Boko Haram Kidnaps Eight More Girls In Nigeria

International outrage grows as reports of even more abductions surface.
9:11 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Boko Haram Kidnaps Eight More Girls In Nigeria
-- -- In the book are missing came to to new depths -- -- -- to see how they could sink further it. This is quite appalling. The UN human rights spokesperson shocked at the kidnapping of more than 200 school girls. One day after the militant Islamist group both of Iran claimed responsibility for adopting the girls in this video. And today reports of even more kidnapping. Right now the international hot spot. Nigeria hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York today reports from Nigerian citizens that Boca -- -- has taken even more girls captive. This time eight girls taken in the northeast -- province where Boca who -- has control and heavy jungle hideout and the United States and the UK has pledged their support to bring back the girls. As parents in Nigeria protest against the government pleading for them to bring their girls back home the BBC's Tom mile depot has the latest from the Nigerian capital. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A chilling video released three weeks after the school goes went missing. The man in the sense as standing in front of the armored vehicle is Abu -- Mexico. -- -- -- Abducted your goals he -- I will fill the women in the market by -- -- There's a market for selling humans. -- commands me to sell. Chicago is the leader of -- around an extremist group whose name in the -- the language means western education is forbidden. The sect has used violence and its campaign to establish an Islam is state. The girls' families are in agony in the Nigerian government seems -- able to ease their pain. This has prompted public outrage and now -- daily demonstrations calling formal action. Nigeria's finance minister has defended the government's efforts. For the past three weeks the government doesn't -- enough that we need using aerial surveys using Al all of that -- -- its disposal. I think the problem was that we -- about -- -- it well. The shortcomings within the Nigerian government -- increasingly evident and now the international community is offering help. We view what has happened there as an outrage and a terrible tragedy. The president has been briefed. Several times and his national security team continues to monitor the situation there closely the State Department has been in regular touch with the Nigerian government. About what we might do to help support its efforts to find and free these young women. The foreign secretary William Hague also condemned the kidnapping. Well offering practical help what has happened to live of the actions of Boca -- and using goes the spoils of war the spoils of terrorism is disgusting it is a moral. It should show every -- -- across the world that they should not give any support. To such a vial organization. It's been three weeks since the -- were taken from their remote school and the priority for now must be to return them to their families. So -- at a -- BBC news a -- 200 girls are still missing but the original number of kidnapped girls was closer to 300. A few dozen of them -- gave from the Oklahoma -- militants ABC's Martha Raddatz spoke with the New Yorkers New Yorkers Alexis OK well about some of the girls that she met who escaped capture. Alexis tell us what you know about how the girls were -- Well -- they know is is that. On top one night and now over three weeks ago. The corals where they're secondary school -- -- and we're going to sleep. They come back to school they're they're they're finally seen a lot of schools in the area had been close. Because the -- had been attacking several schools over the past couple Beers. The local education officials decided to open up secondary school in -- in the town. So that it does take their exams. That night happen. I think you are members dressed in military uniforms showed up at the school and they -- the girls breaking news eight. -- the girls are alarm they're nervous they're not sure what's going on at these man I cannot bank and announced an agreement and trucks. And in the and and grabbed. Food and other supplies in the least Higgins. For -- and then when the -- starts having their guns in the air. And they -- yelling god is great air the girls start realizing what are not military more -- Graham. And it and the girl's section of the truck managed Turks can get away it only. Adds that not -- -- escape on a retreat and girls can. Those girls tell you about how they escaped. How -- they -- answer. How did those girls managed to SK well. And I talked to one -- -- who managed SK. She was going to be. And it neatly when he started noticing that these -- per -- Some of the girls started rolling out trucks they are just that opportunity and the register now. But most of those tortured -- -- -- -- so poor. Some of the girls. And then -- reached -- camp the next afternoon. The collects that you forced to her friends close and I just ran for and what it and they ran on that day. And a magazine reached. And it -- congressman's. Home that night and reports and the nightmare. And then reached their and we the next day and -- number -- roles -- -- that way there and people in the -- you live around that area in the northeast Nigeria. Have been very helpful and letting this policy at their homes and -- and then acts in the next day. And you know some girls escape because an answer in the house and you -- -- water again buyer at. So while the senate -- arrogance there also running away. And -- hear reports that some of -- recently escaped -- We're sick. And militants struck -- wrote. Howard and managing to hold many girls -- -- mean it's it's a huge question I am finally been answered that -- extremely remote forest area northeast Nigeria and this shows. And that ain't your government really doesn't have control over some -- -- its own country. And there there and there and forest area where. They have been known to have hideouts and camps and in the -- there. But villagers who let her -- area you know how corporate -- girls' sports they -- area. And -- -- -- out here that they had been taken over the border into -- countries. And makes sense because his goals are -- -- into smaller groups. With the militants. So that. We believe it suits who -- out there and of course. Yes there aren't that extremely sophisticated weapons. You know -- -- jeans -- GE. Strong -- weapons rifles guns somebody even believe tumor copper and weapons at an injured and who are these girls. These girls -- while -- in school where they come from. These girl is urgent you know like any girls around the world kind to you to you welcome themselves. In life. And especially in northeast Nigeria where the percentage of -- -- school is extremely low. And these girls are rare they're heroes I mean for -- -- for -- Unlike dangerous climate -- -- attend school to finish and potentially -- -- university. I mean -- -- me being better just unheard and and so. But aren't really I believe trying to take revenge on the -- these girls wanted to -- better themselves and lead successful lives. And and -- -- -- has never done anything like even close to this rate they have in children but. Read what they've done that -- that they have attacked schools and and an interest insurance and students and the -- mainly in the place and liberals go home. But they never taken as many girls this this. And they have taken women in the past -- -- sex slaves. And it just it's seen as fairy ferry -- likely that that's what they did with these girls it's taken them. You also be sex slaves to cheat sheet due to domestic tasks for them. That was ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz talking to the New Yorkers Alexis OK well. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"International outrage grows as reports of even more abductions surface.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23608827","title":"Boko Haram Kidnaps Eight More Girls In Nigeria","url":"/International/video/boko-haram-kidnaps-girls-nigeria-23608827"}