Church of Scientology cruise ship quarantined after measles case discovered onboard

The ship is now heading for Curacao after the measles scare in St. Lucia.
3:48 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for Church of Scientology cruise ship quarantined after measles case discovered onboard
Irate guys were moving on to the measles outbreak a church of Scientology's cruise ship. Was quarantined in Saint Lucia after one case of measles. Was confirmed when Boortz I wanna go to Victor Cain don't know much in Miami with more Victor. Kimberly all signs point of that ship heading to its home or on the island a pure self. The question now is how we'll cure cell response if and when that ship arrives. This morning after three days of quarantine hundreds of passengers on this cruise ship are now on the move in the Caribbean in the direction of the island of yourself the troops home port. After one confirmed case of measles was found on board the three wins cruise ship docked in Saint Lucia on Tuesday and held at port. No one was elected to some Bork. This decision to quarantine this (%expletive) It's in keeping it they have laws on citizenship. It's owned by the church or psychology and staff by the churches devout sea org members this. He's the freeways it's billed as a training center away from the crossroads of everyday life and as a place where lives are transformed. The 400 in forty foot vessel even hosting Scientology's most famous member Tom Cruise ports 42 birthday. But for passengers on board the boy it's likely not the type of get away they had money. Well talked Saint Lucia is department of health and wellness supplied 100 doses of the measles vaccine as passengers waited out. And for families on dry land here in the US the fear of contamination continues to spread as more than 700 cases of measles or confirmed in 22 states across the US. A lot of other. Things about it reasons it can be apps you can Pepsi shares he controls so much work your cute quiet here ignore other people are going out and I'll play you know being sick and that's part of the problem. If the ship continues on its current track it will likely or I think your cell at some point Saturday morning. Kimberly. Right thank you Victor and I want to stay with the story so let him bring in doctor Jan asked Dan. You know let's say you got vaccinated as a kid I think this is something that a lot of people are worried about if you got vaccinated as a kid do you need another one as an adult right now. It's there's so much confusion about yes and I actually was just down at the CDC headquarters spoke with the CDC director just a few days ago. He laid it all out for me OK here is the issue depends on your birth year. If you were born between 1957. And 1989 year in this gray zone. Okay that's when there were a couple of different vaccines out woman's less effective than the other. If you are a high risk person forgetting. Infected with the measles. Your health care worker at your immune compromised or you're traveling or living in one of the outbreak areas you should definitely talk to your health care provider about getting a dose of the current measles vaccine. Windows. 93% effective two doses 97%. Effective. And most people. Our age had to have two doses before going to school so most people are immune for life OK that's the most. Definitive information that I heard a part of the everyday fact of people have been asking about that yet so how do you contained in this outbreak I mean that the cases are rising by the day yup. And they will continue to rise and I have to say and I want to be clear with this and it's not good news on the CDC director told me he is not he will not be surprised if we eventually see a death because the death rate from measles. Tends to be one to two out of every 1000 cases and we are approaching a thousand cases this is one of the most contagious virus is in the world. And how do you contain an outbreak you vaccinated population. The vaccine is safe the vaccine doesn't kill people measles can what's dangerous is the measles virus so. That is the key to containing this outbreak yes of people have to get the vaccines 100%.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The ship is now heading for Curacao after the measles scare in St. Lucia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62806508","title":"Church of Scientology cruise ship quarantined after measles case discovered onboard","url":"/International/video/church-scientology-cruise-ship-quarantined-measles-case-discovered-62806508"}