Commemorating 75 years since D-Day

Donald Trump and other world leaders gather to remember the landings in Normandy.
3:22 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Commemorating 75 years since D-Day
And we're starting overseas president trump is in Normandy celebrating the 75 anniversary of who bravely fought against the Nazis to give birth to a peaceful Europe's I wanna go to Jordan Phelps. Who is live on the ground there in France. Jordan can you just give us an idea of what this morning ceremony was like. Hey Kimberly it wasn't really somber and moving ceremony here in Normandy. The president and the French president to Manny on Mac Ron. Coming together to offered these really heartfelt tributes to those men Hugh. Brain to the beach is behind me running against enemy fire to try and free France from the Nazi hold. And they it. Both were honoring the men Gil many of whom are final rest behind me some 9000 Americans like to final rest here. As well is over sixty still living veterans who were with fast today. Both president offering their thanks directly to those men. And after that after those things were getting in the two leaders took to the shore. Where they had a moment of silence looking out over the water and then there was a grand air show. In the sky military jets streaking red white and blue in the sky above. So it was really an elaborate in moving ceremony here Kimberly and really focused. On honoring those man and what they did having five years ago in why it's still matters very much today. He and I think we have some sound from the ceremony this morning if we can just take a quick. Look. They were young men. With their entire lives before them. They were husbands who said good bye a two they young brides and took their duty. As their fate. They were fathers who would never meet their infant sons and daughters. Because they had a job to do. And with a god as their witness. They were going to get it done. They came wave after wave. Where that question. Without hesitation. And without complaint. So Jordan I'm just curious obviously that was footage from the ceremony but had he gotten a sense of what the general mood. In France is on this day. Yeah absolutely can really the nude really is of gratitude. I and you really saw that with French president Emanuel Mac run he made a point during his remarks. Thanking those who spot here he turned around and directly looked at those veterans who are sitting on stage behind him and set on behalf of my country. Thank you. He then offered I've made nation's highest military award. To about five of those back trends so the French people really pulling out all the stops here to show that they very much appreciate. The American contribution in of course this cemetery is an ongoing. Example of that at French families. I sponsored different great sites here and they take care of them as if their own and that really speaks to just how seriously the French people take this ongoing. Thanks to the American people in the other countries that came to their aid during that critical time in World War II. All right Jordan shelves right there in France thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Donald Trump and other world leaders gather to remember the landings in Normandy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63532200","title":"Commemorating 75 years since D-Day","url":"/International/video/commemorating-75-years-day-63532200"}