This day in history: March 29, 2010

Female suicide bombers rip apart packed subways in Moscow.
2:00 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for This day in history: March 29, 2010
Some way terrorism on trains hurtling through the center of the city under Red Square. Two female suicide bomber set off separate bombs killing at least 38 people. Moscow is second only to Tokyo in subway traffic New York is fourth at ABC's Alex mark court. Is on the scene in Moscow tonight. As smoke fills the subway tunnel throngs of rush hour commuters struggled to escape. Medics rushed to treat the wounded. Traffic clogging the city helicopters had to ferry the injured to hospitals. At 756. The first blast under the headquarters of the Russian security forces. A female suicide attacker exploded a vest filled with a wire and steel bolts killing 25 passengers in the car and on the platform. Witnesses described panic calling it cash not a nightmare. Forty minutes later at another stop a second woman bomber detonated as the train doors opened. I just finished my shift and and was going highs in the end as soon as I go pop steady. I had the knot things up past his soul a young woman committed the blood and death tolls on I started realizing that on Hudson on myself. The women bombers are suspected to be from the north Caucasus a region where Islamic militants are waging a war for a separate Muslim state. Women from that region known as black widows have attacked Russian targets before to avenge the deaths of loved ones. Amazingly by late afternoon Moscow as entire subway system was back up and running people headed home past remnants of the day's carnage. Small memorials to the dead. Tonight no signs of the chaos and carnage seen earlier passengers heading for trains here behind me. A attention now turns to finding. As president Medvedev called them the peace responsible for these attacks.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Female suicide bombers rip apart packed subways in Moscow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61513943","title":"This day in history: March 29, 2010","url":"/International/video/day-history-march-29-2010-61513943"}