Search for the Ark of the Covenant

Part 9: Beneath Jerusalem lies Solomon's quarries, where archaeologists look for the Ark.
8:00 | 12/29/12

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Transcript for Search for the Ark of the Covenant
Even today, the truth behind so many biblical stories that took place here in jerusalem is still cap vatingly elusive. That is in part because so many answers are buried unth beneath what is today a living and breathing city. It's difficult to dig under the city of jerusalem. It's very difficult. We are talking about holy places. Three religions. So politically charged. So politically charged. Amet cohen is a biblical scholar and a tour guide. She took us to a place where you can explore the lib lick cal city. Discovered by accident, it's a network of caves and tunnel, known as solomon's quarries. Is it a natural cave? Not at all. It provided building materials for the city. That is this gaping hole here? Ee the shape of a big stone, they used it in the second temple. We consider it a wall. The symbol of free masons believe it was use today build something much older. They are seeming solomon. And king solomon -- as the founding father. And that temple was the last known resting place for the mysterious ark of the covenant. The last time anybody really seeing it, according to the biblical tradition, there are older stories and these are all related to the babylonian destruction of the city that maybe some of the spirits of the ark out of the city just ahead of the destruction. Many believe the under ground tunnels were used to secretly transport the ark out of jerusalem when the city was under siege and when the bab lo babylonian invaders came. It was not on the list anymore. The ark? Yeah, the ark was not on the list. There are all kinds of possibilities as to where it ended up. So we went in search of it. One famous story suggests the ark was take from zwr egypt. Hundreds of years before the babylonian siege began. That is where indiana jones goes and looks for it. We are told an egyptian pharaoh may have attacked jerusalem just after the time of solomon.Ere is one theory that he took away the ark of the covenant. This is where we hit the indiana jones theory. Archaeologists find the evidence of that underwhelming and believe the ark is no more likely to be buried in the sands than locked away in a government warehouse. We don't know what they got there. Strangely enough, our search for the ark also brought us back to jerusalem to the church of the holly seplica, to the place christians believe jesus was crucified. We met who man who says he knows where the ark is. And the evidence goes back to the queen of sheba. The queen of sheba's son, moses kmantmentes. Where do you think they are? In the city of ame. In your country? Yes. He is positive it's in the heart of this chap I'll in ethiopia, though he has never seen it and no one is allowed inside, except for the guardian who is trusted with the duty of safeguarding the ark. Scholars do believe that is an ark inside but it's a replica from the middle ages. And down in the caves below jerusalem, we consider another possibility. The ark never left but was instead hidden away in this under ground labyrinth. Up think it remained in jerusalem? Yes, one of kings put it some where in the pillars. Like this. Is there any evidence of this? No evidence at all. Only many stories around. If only these walls could speak. They do, however, appear almost to weep and their tears have a powerful story about the destruction of jerusalem. The name of the corner, the tears of the king. The tears of the king. The last ki of judea. The destruction. Yeah, this is the end of the first temple period. Do we think the tears, the mineral spring has been running since then? I think it's been running many, many years. For sure, more than 2,000 years old. There are people all over the place. It's still a living, breathing place. Which allows the people who visit to connect with their spiritual heritage. It's important for us to touch the history of this place and to feel energy. It makes us -- pure? Pure. Pure. And whole. Whole, right here. Yeah. A profound revelation for the christian pill grams and one often shared by muslims, jews and even those who come to visit for reasons other than faith. Believers and nonbelievers come here. What do you think about them? You don't have to be a believer in a sense, of a traditi traditi traditi traditional kind of belief. But you take something. A little belief? Yeah, I don't know how long it lasts but I think a little bit, yes. Are people trying to be detectives and trying to uncovering this? Well, there are some people who prefer to leave it as it is. And some people, they still look and want to find the ark of the covenant. I don't know if someone will find it. What was once a container for mosts and a weapon for josh wra and an ernthly home for gold in solomon's time is more than that. The idea of the ark and the search for it excites and inspires so many to explore the mysteries of our past and the meanings of the stories that live on today.

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