Civilians escape last ISIS-held pockets in Syria

The U.S. says it will keep 200 troops in Syria for now.
4:25 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Civilians escape last ISIS-held pockets in Syria
A move we not now just about two months after declaring a quick end total withdrawal of all US forces from Syria. President trump has changed course in fact the White House said yesterday that around 200 American soldiers will remain in Syria for an extended period of time. Our James long man has been in Syria for the past twelve days reporting some pretty incredible reporting in fact in James joins us now James. How significant is this news from the White House that Americans will be seen there. Hi Devin yeah I think we have to see this announcement mole as a political move than a minute she won. It came off their conversation Donald Trump pod with president under one of Turkey and I think it's critical for two reasons. You know 200 troops what can really achieve militarily they I hate to keep the peace. I'm I'm at this you a shoulder tucks that the cuts to a hail really have been empowered in that fight against. The so called Islamic state. On that that this on the somehow that how is going to be limited by this this US tool. And sorry this US troop. The these US troops are okay in in Syria and that also and it's it's it's in a way. It's serious it's a show the cuts that the tugs on not somehow he's about to attack because as a lot of sense that united. The troops US troops to leave that cuts are gonna somehow be abandoned. I'm that if US troops to go about the United States that the types of coming here we knighted or ministry assets. Just not very far from our I am now on the border between Turkey and Syria and the kinds of very worried that the tax. Gonna move in Steris on to school this peacekeeping. Force and nothing else will be of the a peacekeeping force between the tax and the cuts and also possibly. Two outs have to kind of get the brits and the French on board. By then coming coming up with that with the with some troops to kind of -- enough force. In Homs Syria tomorrow incredible turn for the president nonetheless James we've been sort of wowed by your reporting this week over there are no you've. Then to Syria many times are four or fax studied in Syria one point bring us behind the scenes we've seen some of that your pictures on social but what an adventure it has been for you harrowing and at times this past week. Yeah I mean I think you're gonna say as kind of life threatening camping trip in some way that's kind of how I described it you know we had to kind of stock up on. On supplies in Iraqi driver over the border between Iraq and Syria takes kind of 56 hours to go ever written you Neil kinds of permits to get paid. And then basically all time has been crisscrossing kind of northeast in Syria to guys who ruled the kind of flash points. And one particular route that we have to take with down to the Al mall. Oil fields whacked the Kurdish and American base is. And are located announcement right on the edge of the front line to the fight for rice's and that really the conditions are disgusting you know you off. Sleeping in in the incumbent down. Wet conditions but you kind of wave. Other news organizations of the collegiate sense CNN helped us. A dusty is that soft lights at one point site rule kind of mocking and together but then yes that they sleep deprived of them lost twelve days. That pain and quickly before we let you go we saw the picture of the flat tire you had there tell us tell us about that moment understand that was a particularly scary. He well we were you go on convoy outs of that count into. To try to get closer today to the towns and of being liberate saves. Final mile way that tire flat flat it we will have to stall we get out actually had only stop being the front line a few weeks previously. Areas near that how many just been -- mines that we weren't wondering too far away and underneath and a few. A few moments later when we are back in the convoy were we stopped again because. STF. Convoy escort to a win gospel taped. I space flights is on their bikes in on the horizon. And we know that these guys straps but belts themselves and they drive towards anything they can see united is that how about how they kind of mount attacks that we will stopped and waited see if these bikes are coming towards us. As DF vehicles drove off in the distance Aminu was quite far away W bush showed that they well ices bikes they. Back got to give you a sense that you know we talk about this is being the defeat of the Kalla faith and not might happen but. There's a lot of these guys out about and we have to be very careful way we move around because Merrill to save target as well. Our James Longman live force in Syria James thanks so much for your reporting stay safe out there appreciate you very much.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The U.S. says it will keep 200 troops in Syria for now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61241889","title":"Civilians escape last ISIS-held pockets in Syria","url":"/International/video/civilians-escape-isis-held-pockets-syria-61241889"}