a better life. And the story behind it just one of thousands who died at sea as smugglers ferry those desperate for the refuge of Europe. Here's ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran. It's become V image of the refugee crisis in Europe. The disturbing photo of a life list Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach. Now we know his name. All on Carty three years old he drowned. Along with his mother ray on his five year old brother guy leap and at least ten other refugees. I'm still look thirty father and husband the lone survivor still in shock today muttering it's everything is go. The family Syrian Kurds from near Cole bombing the town was nearly leveled in a battle with ice is this year and so they fled to Turkey. Paying smugglers their more than 5000 dollars to help them cross to a Greek island. In a fifteen foot rubber boat. They came to this speech ABC was there this week when another refugee group waded through the surf piling into the flimsy dingy. Children lifted in. Heading into the waves by flash. Today Abdullah occurred he remembered how he desperately held one boy in each arm when the boat went over keeping their heads above water. The thief tired so did his wife and he lost them all. At the morgue today identifying the bodies he says there have been been on my kids were the most beautiful children in the world. Thank god didn't envision any father. When I moved up. That gets to die. There are Abdullah sister team I have been waiting by the phone in Vancouver Canada she had tried to bring the family their earlier this year. It's a wake up. My brother said to me it's might kits. Posted either wake up call for the whole award. Police it to me. My message. To the little hope those people crossing the water I don't want any to do good and. I don't would this be the Kirby family are. On the hundreds of thousands from the Middle East and Africa who have been fleeing their battle worn and poverty stricken countries. The biggest mass migration in Europe since World War II they calm through Turkey. And to Greece Macedonia and Serbia in the Balkans into hungry finally Austria Germany and the rest of Europe. At least 350000. Refugees and migrants have illegally entered Europe just so far this year. That's nearly tripled the number all last year. And many have perished along the way more than 3000. Migrant deaths so far this year. Even for those who survive and make it to Europe the crushing realization that they are not welcome the country's buckling under the influence. Chaos in Hungary that Budapest train station men and women squeezing through windows others pushing polling even climbing their way into the train cars. Human antibodies and the trends show ring and does. Little family. Anymore stranded on the platform for hours on end they'll help calm. Thousands of refugees fighting to board hoping to get to Germany. Also visit the inclusive training is going to do human insulin therefore we get district. But the train stops at a Hungarian village an hour later. Desperate families wrestling with police ordered by European launch took. Process them to refugee camps. Many refusing to go. This couple curled up put their toddler on the train tracks as police struggled to hold a long. Long. Hundreds remain aboard this train car which they believed was headed to the Austrian border only to be stopped short. On their long road to a better life. It is near Turkey. In ten month old son patted his family are waiting to cross to grease the same perilous journey that shattered island thirties thing. There's Syrian there's had his mom but tool is dead Mohammad. Brother and two sisters Mohammed was a career military man in Syria a steady job and a nice house too he tells us have you ever felt. That you want to give up. That's why it's how she remembers were particularly bad time we're going to go back. She is 29 years old. Here in Turkey many refugees head of the same place it's where you can find the smugglers the middlemen that gangsters who can get you across to Greece. As monuc the neighborhoods called the smugglers here are charging 11100 dollars for adults. Half price for kids that's a life savings for many risks in these open boats are unspeakable. Local merchants are profiting on the desperation. This is a life preserver. It looks like a toy that this. This is not a life saving device and his store owner didn't want us around after that. This year more than 2300. Migrants from across the Middle East and Africa have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to get to you're. I can't even stand up miserable conditions. In June might ABC colleague Alex Marquardt soft firsthand how squalid and dangerous these passages during a search and rescue operation off the coast of Libya the. Rick I'm here I'm meditate but I don't know about. 500 yeah 560. Close kids. Every square inch of his top decks filled with people and they tell us third 300 more down below. For families heading to Greece from Turkey the boats are usually small and dangers justice gray. For taking the easy way to Greece want to bury that is Turkey over there eight miles across the water. The island of heels that's grease the channel right now on a summer's evening looks very calm but it can be treacherous and that. Is where the Syrian refugees are desperate to get to. We land on the Greek island of heal us and just down the road from the dogs. There they. Mohammed and his family they made. I thought I was going to die Ahmet tells me their cell phone videos show pop. Have them rubber boat was the fear on the children's faces in the seas got vary routes later. The vote was so rough on the stage that all of your bags and all of your belongings. Went into the water. And everything he says they're exhausted no place to go but there in Greece together and on their way to Germany. If they can make it there. Back in Turkey a different father the father of all on and got to leave. Harbored the same dream of a better life for them but his journey is now over. All I want to do is sit by the graves of my wife and children he says. For Nightline I'm Terry Moran.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"Sept. 3, 2015: A look back at the image of the young Syrian boy found washed ashore.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"41798672","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Young Syrian Refugee Image Makes Global Headlines","url":"/International/video/archival-video-young-syrian-refugee-image-makes-global-41798672"}