Crews working to pump water out of cave in Thailand

ABC News' Joohee Cho tours the village outside of the cave where a soccer team is trapped.
5:39 | 07/05/18

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Transcript for Crews working to pump water out of cave in Thailand
I'm Judy telling northern Thailand you're watching it. Right behind me it's good that came ribbons tied. Yeah. And this at a makeshift bandage. That has sprung. In the past couple of days right here is the medical tents. And nurses and doctors standing. Case you believe them now. Visit our ABC news sports they say he's been calling. Having their lunch. And right here fifth. And ambulances are seeing you. Keeping and I. Any new news coming up and the government and about the rescue efforts. And starting from here. You see thousands. And thousands of best few workers. And also volunteers. Helping helps the operation. And this is the food Alley. These trucks. This part is from the king of Thailand's. Boylston. Larry they had donated didn't. And also. Written this way this though federal. We feel like they have here. In the makeshift tents. And it you can see it we have volunteer endless series. Strain the budgets. I'm here. Is via. Volunteer organization the headquarters. And on the other side and this tent right here. This the supply tents. You can just grab anything you need. All for free mosquito repellents so. Who loves. And we see another house here this is where they parents. And boys are staying. They're keeping the media away. From the families. The moment and so we've been. Told. Not to get close to any of the families are taught to. And if you can see here. There is such talent her cellular tower. Tower. That the government had bill. And this helps as journalists to send a video Chester video. And also. Of course but the Whiteside and they're trying to also lay a fiber optic in and it lying. Into the case all the way to the boys so that they communicate with the parents. They tried it on Tuesday they failed they try to get yesterday and we haven't heard whether. The heat it had not. I'm this. He's had to rescue work this diapers. And in the next ten. Here. The Thai Navy SEALs. The men in their insurance there's any details. There team has been crucial in this operation. They have been spending their divers. Soon the boys. Every day. In that. It takes about. Eleven hours round campers skilled diver to reach the boys from. Came back home are in day. We are now back. The game. I want. I'm. Water back aches and added that case. They'd be there best option right now and those. Arranged it. I think the case before they were able to pump out water. It's less than an inch a day but now it they're pumping out water almost every hour listen to every hour. But they had built Stalin again they inside this mountain. So they could divert water stream. Hey. Now what you seen but it means right there. This where that water is coming is being pumped out. And it Wednesday. That the island can and get very. Work outs they won't be able to. How about. About funny inches. From water that means lowering the water level by twenty inches. An hour so that means. If that weren't the boys that we eat meat on pizza man on. Earth but. I'm TV show free food in time.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"ABC News' Joohee Cho tours the village outside of the cave where a soccer team is trapped.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56391513","title":"Crews working to pump water out of cave in Thailand","url":"/International/video/crews-working-pump-water-cave-thailand-56391513"}