A close look at the U.S.-Mexico border on the Pacific coast

Barbed wire was added to the top of the border fence dividing Mexico and the U.S.
3:25 | 11/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A close look at the U.S.-Mexico border on the Pacific coast
We're going to begin within ABC news exclusive are sit down interview with president trumps eldest daughter. If bunker trump who's spoken ABC's Deborah Roberts and she talked to her in Idaho about a number of things but. Chief among them what's happening at the US southern border with Mexico and what if pockets from thinks of those heartbreaking images. From tear gassed women at the border. There are some very shocking images coming across these days at the border. X gassing families children. How have you responded to those images. I think like any other person with a heart it's. Devastating to CD images and and seeing children put at risk. Running towards the border. Is. Heartbreak it there's no water there's no other way to process. It also makes me angry he makes me angry that we haven't been able to come together as a nation and change our laws. Your father has authorized lethal force he says if necessary. Does that concern you. I a don't believe that that's. What he said that his primary role as commander in chief has obviously to protect the nation's borders gas to protect our country security. That I don't. Lethal force in this case would. Do it that is. I think something that anyone's talking about. In fact president trump has talked about using lethal force if necessary at the border let's take you there now. With ABC's Serena proved as these migrants are now camp for -- on the doorstep of the United States. Thank you parents yesterday we did see families together acting camp mothers with their children and kids are playing. We've toy cars this soccer ball they never offensive happiness and hot activity from the kids and families at camp which is why we want to bring you here in the west and other. The border wall which have a different feeling just a couple miles away from them my during tent city. And here is colorful the metal bars are covered in a positive message is hope. Full message and I just wanted to bring you over here because. If you look over there a major USC you know it just over the border we can he hear from Tijuana. There Mike are so close to the US but here they have added barbed wire onto the wall by the water is not here couple a couple weeks ago they just added it. For the care of and again this looks like eight people see that it is heavily guarded over here we see. Infra red cameras up there there is just helicopters patrolling the area with infrared sensors. On the other side of the law there where Border Patrol cars are still are a couple there this area is heavily guarded and we are just. A couple miles away from the migrants and they are again so close to the US but as Lehman yesterday from Border Patrol they're thinking month. Maybe more before being looked at island in the UN. Animated striking to see such a bucolic scene in the rolling waves behind you and how far out does that wall extended and it's not like these migrants could to swim around. No I mean. They could try but again an area is heavily controlled at all times and it is a clear view here so it. Again swimming across that may look easy but it is definitely not. Striking from the border agencies from new food our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Barbed wire was added to the top of the border fence dividing Mexico and the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59471677","title":"A close look at the U.S.-Mexico border on the Pacific coast","url":"/International/video/close-us-mexico-border-pacific-coast-59471677"}