Cuban government launches 3G service

Cuban citizens will now have internet access on their cellphones.
1:08 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for Cuban government launches 3G service
And that's Obama here in Havana Cuba where Cubans are welcoming the news that they can now use are so opposed to log in to the Internet how to walk with me because I'm gonna show you something here this is. A Wi-Fi zone this is what Cuba's upwards of those point. Used to used to log in to the Internet they're more than 12100 of these throughout the country. And Cubans pay one dollar per hour to login now starting Thursday Cubans will be able to add three G service to the phone meeting. You won't have to come to these Wi-Fi spots connect you'll be able to do so from most places on the island the Cuban government says they're ready Whitmore radio towers they claim will bring. Three G service to 66%. Of the population but Cuba Sami they're skeptical for two reasons testing of the service back in August was trouble some. And the price for the new service they say is too high the most expensive package is thirty dollars for Ford gigs of data. Thirty dollars is what the average Cuban makes a month. By the way freedom house says Cuba remains one of the least connected societies in the weld but some folks say this is a step. In the right direction and that's about life in to buy and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"1:08","description":"Cuban citizens will now have internet access on their cellphones. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59652701","title":"Cuban government launches 3G service ","url":"/International/video/cuban-government-launches-3g-service-59652701"}