Evacuees Return Home After Massive Earthquake in Chile

Six killed in the 8.2 quake that leveled homes, started fires, and trigged landslides.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Evacuees Return Home After Massive Earthquake in Chile
This is a special group. Chaos here -- street Achille -- -- here urging people to leave their homes. After the south American nation got a powerful jolt an eight point two earthquake that leveled homes sparked fires and forced thousands to evacuate. Hi everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in new York at least six people were killed by that earthquake. The rest of the nation and those returning home today now trying to begin picking up the pieces. ABC's Marcy Gonzales joining us live now with more on -- story Marcy -- time Michelle they are returning. Home starting to assess the damage. Already in the northern part of -- -- -- president has declared a state of emergency. The sirens and a shaky sending thousands of -- will panic last night. Eight point two magnitude earthquake striking off the coast of Sheila is forcing the evacuation of nearly a million people up and down the coast. He evacuation itself seemed to go very smoothly. Although authorities -- question what people. Evacuate on foot. The deadly earthquake triggered landslides and sparked fires as people ran for safety in supermarkets and in the streets several hundred inmates managed to escape from a women's prison. The quake struck miles beneath the ocean floor 86 miles off the northern port city of Erica. So powerful it walked buildings in neighboring Bolivia and where do bright kids were there sat in and pressing against the wall and you could fuel the wall -- as well as the floor it also set off a tsunami that pounded parts of Chile with six foot waves. Despite the vast wave activity resulting from the quake -- shown in this animation from bella. Experts are not predicting any majors -- nominees but there have already been more than two dozen aftershocks. In this region familiar with seismic activity some experts predict an eventual earthquake even stronger than the one Chileans are recovering from today. We expect about another eight point 88 point nine earthquake -- sometime in the future. Could be tomorrow could be in fifty years. And today military armed forces are deployed in she -- to try to prevent looting. And to try to track down those prisoners who escaped in the quake's aftermath. Michelle Marcy thank you very much get an idea what else we are hearing about the concerns there and chilly especially when it comes to the copper mines. Right there were concerns because this is the world's top area for four mining but. None of the -- for compromise were told that they are just fine and are fully operational today. Marcy thanks for that report will bring you the latest information on that as we get -- available you can also. Follow this story in real time by downloading the ABC news death and starring the story for exclusive updates on ago I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Six killed in the 8.2 quake that leveled homes, started fires, and trigged landslides.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23162120","title":"Evacuees Return Home After Massive Earthquake in Chile","url":"/International/video/chile-earthquake-evacuees-return-home-82-quake-killed-23162120"}