Buckingham Palace reports Prince Philip was uninjured in crash

The 97-year-old royal is recovering after his SUV flipped in a car crash.
3:06 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Buckingham Palace reports Prince Philip was uninjured in crash
Overseas to London now and ABC's Gillian MacFarlane where Prince Philip is recovering after up car accident 97 year old. Prince was driving and hit another car at Juliette. First thought of many was why is he driving himself. And what can I say Prince Philip the creams husbands it he's very much as I in my he's retired from public life he retired eighteen months again. And he is is very often slow to driving around on the private estates I didn't winds. Learn Sandringham. The queen has so the voices name to drive results from time to time. But what happened yesterday Britney is stunning pitches up on this very serious car crashed prince sentences Landry enough let. Onto its side with the great force of this collision. Now he came into contact with an SEB with two women. And the nine month old baby nowadays T women won his 28 and the other was. 45 they are based treated in a nearby hospital for minor injuries one of the women Hudson cuts the other woman break her risk. Thankfully the baby was on Hahn's and as for the Jeep abandoned row that's his title as a prisoner of he it was helped outs of the Cobb. I have quiet I just through the wind screen or the sunroof. A witness described as helping to plan not because of course the call is on its site. And he was described seeing very shaken and very shots but one of the best things he did was the cost about the condition of the women in the other vehicle but frankly. Everyone walked away miraculously really when you look at the Texas. There was a winds a wing Mara and breaking glass. Certain on the other side of the road which just demonstrates how serious and how forceful that collision yesterday was. I heard an interview with gentleman who would help Prince Philip from the vehicle and he seems. Rather stunned to realize who it was behind the wheel. Yeah since this this this accident happened at a junction com one of the race was a private red leading to Sandringham but the junction what is the cut at some very busy main gray didn't know that lanes of traffic causes that are each day. The speed limit is sixty miles an hour but they have not revise that's a dime to fifty miles now because I have been axis. That in the hottest. Now a lot of people been costing about whether the gene. About Merv really should be driving. At the age of 97 he is five months shy of his ninety eight's best day. Save people will be wondering what he's gonna have some time to reflect on whether he should continue. Driving that the truth is that the law in this country is that anyone of any age. I can drive on private grade CU do you can be viewed any need a license you can be ten years old you can drive and private rates Atlanta. Princess continues to drive and on private lie and it is one thing but because this accident happens on a public rates. Many of questioning whether the queen might put a little bit of pressure on that Prince Philip to maybe Sig by giving up the. The key is. All right take away his license Juliet thanks very much ABC's the McFarland there.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The 97-year-old royal is recovering after his SUV flipped in a car crash. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60473595","title":"Buckingham Palace reports Prince Philip was uninjured in crash ","url":"/International/video/buckingham-palace-reports-prince-philip-uninjured-crash-60473595"}