Crisis in Puerto Rico

Plus, Across the Pond: Conjoined twins separated, Mona Lisa on the move, and was Notre Dame fire worse than first thought?
7:34 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Crisis in Puerto Rico
I'm major protest is planned today for governor there isn't. The fight of his political life and says he's staying an office no matter what he's facing pressure to resign because of a scandal over what he's sad. And an online chat ABC's Bratton Okie has details. Hey guys out wins are normal the seas are calm but right now in Puerto Rico there was a political storm brewing that goes all the way back to hurricane Maria. Over the last few nights we've seen protesters gathering demanding their governor Rick Carter was say he'll step down. It won't put things turned violent tear gas was fired all part of what is being called telegram gate. ABC's Josh lawyers has been covering the fallout from those hurricanes since they hit the island. And he says they don't dislike Puerto Rico's Watergate is that big and that emotionally charged. We're seeing a government trying to hold on to whatever political capital they have to remain in power. Nonprofit journalism group on the island got their hands on 900 pages. Depriving encrypted text message change between the governor and the number of officials. Cabinet members and they dumped it. From the governor to governor presario and all his advisors and cabinet members. And the messages that all can now paint a picture of the government and these officials who were trying to change public perception towards news coverage to doing whatever they could to discredit journalist it was sexist misogynist homophobic comments and criticizing opposition leaders who were asking for transparency in the process in the B years after hurricane Maria. And governor Rick Carter were Seau has fired several underlings but critics are saying. That's not enough they want he Emma. Gone and later to date we are expecting to see perhaps the biggest protest of this entire ordeal we'll have more on this bizarre back story on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or if ever podcasting app Jeanette Kenneth. Our thanks to Brad there. Let's go across the pond now to ABC news as London bureau we're doing McFarland is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. And Julie we're learning just how close the notre dumped at the eagle came to collapsing and that massive fire. Tenet says this is such an interesting feature is an exclusive from the New York Times he'd been. Digging into this story and they've been piecing together the timeline. All the events of what happened that night. In April and of course there is this investigation that is getting under way and that parts authorities are looking into exactly what happened that led to this. A fire and some new. Dots basically say that a serious miscommunication. On additional delays is what allowed the fire to spread. And they basically say the reason McCain too is still signing is just because of the massive past mill and enormous safety and security risks taken. By the finest this now what happens four minutes off to the fest alarm went the new times reports. That the gods went to the wrong that building he went to acted in this Christie knots the forest of the name whether fire had originated. On instead of courting the flag the fire department he put his boss and couldn't reach him now in the fast few minutes of this five days divisive really really critical. And was imagining is that it's this historic monument came so close to being completely. Collapsing in that devastating fire. That's incredible announce those images are still just really Syrian in my mind there. On an up at what the restoration effort do we know the latest on that. Attending we've gotten warmer an update on the rest on the restoration effort remember that president monument cones says that he wants to see it completely rebuilt within five B is. Now close thought was a really ambitious common a lot of people said that's how it's going to be that's a very very steep. Pledged to make but of course is so much goodwill. Behind this app but Barry is millions. A dull as being poured in by private then is a lot of prisons on French people I'm people around the world to enjoy the beauty of this majestic building ready want to try to make that happen. Right you're right about that and we got some good news is morning about some conjoined twins we understand. Hours after Aaron fifty hours but during the operation their surgery and it took a lot a lot of manpower. Senate it is a joy to bring you such a positive story this morning. Trio Vermont two two euros conjoined twins from pockets on soft spot and mile walk. They have been successfully separated these two goes. Joins by that crane inspired us Goss had never seen each other have never seen each other's faces before they were born by caesarean section. That father died shortly off today. That month had given bus. Now they have been taken to London to the great Ormond street Children's Hospital it's a well as. Leading a pioneering a hospital. And in this kind of surgery. It took them at three different surgeries. Fifty hours and take till a hundred stock interior may have some kind of gritty ground breaking tech was involved. But they used to be our virtual reality to create a two recreates. Twins' skulls say that this surgeons could practice. But it was a Skiles on the blood vessels were refused I mean the skill. Of all of bed that the difficulty in in and the complexity of the sentry. This is mine while they males say it used 3-D printing to help rebuild. That skulls there a couple of complications in this century. One of the twins had a blood clot the others. Heart rate drops I'm how to strike bought the twins have been successfully. Separated and then you guys come began so I really really great. Happy story for for us to bring you this morning that is really great I love that story. And apparently the model lease it's on the move. Story for the Husain and fourteen year is Lillian they've had been she's wilds. Famous Mossad he's the man at least that is being native outs of the room where it's house for the first time in fourteen years that's because they really need to renovate. The agreement and that the operations amazing it is really quite extraordinary. What is committed to about the story is the fragility of this mosques apiece it is a very small painting and they've had to hide. The chance of seeing it in the Lisbon Paris it's much smaller than you can imagine on his behind this sort of bullet proof glass case saying. You're not release a pace to take flash photography because they're trying to. Because how as of this Massachusetts senate delicate it's on as a result nests more poplar wood panel. I'm into the new stuff they actually. Creates its replicas. All of the paintings that stopped could practice moving its. Safely. His disquiet. Scary to make how how fragile this has given the cult cultural sort of impact that this iconic. Must appease how to spot hit three. I you have renovating the grim means it's going to be while that Thompson's he has come. You know even after they're renovating it on all of this work for the Mona Lisa just move mirrors. Not very far I'm pretty sure she's gonna have that's my eyes on her face but this is why it's my a customized. But I they've been a very iconic one. I do what I came that came to mind as Monday when I had that they would meet again I just keep thinking of like Asians eleven and thinking how prevalent the Thomas kind of fat I want anyone's gonna try their luck and. Pull off a heist Obama is as we will see about that I'm pretty sure you'll be there to cover for us across the 500 hey we're all smiles see you this morning Julie thank you so much. It's our.

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