'The Briefing Room': London terror attack

ABC News political until breaks down Friday's White House press briefing on the recent attack at the London tube, North Korea's missile test, and more.
16:59 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for 'The Briefing Room': London terror attack
Welcome to the briefing room and his political director Rick Klein right here our newsroom by making use figured you know. Now program plan B thank your excuse it and now. Yes. Author. Yours now. There. Indeed discovery and recruits over the White House insisted that briefing room in a few minutes but an action packed briefing today as we go into weaken the president. I heading out of town we heard from the national security advisor. Economic master reels were from the UN ambassador Nikki Haley. Will get to which he has this haven't North Korea especially with the UN coming up of course we just hurts our Sanders they're addressing a range of issues including. Who's gonna want today at the White House frank. We'll brag back a little later but what would start though. On the news London terrorist attack overnight early morning commute. Over in London and the president. Was very quick to weigh in he was on Twitter early this morning seeming to suggest that Scotland Yard knew about the terrorist suspects. That was this really striking comment to come from the president on where we know that there's been tension between the British and the Americans about sharing of intelligence. And take a look at what the the prime minister of Great Britain Theresa may at the say. Earlier. The fact that ruining its needs to terrorist attack. He's hiding ninety. But this will be kept on to review was the investigation progresses. And the public should go about daily lives but it. Remain vigilant and people which happening in mountain will see an increased armed peace presents all the time it's what network. And they will see security will be increased in the case would of course do what is necessary to protect the topic. The threat of terrorism that we face is Sylvia but to get them by working together we will defeat them. I miss it don't come into being to say that the east was carried out but people can skull and Hewlett-Packard in its sights fifteen and something weekend. I'm never think it's helpful anybody's speculation what he's an ongoing investigation. As I've just said the police and security services are working to discover the full circumstances. Of his cowardly attack. And to identify who was responsible. Rush back pitches British. Sort of way equipment it doesn't if she's not the first time that we've had this tension and Great Britain are closest ally did the president was out there early on on Twitter what would you make of the way he was commenting on this and real time where the British went. Operating procedure. And it might tweak or talk first and then I got back after. And that's an ongoing problem here mentioned earlier. This is something important issues had previously. When the president has kind of got help your head of intelligence and -- the United States. And the UK's relationship on Schering intelligence. Might need to be revisited. Entry Sammy as slapping down my ears saying it's not helpful speculate. And the president going on Twitter this morning. Also Greer we haven't seen him treat at all in the last couple weeks he's been very reserved but to come out his usual losers attack here. Seeing zillions each trying to further. He's agenda. You know this whole idea of building the walls stopping people getting into these countries. But as far as the relationship building have a big week where relationships are important. Didn't do a lot to help that the UK. Yeah I think that's a good point that ended up one because it does seem like the president is using this for domestic political concerns absolutely and if you look at the long list of tweets he also mentioned his travel but we need a bigger tougher travel ban. Without. Us really knowing at this point whether or not that would it. Impacted but at its Atlanta external and it did Alvin you're also making comparisons between his administration in the Obama administration and how far they've gone and ice. One thing it was interesting in today's briefing you heard HR McMaster reacting to Scotland Yard. Comment saying brushing it off saying essentially he could've said it if it happens here it happened in plain sight. Now so is saying he meant nothing. LT by an. You write has been awhile since we had a presidential suite that the White House staff is they don't the pavement and hit the about it. It's also tough for turning master doesn't matter that all happened but you know Wallin and get there while there obviously focused on North Korea. Having to deal with the language and the relationship. She's been a very delicate dance ministry should hat. It's a let's talk about victory because. It's gonna come up obviously next week but this is happening in real time the Security Council meeting today. And Nikki Haley to my mind. We got to get we're not we're not fire and fury and locked and loaded but we were couple weeks ago but Nikki Haley saying I'm happy to have this over general mess that's the Defense Secretary. And HR McMaster think there are military option is no fool around right now. I mean I think it's kind of fire and fury by saying hey you guys take this one. I doubt it infiltrators but your right I mean I. I think that Nikki Haley has. Obviously tried both her interviews or statements are from that podium previously and also on the floor UN have more than diplomatic. Responses here. But I think she sort of is he showing us a little bit her cards. And that may be diplomacy is not gonna work here he does seem like more more money going into serious military option with North Korea. Now I am one of the things that I want it now listening to Niki a kind of read that he only sixteen next week at the UN is. How the administration is talking about the the sanctions that have gone through. Because we know that Nikki Haley did not get everything she wanted she wanted to complete. Embargo on oil site wanted. Travel bands on the North Korean leader A all kinds of things that she did not yet. In this latest package that was. Certainly the fact that something passed unanimously. It twice in August night as we. Is an accomplishment. But what we heard from secretary of state Rex Tillerson today. In a statement he said that the UN sanctions represented the floor. Not that ceiling of diplomatic pressure and then you heard Nikki Haley today saying this is mandatory out is it an economic strangle and this is an economic but there. She's in the thesis for I think it's almost there now along the path some deals. It that's Tillerson it now we diplomacy efforts or is that he's now more military focus that has happened the point from hail in today's look guys. I panel can. This is now this fall's now heading our courts do with it what you can or something president himself next week really stepped in to. In for its its first party yeah out she's still in let's talk about that he's heading up the denser and a couple of hours and he's in this and good chunk next week in New York. And yet at the UN in some ways is the view on the world stage we haven't seen. This president. Do this that often. John you've watched him for a long time uniform policy speech this is going to be on these toll. Kind of audience and I think you almost have to look at that first trick he had abroad to act when it went to Saudi Arabia I think that was the first time we saw him. On the international scene here leaving the Netanyahu he's going to be having meetings again one on one we know with with some of those officials. In private settings but that speech is going to be interesting we are he takes that hard line. Because you're right you said it presently trying to put himself out there. Too far with those frontlines. He's very careful how far I'll go. I do think though. For the president right now to show it's tough force that he's been trying to show this command of the issues. He's on the phone with me today in relation to the fund right character we know that after the last time there was North Korea threatening on the phone with Merkel and others. I think Tuesday would be the first time you'll see him really swing North Korea. And I think it's fire and fury but set no more diplomatic weight sat. And Mickey only saying this is heavy lifting this isn't this isn't ripping grins this is not this is not to ceremony this is actual work that the United States has to do at the United Nations not just that North Korea was always a range of issues. So what's it let's talk one other B on this because John I'm interested in in your take I thought for one the president would be up in New York City lot beat up a power lines. When once after eight months the abstractions the stretch. The New York a three day visit in three days that we know is eternity in copiers that don't their point but but how does that changes might be back home what you would think it would be think it matters. I've often thought they probably are finally people are locked himself and you trump tower will lies his castle back. He never left the building at all in his home. Hartford. I think he misses his private life he is is that after that I'm back here. Aaron in combat but it's hard to go back to please stick his life is totally different security in the building. Yet. Walk around the towers he would often. It's a very different from Howard. And I also thing. For him. He's also you'll hear. What he too many things on the homes perfect from a lot of flak back. During the transition. You know about having air about having events there so I think that also very limited public. C. A lot of rested and lobby like sore aircrack hurled the happening. I think you're really care about how much it's gonna happen tripped while. I've been getting some some background research prepping for next week looking at Trump's relationship with the UN and I think that's an interesting kind of part of the story in just the color. You know. Building at trump tower. Really offended some UN officials at the time including separate out loud yeah that's right it's at a time background and I. President trumpet then a businessman was very deferential and said he expected the U and then of course campaign. Candidate trump. Came out and said that the UN is no friends to democracy and is it basically. Not a friend to Fareed number. Sort of tone is he going to strike and this is an institution that he's kind of watched from a far. As as a New York this. And now with all the traffic problems here in new York and him I'll power and gonna paralyzed and ten at I think in the great to have roaming the building as president Ali it's gonna happen it's just an analysis and the let's let's talk about the legislative. And it isn't a lot don't want on. I wanna talk I wanna talk about all of the issues that he's there right now we had we hats are Sanders. I think. Breaks new ground in turn where the president's going to be on immigration she seemed to rule out a pathway to citizenship today that it is something about bird act kindness and I. President could come back and I guess but the deferred action. It is important here. Up but this isn't new era of speaking of New Yorkers were we're Chuck Schumer but it's into Ara and in all the sudden there's going to be a lot of emphasis on potential bipartisan deals. Yeah I mean I think he realizes he needs Democrats to get things done. I also think that you know he's that person is we saw he sat in the room he heard deal he light yes it got it. Yeah I think that if he can be in a situation where more options are presented to him and he. Here's something that he likes and someone's trying to convince him that this for the other he's going to go for those options. And I think also does put Republicans on. Is taking a look. He's ready and rare and make a deal if you come with music deal let's do it I'm all on board if you don't and they do you know what would go at them. But we know covering immigration that devil's in the details I don't think the fact that we got a rubber stamp out there got a deal we've got. And the fact that there weren't any Republican there was Republican leadership in the room. When he hairs sir Sanders. You probably others I couldn't leadership in the room right right as plan. One thing that it things interesting that we learned today number one we're hearing seven and seven to ten days for their plot there gonna have a framework. Separately in difference hello we're also hearing him some papers is reporting today. That house speaker Paul Ryan's got a group Republican members that are going to be cashing out what's palatable for them. Through my. So lay down and let the president cut deals here they have a say two years there's nothing that says they have to take whatever do the president up thinking that initial warning shot from the president. Two Republicans was a little that you use it because it keeps it neat turn and it's true that mean we know that they've voted right on inflated -- a dozen times since 2000 and nothing. It has gotten congress let alone to the White House. But I think it right now the present need to give a little bit of a shake up saying listen I that we six months here like let's go get this done since coming back to me. And as we know Rick he really didn't want to act on doc he wanted this to get thrown out as cord and it seems like he's trying to really keep it away from him. But it's a great point it was to get to the policy in that ruling out the chain migration which is obviously that it trying to. Put people. Tie their status to doctor recipients bring other people over here that's another line that he's relying. Once those are a lot and you realize what was keeping can get that world it will Wear it with how the Democrats again aboard the resident pat mrs. do you wanna negotiate over the stock as it gets really thought what you know about how quickly can you get that done and then moved to tax cuts right. A lot a lot it's crunched in it's all right guys final thoughts today. It was a date it's that though though the White House lawn a fresh cut. Video that they could do immediately. I don't I don't frank and it doesn't so that some innocent primary end up what I love about this is that so. The president is trying to get Frank's attention yet. Well I think there that he is convinced it is past. You got that I'm over. There. Yet. On what the hell I hair cuts and. I don't know I don't know is available to come into DC but I need I need a lawnmower I can I could definitely was those services I. The other one thing that shocked me is that he that are present and complexity staying there he's trying again yeah I. Frankly I think I'll Wear them on things got his job is really focused. I currently in the way of a lot of mileage without a they got a letter from the kid you know they're they're they promote the idea that they give in this moment than in the old law with adult themes. That you out of the rights and there's sanders' death. Don't talk about the brightest smile and all right mega what did you learn today while well I think with going to be interesting to watch. Going into next week and it's that I you know I've really been trained on next week and it's you know and GA speech is. The truck that we sought this week the trunk that is sitting down with Democrats. And potentially getting to a deal on doc much to the chagrin of me or are we going to see that. President shop to the UN an institution that he criticized as a candidate. He had a week and C east and North Korea I think that's the real thing I think next week quite talent we air. We go as a country with the UN or out the way in regards to how we address North Korea I think Nikki Haley tape which really talented. That diplomacy working. And feeling a much stronger option or something that it's faster court. Yeah I think that was deftly news coming out today goes into next week as well and I learned to this White House is is gonna get serious about the immigration that this wasn't just over Chinese food. This wasn't just the deal that it. You know. This isn't being. I digress I. I miss the idea of talking high after Chinese networking company the only thing you ever new Christ the Everett hasn't worked at this this this is a strange combination maybe it's a humor thing we don't really know. But they're getting a series and that the fact that they're now talking about putting out guidelines that and he is the congress getting Al I think you're right John. If the air but the the year of bipartisanship. In in to Republican. And they're gonna get engaged very quickly. Does it for today's briefing and we have a very special guest on Sunday George Stephanopoulos is. Across the pond over there in London he will interview reasoning exclusively on Sunday on this week. And we will back next week with everything.

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