Death toll rises in Southeast Africa after devastating cyclone

Hundreds dead, thousands rescued and hundreds of thousands at risk as dramatic rescues continue.
2:07 | 03/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Death toll rises in Southeast Africa after devastating cyclone
The search continues for thousands of people. That were killed in some people miss seeing in this deadly cyclone that are ripped through Southern Africa last week. Just let that register thousands of people are still missing and already hundreds of people have been killed. It's being called the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history. So we have Ian panel on the ground in Maputo Mozambique with a closer look Ian. Hey Kimberly. Mozambique is in the grip of its biggest humanitarian disaster in almost twenty years is huge cyclone which is a local equivalent of the hurricane. Came to carrying through the central parts of the country. Hazing the port city of Barre. And then moving inland. Devastating parts of Mozambique then into Zimbabwe and also in neighboring and allow a up to one point seven million people a potentially affected. Hundreds of thousands of Tulsa homes we hearing release hundreds of people have been killed the bear the president here in Mozambique. Is that number could go over a thousand vehicles have been good did a moment is that you finding out the scale of what it's his people are having to deal with. Because many of these areas as so heavily flooded. There was a dam that burst on the back of this cyclone that that unable to reach these areas just to see how many people being killed. How many people are still stranded and we're seeing some really a terrible images of people. Grasping on to little bits of brush climbing a bold onto the top of trees just in order to be able to survive hoping. That some kind of help some kind of rescue effort is underway the big eight agents is a World Food Program the UN. Medicine some from Jadox is leveled as a rule desperately trying to guess they didn't but of course the country's ability to have to follow last say down to the people who need it most. Israeli limits its. Be good desperate for food for fuel and of cold medicines are real fears of waterborne diseases that could spread like color of for example. So the state average resume he really getting underway and although the winds have now subsided the flood waters a continuing to rise. And there is a real sense hit that would now in a race against time.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Hundreds dead, thousands rescued and hundreds of thousands at risk as dramatic rescues continue. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61839850","title":"Death toll rises in Southeast Africa after devastating cyclone","url":"/International/video/death-toll-rises-southeast-africa-devastating-cyclone-61839850"}