This day in history: Oct. 10, 1981

Anwar Sadat's funeral service held in Cairo.
4:41 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for This day in history: Oct. 10, 1981
No surprise gunshots are riots or mishaps. But the thing security that enable dozens of world leaders to mourn safely for their fallen colleague. Also made it possible for a man who focused on the future to be buried in an ancient ritual. We have two reports tonight first bill Blakemore. Early this morning in the Cairo suburb not far from denial the funeral ceremony for Anwar Sadat begin. As an ambulance bearing his casket craft a short distance from the military hospital where he was taken in the futile effort to save his life on Tuesday. To a nearby mosque. The dog only done 44 year old Kamal. His two Brothers and three sons in law to let the mourners in the mosque all of whom were men in accordance with Muslim tradition. OK. Yeah. Go public displays of grief for president but dot have been noticeably lacking. There were individuals and small groups of people today close enough to the well guarded ceremonial. To be moved at the passing. No hysterical counting millions to see the casket through the streets of downtown Cairo for Saddam. And there were eleven years ago when Egyptian president Nasser died. The slain president body today was flown by helicopter. Another cover for the final. The Cairo street the scene on the way to the final ceremony by the guests. Who in all numbered about 300 Egyptian and foreign dignitaries along with 500 journalists from around the world were quiet some of them empty. Security entering the military parade ground funeral site for the assassination occurred four days ago he was layers deep. No public permitted anywhere near it. The final focus of the ceremony was to be the towering pyramid shaped tomb of Egypt's unknown soldier. But president Sadat will be laid in a temporary crypt removed eventually to a permanent resting place in a mausoleum built for him 200 yards away. On the spot at the front of the reviewing stand where he was gunned down. And where the first to arrive today we're misses him on the daughter her three daughters. The wives of the late Shah of Iran and the president of the sedan. And a party of close friends. The traditional military honors its flag draped coffin was loaded onto a gun carriage drawn by six horses. And then the extraordinary cluster of world leaders which have been kept so protected but was moved as one group. They're individual personalities melding briefly together for the show of unity. Into position for the half mile walk down the parade route but it soon. There together pondering on the court the doctor had belonged to. So close together we can hardly make them out we're leaders from America Britain Germany France and Italy delegate from somebody even. From Arab. Somalia and a walk to honor the men would make me. Possibly for security reasons. The three former American president defended British prime minister bacon walk the second group behind. The main body of foreign dignitaries. Tightly hedged in by their bodyguard. They all gathered on the reviewing stand where the killing had happened many aware that their lives as world leaders were often similarly threatened. One by one the delegation filed off the pay private condolences to mrs. Sadat and her party. Before each left and the extraordinary security problem of so many world leaders in one place began to disperse. It's a traditionalist Muslim funerals often for only the family party to be present at the last moment. It's common that many funeral at the last moment are often overwhelming for those most personally. From islam's holy Koran the Muslim preacher sang remember that god created you and god will call you back to him. Anwar Sadat died a controversial leaders in Egypt and in the Arab world he had asked his people to make peace with an old enemy. And then he put. Over his whom he got the epitaph he had wanted. President Anwar Sadat hero of war and peace. Who died for his principles. Bill Blakemore ABC news Cairo.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Anwar Sadat's funeral service held in Cairo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58313936","title":"This day in history: Oct. 10, 1981","url":"/International/video/day-history-oct-10-1981-58313936"}