A$AP Rocky found guilty on assault charges

The rapper was found guilty on charges of assault in a Swedish court on Wednesday but will not have to serve any prison time.
2:33 | 08/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A$AP Rocky found guilty on assault charges
We moved to Sweden for the verdict everyone has been waiting for with hip hop artist asap rocky so let's take a listen to him talking to his fans. Oh. All right so now we know the court has found him guilty. Of assault for that fight in the streets of Stockholm at the end of June. But he will serve at no additional jail time so want to bring in Candice Williams with ABC. Radio candidates I just want to get your thoughts on the sand and really what happens next for him. Well yes thanks Kimberly so right now mean he will have to pay a little that a restitution him and his other two affiliates. But thirteen hundred dollars which I'm sure is not too much for them and you know obviously that Iraqis are well known rapper. On the right it's I'm Kathleen Kennedy having a good time I think I know I'm looking at the social already they're talking about releasing music. Juicy 36 mafia he's like I'm about to release this song with a man it's party mode a little bit they're they're a little bit relax. I don't think anybody is more so concerned about the trial now that you know he have to pay and make sure he stays on the straight and narrow because obviously if anything happens while he. If he decides to come back to Sweden they could be problematic for him and he will be able he will be serving jail time if that's the case. But I think he's gonna stay at a trouble moving forward right now I think he's focused on shelled making music and just Clinton is best life. Yes so he's just on a probationary period basically yes even a probationary period and his focus right now is just kind of doing what he needs to do making good on the money that he oats in this big man to Fareed. And kind of moving forward from that I mean clearly he's gonna stay on the straight and narrow. Om and just make sure that he consistently. Does what he needs to do and stayed out of the headlines in this respect and how and other artist responded to his. Victory. Yeah I think there's a lot of like rejoice seeing I mean I don't think. Honestly after all the backlash a pot what happened because as we know even though we saw video as well of others kind of instigating the fight. I think everybody's kind of very much trying to stay away from Sweden in the sense of artists and performers neighbor Reddy said that hey I'm not gonna go out there and support an evening because of what happened because it seemed. And in many in the public's opinion Arcandor also tried on that court as well that people aren't. Excited to gold to look country where you can someone accounts could instigate a fight an annual you can beacon you know found guilty of crime absolutely.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The rapper was found guilty on charges of assault in a Swedish court on Wednesday but will not have to serve any prison time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64971211","title":"A$AP Rocky found guilty on assault charges","url":"/International/video/asap-rocky-found-guilty-assault-charges-64971211"}