Cape Town awaits 'Day Zero,' when the drought-plagued city runs out of water

Lines form at natural spring streams as water shortage continues in South Africa.
14:54 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Cape Town awaits 'Day Zero,' when the drought-plagued city runs out of water
Hello and welcome to pay. Overtime games on the thing ABC news and and you can watch this on FaceBook as well we're live streaming and what hey. Because I think talent here is an Africa is running out of water. They have announced that there's so little walls and now it's easy knots on May eleventh. The toxic and run driver. Well we all know. Spring. There's something like seventy of them around it's any different. I that. Table mountain and a stunning it is a beautiful beautiful. De enemies is that the end of the day people and coming team and next. Long day and this is building its on the day of people. Come along the back kind of and he didn't bring me. Then you're about to Valencia fifty pizzas. Yeah green offensive we'll wait and see everything they had been out of that top when they do in. Come downs one of these natural springs law. Tonight that their roles these around Cape Town people. Hello I can't. Totally sealed a few times we've been living. I think in that day it's filthy stuff much Mercedes when it went that giving again. The debilitating symptoms of the plates. Present lightest of. Jesus let's see tickets online the love. This thing every. Norman. We'll get there expressed out so you can you did it and you're allowed to 15158. And you can coming just wanna quit drinking out. How about you come here preaching in the pool. You can bet on the rest. Big houses and taking. Now he'll put these days. It now faces like these. Few hundred people in. Most premier they think something like 3000 to 4000 people are doing that every day to get. It is safe. Things and it's coming but out of the grounds and for the table mountain road me. People say they'll. Funded the that is capable tableware is quite all right this should be enough with the review. Yeah James and redemption I'm Yvonne Tennessee that it soon and I know what it's these situations in my mind. Yeah gives we have. This morning would so please don't look so we've seen. He's known and coming down and the if it is. Love these little woods and we must not show up while we was no. So it's that was no one's really yeah I was voted that the movie. Is so please know a face known and coming. So we bring myself up bailout and don't let me then my age but tonight. Frankly John Pickering to let's not a native going to be in the brain. I don't think so because that they've been saying god but it's not like two months good night. But I mean just because we got season ending lowered. He begin digging slut that didn't end this thing it's going to be an enterprise. And that's I myself I never did believe what global warfare. But these movement of myself and I think a lot of people and wondering why this morning. That he doesn't though elected this season but that thing these reminds us Dave. Event is being bid up there. Good deal I neglected that it is didn't know why don't you buzzwords. You know. And it's this field it. Yeah thank you they needed them down feeling that my book but this it would I don't know it. Me and might want to remind you can. It's not fair one. No ill being. It is. The mean that it. I have my dad and copilot. Normal. I'm getting to know then who would not let the. His we are engaging Cape Town which they cool the mother city. Nominations moving lines. Three years they've got a really intense droughts. Which is meant to. Collectibles feeds Cape Town when he needs. Basically dried up and by may eleventh counseling government and says they didn't even out. Could run dry and everyone is suffering abuse by the Pentagon and we'll work out now. It. Springer seven. And if that's when it upon what they were there right now is an obvious you are now he's personality about fifteen feet. Mean think about what you take what you drink what you shall wait in line. US. Individual in the US disease between 200 and might come. These guys I get out. She's dropped from what you would ordinarily be able that's what people turn out. Until things up. You've been listening to open ended Graham. How he's getting. It is created you can just because of the line continues to enough and today he finishing. Visiting them. In the back. Pretty. You can imagine you know. Today even Lawson. We really stories of people news who happen to think. Using my daily basis we'll get up in the morning and of the bucket but he's up to. Life shall we they have same wards and oh yeah that's maybe even dishes and finally has dominated. Parody something like average flushing Emily knowing anything. Lots of water going down between us and people are trying to think of ways they can best use them. Some people might say that the climate change experts climatologist it was too FiOS about the warming of the planet because that's happening. Big parts of the world. Detroit now we have the same problem in the US and California drought. Australia they've had been. It is okay. My grandmother guy Karate Kid played up. Thank you up don't. The grand. I mean people. People. Immediately on. It is time right. This city and I think we division that. Hard as me. But there this. It's a spiritual. So. We use. An issue with the. Government. I have to. The city and come up next. Because the warnings. And day. I'm not. Now we have to because today in the not too. No it reduces Kaplan thanks in. It may eleventh Heidi in about me that this. Security. Look at that he's even penalty day. Healthy season Jeff in this. I suspect I cannot be living. Thanks. And Anderson it. I deserved it and so it live TV. We'll assess how much we need to do you. It's natural snappy. Come down a mountain. As I say you. The outlook ridiculous. That this three days and you don't know. Bennett and everything she's good to make what. And sound in the. He's cute and ended that's an unanswered. Men and Atlanta this. I can't let this alert citizen and exam again. I'm going to be getting hit your questions or need a stunning now they get he's being. I am come on grandma get felt coming out there that. She's had enough and wakes him up. We getting a lot of questions about why this time. That it will be turnout is because there's been massive drought and and we going to console just days but some of this idea about why they didn't plan benefited some basic quite simply. But exceptionally dry weather that was the reason gains and nevertheless is a pretty serious situation and they doing is cutting off people. Restricting how much woods watching it looks if you drink who'll take out. They're trying to get a massive that levels of consumption down. Cape Town for the moment around 550. Million. Leases can seem today that was in. Gallons Americans on incidently what was a brother who is. Clusters a gallon. I'm giving him points are going to violent we'll look at out. To give you some idea if you just think about that number 500000550. Minute amendment means getting down to 400. Hundred million need to date people need to company supplies and actually have the last few weeks. It's not really been looking. On a sixteen. Most of the savings come from farmers from agricultural. Along the downs in South Africa in fact as I'm being told here is its new appointees six school. Needs is in a gallon. So they react minute music. When everything starts blow job. 212 dollars and fifty days with his. Which is dated right to vote on anything yet twelve gallons a day is basically what people are now. If you think about it then use a law would welcome it states. It was a the issue is that seen any role that downs in this country. And private hands that's my files and downs. At some of the Beagle won there in the government hospitals many many of them point. Flawless and the ones have been planning. And they've been able to donate money. Sorry tonight wanted to Cape Town that me reaching its the city's front again. People. People I think it's mixed. Fifteen people and stay thinking. And these guys giving him away before police did you see it you can see an evil people of the select home. He's big he's become assistant. That consulate but what kind of these guys of Olympic. Those stories to try to take back. The State's some of the no one and it's easy video. Has both at this point. Like president in Maine that is today planned this disease. Underlying everyone we spoke in two days saying they're hoping it doesn't happen. If it does something like 75%. Of households across Cape Town topsy. How dry top. Million people a lot of people it was people like this that I think. We'll be covering it over the next few days cave in Cape Town keep watching on ABC news. Things equally as in years. Gentlemen and ABC news.

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{"id":52936322,"title":"Cape Town awaits 'Day Zero,' when the drought-plagued city runs out of water","duration":"14:54","description":"Lines form at natural spring streams as water shortage continues in South Africa.","url":"/International/video/cape-town-awaits-day-drought-plagued-city-runs-52936322","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}