Cardinal Leonardo Sandri: Papal Contender

The 69-year-old, who was born in Argentina to Italian parents, served as chief of staff in the Vatican.
1:26 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Leonardo Sandri: Papal Contender
Cardinal Leonardo Sandrine was born in Argentina. Age 69. But he's lived in a role since his twenties. Pope John Paul died it was -- who announced his death he knows drummer PC -- Our holy father has returned to the house -- the father -- and -- me feel like orphans this evening and Sandra was John Paul's substitute -- -- substitute. Chief of staff and a spokesman. Pope Benedict made him a cardinal in 2007. Sand creek is of Vatican insider with Latin American routes potentially -- winning combination. Politically savvy too few weeks ago he told Reuters that women deserve a bigger role in the church. So close to the conclave that's the church equivalent of the campaigns. He speaks five languages including English. He's seen as a manager -- a diplomat. He served in the holy -- embassy in the US during the first president -- while there he met another young priest father Timothy Dolan. Now powerful friend and -- But he has been seen by some as the candidate of the Vatican political machine. At least the faction of it led by the powerful former secretary of state Angeles Modano -- also the dean college of cardinals. Cardinal said Hendry is the consummate insider but technically. He could still claim to be the first Third World.

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{"id":18705486,"title":"Cardinal Leonardo Sandri: Papal Contender","duration":"1:26","description":"The 69-year-old, who was born in Argentina to Italian parents, served as chief of staff in the Vatican.","url":"/International/video/cardinal-leonardo-sandri-papal-contender-18705486","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}