Beirut resident describes explosion that rocked city

Michael Kadozian describes witnessing the explosion and its immediate aftermath, and reflects on having survived the incident.
3:07 | 08/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beirut resident describes explosion that rocked city
And joining us now is Michael had dosing and he lives in Beirut and was on his way home when those blasts occurred. Michael thanks so much for joining us and first up just how are you do you have any injuries. World thank you so much first thought whoa I suffered some minor injures of some cuts and bruises and a single on your somber lead. And I think suffered a monogram Chapman concerts I mean added lightly. It can you walk us through this what you saw and experienced what you heard before those blasts. Yeah yeah finalists and I'll Amalia home I just westward at 16 am. And I started seeing birds fireworks Iceland or elect beautiful song Bristol Michael. And I'll just the lots of crucial element there like fireworks. And less than section and it was like morning unless there's light and I cannot remember and some. Do you remember it all what was going through your mind like what did you think you were observing. We'll isolate the loss. It'll speech whites interesting also quite dusty and smooth sound in my ear was like boom. 000. People screaming near me bigger vehicles slid under rules I have no idea our hearts are marked up. Worry if singing in the moment you know were under attack this is a bomb yet. He owns the death to shore wasn't home in what was a scene like once you got home. An interesting is that went on I was I was it was a cultural scene knew I was orange Roxanne the Indians. I stopped my car for a minute or trekking out to people just. But there Aussie Aussie I can took a small stuff I'm were dead or word like there were ops of arms missing. There was family don't mean there aren't that there were born. My mom's. We're teaching not a duel and I shall pull. That is just an awful scene that you described the area is everyone that you know and love accounted for tonight. Blum also demarche on Yahoo! and daughter once again suffered some minor injuries. And what's your message to the world what are the people of Beirut needed tonight. Who were. Multi Luxor Branson does my only message I mean every team can happen in costs not black then you have no idea. I mean not. I shall deal to be honest I'm talking we see guild I'm lucky I survived Randall skids not darden's. I don't know I'm I am I attempting to LaSorda but I also -- guilty why did ice and he did not. Ryan right typical question that many of us have. Often Michael thank you so much for joining us we'll continue to letting about you and of course the citizens of Beirut during his times. Shorter thank you.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Michael Kadozian describes witnessing the explosion and its immediate aftermath, and reflects on having survived the incident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72200755","title":"Beirut resident describes explosion that rocked city","url":"/International/video/beirut-resident-describes-explosion-rocked-city-72200755"}