New COVID-19 variant discovered in UK

The United Kingdom has discovered another coronavirus variant, as Oxford/Astrazeneca submits its COVID-19 vaccine for approval.
2:38 | 12/24/20

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Transcript for New COVID-19 variant discovered in UK
And yet another variant to cove in nineteen has been detected in the UK. This week station was originally identified earlier this month in South Africa now the key UK is shutting down travel from South Africa. Leaders of countries around the world are trying to stay ahead of this new highly transmissible variant. Maggie really joins us from London with the latest on that Maggie good morning it seems like the hits just keep on coming what do we know. About this new mutation. Well Danzig a point as a not the news anyone wanted the day before Christmas but this isn't new mutations of scientists caution that they're so a lot of more research that need to be done a lot of things need to learn about it but. It's C has enough that officials here in the UK quickly. Came out calling it so many were extremely concerned about that is one we're talking about the happened yesterday at the very good believe that originated in South Africa they say they are to get. At least two pieces here in the U painting believed. That it spreads more quickly that's what they're so worried about they think it could've a been behind actor in my attic. Rising cases that we saw in South Africa as well so something had definitely you are ion deathly they're concerned about and I and a decent hits keep coming to visit. The second new variant of the UK government has announced just this week earlier if you remember. There was another very we believe it originated here in the UK that one they also think is more contagious and that's two and one week a potentially more contagious strain that. Definitely has people on edge here in the city. Throughout the world countries scrambling to keep up closing their borders and did I do want to note that again people are still studying this right now it doesn't appear that these new strains are more deadly and also major vaccine makers like Pfizer for -- say while they're studying the variant the do not think it's going to change. The vaccines effectiveness so a little a little bit of good news for trying to hang on today. And we have a little more. Good news to lay in the UK with AstraZeneca has submitting its covad vaccine. For approval what's the timeline on that. And then even waiting for this Monday just submitted for approval here in the UK and if they going to submit for approval in the US in the new year as well so. Hopefully soon we'll have another vaccine in this fight and the real news about this one from. Oxford AstraZeneca Dan is that unlike find there in the Darren I don't need that ultra cold storage so many people say. This could be a game changer you'll hundreds of millions of doses of the second of Ari and ordered around the brother holding it needs to remote a world developing nations as well over rural areas in the US so a lot of eyes -- on this vaccine again hopefully in the new year for everyone in the state deal. Have that approval coming through Sunday and I think we're all desperately waiting for Diane absolutely Maggie ruling in London we'll take that Christmas gift thanks Maggie.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"The United Kingdom has discovered another coronavirus variant, as Oxford/Astrazeneca submits its COVID-19 vaccine for approval.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74900023","title":"New COVID-19 variant discovered in UK","url":"/International/video/covid-19-variant-discovered-uk-74900023"}