Parting the Waters: God Helps the Israelites Escape by Parting the Red Sea

Part 4: The Amanpour team tries to find the route of the Exodus.
7:16 | 12/29/12

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Transcript for Parting the Waters: God Helps the Israelites Escape by Parting the Red Sea
The story of the exodus begins here on the banks of the river nile. A mighty pharaoh has been humbled and he allows mosts to lead the israelites out of egypt. The bible is talking about a massive mobilization of people. The figure is given of 600,000 weapon bearing males. If you add in the men, women and children this is approaching 2 million people. Our exodus is just a bit smaller. My son darius and I and a team board a train in luxor station. Here we are, one and two. We are going to find and follow the biblical ru llical route. The route, the number of people, the bible left no trace, no record other than the biblical account. There is no evidence that 600,000 jewish males with their wives and children and elders left with their children. Those were big numbers. You think someone would notice. The bible tells us he just lost his son and many people to the plagues. The wrath of god. And now with the israelites about to flee, he was able to lose a vital worg force. With crushing results for the economy and also the political structure. And so, the bible says, pharaoh has a change of heart. Instead of lating the israelites go, he muscles his army and pursues them. And they wind up suddenly in a very, very bad situation. In front of them is the red sea. Behind them is pharaoh's army. And moetss said, have you brought us this far tonight abandon us. Mosts is there. His back is against the red sea. He doesn't know what to do. So the face of our people rooted in thaadition and those stori stories, says you may think are insurmountable obstacles before you. But there is a god before you that is going to make things right. And god gives them instruction. God says, why are you shouting to me? Go! And moses lifts his hand, lifts the rod and the sea splits. Behold his mighty hands! The most famous, image, of course, comes courtesy of hollywood, in "the ten commandments," starring charlton heston as moses. The bible doesn't tell us where it took place. Retravel the route and find possibilities. Find, under the suez canal in a tunnel. And then at a holiday festival, we dip our toes in the red sea itself. One of the most dramatic moments of the exodus could have taken place here, the passing of the red sea. Today, it's a middle eastern gold coast with beach resorts and the waters look less ominous. But today's red sea may not be the place. The original hebrew bible refers to it as the sea of reeds. And that leaves some to suggest it's a marsh. Or the lagoon of swamp grasses. Which puts new a shallow body of water. Some how, a swamp crossing doesn't measure up to hollywood's "the ten commandments." The israelites pass through and the water was like a wall on the right and the left. The egyptians are coming on the chair yots, and god stopped their chair yot wheels. So the sea came crashing upon them and they all drowned on the command of moses' back. 12-year-old samara sharp has been studying the story as she prepares for a bar mitzvah. They have so much meaning and this song is particular is symbolizing the freedom. This is the song they sing once they are free. ♪ people of african decent were singing these spirituals based on the story of moses. Wickedness my rain. Satan's cause may seem to reign, but there is a god that rules above with a hand of power and a heart of love. And if I'm right, he will fight my battles. ♪ the story of the exodus is of course timeless, as dramatically relevant today as it ever was. Bus freedom is a song that continues to be sung by those who have it and those who still struggle for it. We say at the end of the sadr is next year in jerusalem. It's more than a place. It's an idea where every has freedom. That does mean the exodus continues? You never leave egypt so to speak? If we are lucky enough to have left egypt, has everybody left egypt. Our thoughts are with egyptians and their struggles. ♪ when they were marching in the square, what was great s, it was freedom that was born in the soil that had come back to this soil. What the moses story stands for is that the power is with the powerless. We had no guns. We hardly had a vote. We had no money. The only power that we had was And god. ♪ Free some day ♪ coming up, just minutes from

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Part 4: The Amanpour team tries to find the route of the Exodus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"18086980","title":"Parting the Waters: God Helps the Israelites Escape by Parting the Red Sea","url":"/International/video/back-beginning-christiane-amanpour-moses-parting-waters-escaping-18086980"}