Moses on Mount Sinai: The Ten Commandments

Part 5: Christiane Amanpour and her son Darius climb Mount Sinai as Moses did.
8:34 | 12/29/12

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Transcript for Moses on Mount Sinai: The Ten Commandments
out of the darkness of slavery, freedom. Moses and the israelites cross into the desert. Step number one to the moses' sinai. With flashlights in hand, my son darisu and I climb to the mountain top to see the place with god gave moises the ten commandments. Mt. Sinai is no leisurel hike. Darius thought a camel might be nice but it's not as easy as it looks. As we regrouped, it wasn't hard to imagine how the israelites, waiting for mosts to return, got nervous. Mosts is up on the mountain, 40 days and 40 nights. 9 israelites at the foot of the mountain, terrified he is gone. Alone, the bible says the israelites began to doubt the one god and took comfort in a bad habit. At the very moment that is when they gold a golden calf. When moses came down from the mountain with the commandment, he was shocked they had abandoned self-control. Drinking, worshipping a false idol. Everybody shanes up and moses goes back up the mountain for a second shot at it. We made it to the top of mt. Sinai. The sun has risen. And perhaps the sheer physical effort of geg it up here -- it's pretty rough. -- Adds to the spirituality. ♪ Glory glory hallelujah ♪ the view is out of this world. And it seems fitting this is the only place where man ever came face to face with god. No matter what your faith, what happens here, this part of the exodus story, this part of moses' story, has affected all of us for millenia. The ten commandments tell us not to kill, not to stale, not to lie. They tell us to worship and love god completely. To honor a day of rest and to honor our mother and father. They have left an indelible mark on our moral code and civil law fwhch in a sense, they are an early, unifieing response to the cruelty of the world a declaration that with freedom comes responsibility. The statue of liberty. The tablet in her arms, the rays of light on her head. They come from moses comes down mt. Sinai with the ten commandments. Like many things in the bible, things weren't so straightforward. The story most people know is that moses got ten commandments on two tab lets on mt. Sinai. There are more than ten kmantmentes. Traditionally, 613. Most have had some meaning in the time of most. If they are puzzling today. If you wear a fabric, you are not allowed to mix that fabric, wool and linen together. If you ask the rabbis why? The answer is, I don't know. God commanded it. God commanded mosts to build a portable for the tablet, the arc of the covenant. It's got a box w long handles. It has cherdbums on top. It suggests that the arc and its contents may have actually existed. And the arc may have come in handy because it was a long time before they had a nice settle. According to the bible, the israelites were constantly on the move, spending 40 years in the desert. The jews just bitched at each other constantly. It's a nonstop rant. We are human. We complain. We fetch. The israelites actually had the tamarad tamarad tamar tamarady to say, maybe it could have been better to have stayed in egypt. Can you imagine. Good morning. Thank you. Nice early morning to see the promised land. It is indeed. Moses, I'm not sure if he came in the morning but -- we met father fabian over looking the place where moses had spend his whole life searching for. I think this is the last moments of the life of the moses. When he is standing here, looking out, he's completed his mission. But moses would never cross into the promised land. After years of carefully following god's orders, risking it all on faith, he was d his goal because of one mistake. As god had done before, he gave moses complicated orders to follow. He gold god to speak to a rock for water. Instead, he smacked with it a stick. And god was angry. For listening, god told mosts that though he had led his people here, they would go to the promised land without him. It strikes me this must have been such a disapoundment for him. That was his life's work. He knows this is the end of his journey. He's delighted. Because he's finished. He's 120. The bible says moses did the only thing he could. He reassured his people. I told the story to my son and he started to get weepy. If you think of all the things he has gone through. And I my son, I told him and he starts to get weepy. How do you comfort him? We are here to tell his story. That is the comfort. There are stories, like the greek myths that just seem to capture our imagination over time. Indeed, the story of moses at mt. Nebo continues to echo powerfully over time. A leader who has taken his people as far as he can go, and he leads them with the only thing they will sustain them, faith and the justice of his call. I seek god working in the 20th krenlry. Martin luther king, called the american moses, gave this speech the night before he was assassinated. Like everybody, I would like to live a long time. Martin luther king, saying that just before he died. Like it was a prom in addition. You must have thought oaf that a lot. Of course I thought of that a lot. He understand that his transition was at hand. He understood that it was maybe even a violent transition. I have seen the promised

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