Brussels prepares for NATO conference, World Cup semi-final

ABC News' Ian Pannell previews Trump's visit amid tensions with NATO allies.
3:53 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Brussels prepares for NATO conference, World Cup semi-final
President fired up between Ian. About Tom NATO members paying their fair share. Yet this follows many tweets in Pappas will welcome to Brussels this is a land of the Olympic that's muscles. And French Fries to you and me some great via. Belgium waffles and also the muscles. From Brussels don't vote van dam but it's also home to the European Union and to NATO. President drums flying in here later today and he's gonna meet with the other leaders of other NATO nations and as you say he's already been on the offensive. Saying essentially they think the United States pays too much. And the rest of the contributing nations and not paying enough. At the very least he wants and to pay 2% of that GDP towards defends many of the country's full well shall tonight. To the point where he's actually sent letters to different leaders saying look it's time to you to pay up. The question is how strong is he going to be the last time that he came to meet we'll be this is that the G-7 summit that ended badly. He then went on to Singapore and met with the leader of North Korea and that when simple well it we have a meeting with gonna sit down again with our allies. Everybody's worried that is no gonna go well he then goes on to meet government continues pushed me compacts to rural folk. And it seems he's already said these things that will be the easiest meting a bull. Yet Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and auction meddling all things the top of the discussion list there. Between president trump and by repugnant that Helsinki summit I'm I'm curious. In. Your thoughts on. You heard the president say this morning just touched on it there is vibrant student friend or folk what will really come of the summit. Yet a surprise to me and he eventually said Udoka Kate prism continues to compress that. But he has said in the passing it must President Putin for being strong man for being tough. For being a strong leader of these nation he called him a great guy now this is someone who is accused of masterminding interference in the US election process. And yet his traditional allies NATO countries the G-7 is being incredibly tough on these tough on the German Chancellor Angela Merkel eased up on the Canadian leader to dope. And many people saying what why is he treating friends like this and yet he's treating compacts to slot that. Now he has a disruptive theory of foreign policy can cool it to theory. His view is he's the tough negotiator he ability to do business with Vladimir Putin they'll be up to come to a deal in the world. Will be much faster. But let me tell you that it's not politics it's not NATO is not Vladimir Putin that is owned the lips of the people of this country. Let's just get a vote one of the man who runs the restaurant nick Gabriel. Can I get it to come over and it's always meet Gabriel who's a proprietor of bogus fish and chicken foreign establishments here. Brussels and cable Wilkinson ABC life I'm. I want to ask you haven't told him that NATO members to handle trump meeting president Vincent who what is it the people of Brussels talking about. The moment is this season of the careers have it what is just. Tim Russert at the moment and then as it is coming home. And honest that people who is not much talked about politics on this date is there another big event they're talking about talking about the football. Tonight is going to be big game for the pounds of Belgium. Is chances my opinion it's 5050 via effectively fifty feet from about exactly again and thank you very much just exactly. People are talking about here we have the World Cup semifinals tonight the city is gonna go crazy you see some of the plaques are already being sets up missing people with based paints on. The game kicks off about 8 PM local time at that point president trump is gonna arrive to city that's either going to be a morning boring crazy celebrations. Either way it's can be amend to seeping. In our seniors senior foreign correspondent and our senior tourism guide. Have happened there head in brothel as well I'd go enjoy some Brussels and priests for me.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"ABC News' Ian Pannell previews Trump's visit amid tensions with NATO allies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56490018","title":"Brussels prepares for NATO conference, World Cup semi-final","url":"/International/video/brussels-prepares-nato-conference-world-cup-semi-final-56490018"}