Cuban diplomat sits down exclusively with ABC

Josefina Vidal, Cuban diplomat leading normalization talks to ABC News exclusively.
3:26 | 02/28/15

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Transcript for Cuban diplomat sits down exclusively with ABC
And as you do this the United States. Can and from the president on down in the State Department when they talk about why. Their interest in and normalizing relationships with the United States the motive for the United States still seems to be. To affect change in Cuba. Two. Asked Cuba to allow more freedoms for its people to open up economically. And in fact to address and human rights issues. Does that is that sting when they say that every time we Beatty. That no moderate. And if for instance we have we know that we have got phone deep V Francies. On certain patients not on others because we share. He's doing we share some ideas that we share caused her. After a distance between Cuba and the United States at what we believe is that even with those are different sees. We are able we we think that we can feel. Colleagues he stands. It is seeking nice relationship between the United States where we can respect each other's defense he's at this time. Where to get there on shares of common interests between Cuba and the United States passed neighbor's ass here. Couple questions about this these very difficult negotiations that are going on now. There couple sticking points as I understand that for Cuba. The first one being human being on the terrorism list. Group sponsoring terrorism. And let me just ask you directly this Cuba sponsored terrorism. Not know. I'm. People are indeed beat Kennedy timing of the young lives that Cuba has been. Included in a case of so called State's response to its absence and I 88. He has always been partly because this is not an association based on premiums pacts. The cost it's a fact of life and the US government knows about that that that candidate party of Cuba. K charities and has never been ordered a nice finance. Or executed. In campaign 088 Haney country ego or including the United States. So there's a practical reason also that Cuba is so insistent on being removed the terrorist list besides the fact that it's. It's insulting pick who wants and that is that as long as you're a terrorist list you can't get banking here in the United States pretty difficult to open up an embassy. He has the State Department. Move forward in any way. To ask banks to cooperate with Cuba. Even though there on the terrorist list at this point. What we now wecht told yesterday east that they have been working very hard. I'm talking to these banks not only and they can banks but also point banks to tied to C east there can be a service. In days in the following their next few few weeks we hope. There is a solution because we tell them that the situation east data difficult to maintain. It would be almost impossible to open I raided our non lacked embassy in Washington Cuban embassy without packed.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Josefina Vidal, Cuban diplomat leading normalization talks to ABC News exclusively. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"29301171","title":"Cuban diplomat sits down exclusively with ABC","url":"/International/video/cuban-diplomat-sits-exclusively-abc-29301171"}