Croatia businesses embrace tourism

As tourism increases in Croatia, one restaurant owner says he is grateful for increased business from American tourists
3:36 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for Croatia businesses embrace tourism
Authority here now we're UK prime minister Boris Johnson is warning of a second wave of -- nineteen the WHO says young people could be driving a spike in European cases. And some governments now say they could re impose more restrictions that keep in mind Europe is also preparing for its late summer holiday were basically the whole continent goes on vacation. ABC's foreign correspondent Maggie really is in the popular tourist destination of Dubrovnik Croatia. With more Maggie. Croatia right now is not only welcoming fellow Europeans but basically anybody who wants to visit including Americans were banned elsewhere. We know you talk to tourists who are excited and taking advantage of that ability but how are the locals reacting to this open door policy. Now that you mention the entire continent going on vacation you can probably see behind even at the beach it's a pretty full beats people are really out here in full force and Gil knows locals we talked to say they. It knowledge the risk of welcoming so many tourists like this but. And the vast majority tell us that along that race is well managed they're welcoming the tourist a fitting needed tourism. Is such a huge industry here in Croatia and it's so important to the city of Dubrovnik be just what would met with the mayor of the city this morning and he told us that. At least one member of every family is involved in tourism and accept about 80% of the city's economy so. I think this even just. One season it could be debilitating let's like of the mayor says he's really pushing for this. Even slight opening is hoping to get the tourism numbers at least up 30% he thinks that that should help people survive but. Diane some of the restaurant owner to talk to say they're already feeling the impact we met with one local restaurant owner in old city behind me and he told me that some of its friends in the industry have already had to shut down their restaurants they are really feeling the impact. Of his lack of tourism and for him he says he welcomes the tourist thing especially welcomes Americans. In. In my view the restaurant is basically. 90% of Intercontinental passengers basically America it's New Zealand Australia. That the majority of both of my guests leave a great thing for their flights to come back to the ground there was a big. Deal put us up. And then mid July the flights us target anything if more frequent. Solo home is getting busier and Holland finger on the have. You of the Americans are back at. At thank god we have the American sees that we've heard that from a lot of shop owners here the mayor also made the point to say right now he's welcoming Americans I he feels like this city is prepared you know he says the city has been preparing they'll keep watching those levels that they see any spikes but right now though it is an open door and he's welcoming tourists from America. And Maggie I know it's not just everybody come in there are no rules in place you've already walked us through that people have to meet a number of check list including a negative. Kobe test but. Scott forbid this goes wrong and there is a surge in case is what's the plan if that happens. And dance a really good question and the mayor this morning told us that they do have a plan first and foremost he says Cree shut worked fast they locked down quickly they never had a huge surge like other countries. And he says that they views that time to prepare him obviously they're watching those cases and he also made a point to say. And given day the going to listen to the medical professionals. And he said that if they start recommending things like curbing tourism they will do that so they're prepared to reverse this decision but. At right now he seems confident they won't have to do that but again vanda to sort of a test case. An open borders and only time will tell him and the world is watching let's hope it's a success story Maggie thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"As tourism increases in Croatia, one restaurant owner says he is grateful for increased business from American tourists","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72053188","title":"Croatia businesses embrace tourism","url":"/International/video/croatia-businesses-embrace-tourism-72053188"}