The Debrief: Unrest in Hong Kong, new migrant detention rule and more

Riot police in Hong Kong respond to upheaval at MTR station, Trump softens stance on new gun control measures and officials draft an emergency plan for expected big crowds at Area 51 next month.
23:11 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for The Debrief: Unrest in Hong Kong, new migrant detention rule and more
And we begin in Hong Kong where things are escalating today. As you know for the last eleven weeks hundreds of thousands of pro democracy protesters. Have been in the streets of marching for their autonomy sometimes peaceful sometimes violent an hour in panel is on the ground now with the latest Ian. Yeah kind of activity we're union long train stations is about what department product. Outside the central Hong Kong heading toward the Chinese will yesterday that you. You think this line of police want to look through more police now thoughts and come. Down the road finally be getting hit and scandal that we solely roots and I'm very dramatic pictures. This evening what began as the people stated. The station without ending to a thousand protested. Peacefully calmly wanna interrupting the flow of passengers. The states and then started to rescue like. Some of the protesters went down to the Coleman that weather polices they. And sets up a parent now we believe will launch of being dangled it that there is a vintage beyond that wealthy. We believe we hope to him some parents. And for the very things they did a month ago today and assaulting. But the protested. I don't. Basically felt that it came here today to commemorate the fact that that's a. Happened. A movie that that the protest that looked very very ugly and violent of intensely volatile one point. This is that look inside that unfortunately there's a lot of noise going on because of fire emblem is still ringing best companies and he lives just juvenile accidental. Apply so that she unraveled this violence. What's on the whole Aegean that. To basically stole what police are on the other slide from coming here you can see the umbrellas that the police used its deadly certainly. A separate occasions that plunged and the case of the one just back perhaps it's just so he couldn't wait noise of the so what happened was a riot police officers. Come and Hugh doesn't help them. The protestors again a couple of dozen or so we're in this ten scandal that appointing laser pointers into the eyes of the police. The police and town with christening this race incumbent protestors and carry out a breath of justice that it which has been peaceful there is no reason for this to happen. There's been a key slogan used by the protesters' route which he's been like war to this is a phrase that comes from the content through miles of routes today. What is essentially means is that you be strong when you come together. When the time comes to distance that's exactly what we school when we arrived here and look at it now. It's like the scene of complete BM the nothing to see traffic return to normal train station reopened on a guarantee we're gonna see more protests tomorrow and in the coming days. Can. Thank you in for the updates and it now we turn to Washington and where presidents from spoke on the White House South Lawn when his way to Louisville to day on a number of topics. Including gun control legislation a major issue amen in the discussion again after a spate of mass shootings including El Paso Tex is. In Dayton Ohio an after the shootings. The president seemed keen on tougher background checks saying the country needed them I want to bring in Jordan Phelps at the White House to discuss this jordin. Why is the change now before he said we needed them and now he's saying no universal background checks. Kimberly today the president this at his position hasn't changed at all on background facts. But hey he laid out it hasn't facts altered from a two week ceiling sadly it is something big something's wrong. Free form background checks in this country and now he's saying that we Ari half strong background checks. September what we know is the president had an extended conversation with when not hear the head of the hour rain yesterday and then not call our understanding is that the president committed. To not doing universal background. Now the president today saying he didn't commit to doing nothing with Wayne not here in fact he says that. Here blocked here agrees that something happens to be done in some way but what the president is really saying now is much more trimmed down version of what he was saying. Two weeks ago he's saying that we don't work around the badges and makes him kind of minor changes to the background checks. That already exist to make them more and boards say the president wants to kind of makes them minor changes we're not gonna see a big. Major overhaul on background check as the president is now signaling south. The president really here trying to Boleyn that shouldn't make it seem like there's been upset at all. There hasn't and I says. But I want to also talk about what he said about. The mental health because he said that you know he doesn't want guns in the hands of people that are mentally unstable so it's it's back to a mental health issue. Absolutely and that's kind of where the president is more consistently it was more of an anomaly to hear the president talking about making dramatic changes to background check. Talking about the mental health aspect of this talking about that. Slippery slope that concerns he has about doing something to the background check closet thing he says Democrats will want to. Take things along much further they don't really in our re talking points and much more in my. With the president's strong Second Amendment supporting faith. I for the president very much fat where he started. Edley dean differently and jordin are they looking in the administration are looking into some sort of age related changes now. Seven sound like there is anything specific that they're looking should feel right there Kimberly you'll remember after our plane. The president went to forever making. Some changes tech agents around. Gotten owner step but what really lacking a lot of specificity from the White House at this point on what they're looking to you and of course. Capitol Hill very much need the leadership of this president's event clear signal. About what he's willing to you how or who want to take that thing right now they just don't app back. Yes a major issue. UNY you're with some wanna talk to about another controversy. Lots of comments on represented a tile leave. And representative Omar in regards to Israel and in the president made some comments about the Jewish community today's let's take a listen of that. In my opinion. You vote for a Democrat you're being very disloyal. Do Jewish people and you're being very loyal to Israel. Yet Jordan so what are we supposed to make of those comments there. Kimberly the president very much doubling down on a statement he made yesterday where he sad that anyone who any through at first you vote for Democrats. It either lacking knowledge or that they are his oil the president clarifying today that he would. Saying that they are disloyal to Israel so the president very much doubling down on what has been criticized as an anti committee probe. The site yet that Jewish people at this fuel oil heat between Israel and the United States. The president not backing down from that and that criticism only wetland. And Jordan obviously. Lots going on nominee before you go I just want to ask you about them this meeting that was canceled. Between the president and the leader of Denmark over that. Selling but Greenland. Yes last night the president announced that he wouldn't be going to Denmark had planned over the Labor Day weekend and the reason for that if he said. The Danish prime minister had said it was. Of dirt. For him to bring up this idea of the US possibly buying green line. The president saying today that everything he fit that wasn't. So much because they weren't willing to talk but he sent back home with an exceptionally fit yet don't talk about the United States that way he felt. It was very disrespectful. Now Kimberly it's worth noting that just a few days ago the president pulled back yeah I again find criminalist does tonight he had not. Something out the top agenda when he mat with the Danish government and a couple of weeks. But that's we very much revealing that this was much more furious than forefront in the president's mind that he had flat on. Right Jordan lots of controversy there appreciate all of the other days Jordan felt that the White House thank you so much thing you know. You know we've kept you updated on the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border lots of controversy and outrage at. At how separated families and children were being treated in these border detention facilities and and we heard from the acting secretary of Homeland Security. Kevin Mack a lean in to take a listen. Both for settlement agreement is operationally outdated and does not respond to the current immigration crisis. It has many important aspects and principals like the need for special protections for children and high standards for government facilities. There were adopted as defining features in this new rule at the heart of this new rule are two core principles that fair and we should remain together. During immigration proceedings and that conditions for care of children must be appropriate. All right so now the trump administration rolling out a plan for longer term detention of families. Traveling with children across the US Mexico border so want to bring in producer Quinn ON NRDC bureau to explain this when it's good to see you. One ask you what does this mean exactly. You act thanks for having me Kimberly so basically the government has said here you heard the acting secretary. Mention the Florida settlement agreement they say they now have. The fix to this settlement agreement which has long been the standard for sending. The rules and regulations of how to detain a lot of immigrants in detention especially as it concerns. In the current kids. And the government now says the secretary is now saying that. They have met and exceeded all these standards through this new framework that they've created in publishing this new rule. The key here though is that they do not. Set any limits for how long kids can be held. In detention. That's what the Florida settlement provided so in replacing the settlement agreement with this new rule they have. Effectively eliminated those detention limits previously the government can only detained kids for a maximum of of twenty days really. And now they will be able to hold kids in families together. If if this regulation goes through they'll way to be able to hold them together for the duration of their immigration court proceedings. Yet clan I think people have a lot of questions about this is as we know these facilities are already overcrowded so where these families going to be going. That's a big question because right now the capacity for family residential senators that are operated by immigration and customs enforcement. Is only about 3000. Customs and Border Protection has released over a 130000. Families since a march of this year. And that was an effort to. Really. Relieve the strain on the border protection system they just didn't have enough space to keep people. With this new rules because they're for because they're able its now keep families. And detain more families for a longer period of time they're going to need the extra bed space when I asked that acting secretary earlier today how they were going to do that. He shifted back to congress and said that congress has not provided them the bed space the detention center capacity. That they need to really detain as many people. As are coming across. Now the number of families over the past recent months has declined. Throughout the summer. And they say that when implementing this new role it will create an additional deterrent effect. For families that might think about crossing and they expect numbers to continue to decline. But there's no telling if there's that will happen for sure. Irate McQueen ON NRDC bureau with the updates thank you so much. And as I'm not sure if you saw this story but this is been going on for a few weeks over 150. People fleeing war and violence in Libya. Were rescued by a humanitarian boat called open arms the boat was legally allowed to inner Italy's territorial waters but there was a problem. The Italian right wing Interior Minister didn't want them there so what happened. The people already under much psychological distress had to stay on the boat and Warren were unable to dock for over two weeks so I don't even know if you can imagine that. But after a long standoff they were finally let off so want to bring in a car a lot of Sami. She's a spokesperson for the United Nations high commissioner of refugees to discuss this car a lot of thanks for being with us today. Just explain to us why these people weren't able to dock in Italy. Thanks for having me he we the what the decision. Was days on. Recently approved all inspired by the Meese and mean you know it was indeed. And mean street are being cheered the decision to prove he admits admit. That it rescue sheet too dark. And two get into Italian ports so Basie key that rat. There was a scandal. That sap took place for two whole weeks. And this is not immune C to issue these kind I'll stand up incidents are happening scenes yeah. Athens us theater. These show I'm highlights. How strong imagines that needs to reach an agreements and Maung. You state says she's four. It pretty determined it system for the using vacation because the indemnity terror and then as you said. Space is asked you many coming C creation. And hundreds of people fleeing the league be and trying then stopped seeing these in diesel for nations. Yet and and before we go un can you just described the conditions. That the people were under on the boat because there are already coming from this violence and then them having to stay. One day shipper that amount of time what was it like. It's a riot. Had they conditions Webb described by the rescuers as also on tunnel month. But I would like TU it was that way it's all of the judges that's no way sold bitsy two nation by deciding for the unique get it up creation all of this remaining nine to five lessons employed that last night he described. These ads. People are proceeding. Could. Being close to debts. And it cycle cycle pathological situation all men are wrong take act site content of the association. I mean this nation was really extreme these are beat him up towards us all I've amusing is that they suspect sometimes what EA SE in that in league and senior media and not witness cameras or in the tax incentives. All right so. I'm where we're happy to learn that there they're finally off of this ship and we hope that. They will be okay that's car a lot of Sami thank you for joining us on again with the United Nations high commissioner. For refugees thank you for being with us. And guys we turn to another crisis in Cashmere on the disputed territory between India and Pakistan. Where they Indian government. Abruptly revoked the special status of Camille Cashmere that'd been in place. For seventy years I'm status that gave the disputed territory its own costs constitution and it's only autonomy. I'm in leading up to this move. India sent in troops. Imposed a curfew and shut down the Internet and cell service in as you can imagine. The tensions. Our highs I want to bring in some of baggage she's one of my Kashmiri friends who was there when this happened. In just recently returned to Delhi. The son Ari there. Yes I am. Did today good to hear from you what was it like for you and your family when all of this went down. Thanks for having me honestly they're what is a bit of an ominous feeling we heard a low flying plane bench operate in civilian areas legit than usual. Just right before that happened and they were directory in the news about possible escalation of tensions between India and pockets on. And and then right at the right away the Internet stop at phone started working and nowhere I would staying there with no electricity either. We had no idea what was going on until the next morning would only be electricity came back. Turn on the TV to eventually here. India pulling the rug from under the feet of the Kashmiri people. Doing as what you mentioned revoking. He the authenticity of this that the year old agreement that gave Kashmir special status and autonomy. And it at instantly at that happened we were we had no way of expressing any means to though it had no wait expecting. Did enter into agreements to the agreement. They were on the receiving end of Rickey used about the future of their own state. There had been a heavy armed presence and our civilian areas everyone is essentially under counteract. There are severe restrictions on that meant. As you mentioned a land line cell phone Internet continue to be blocked. And there it every Democrat and that's been the situation out in about August the night of August or her. And so now I hear your back in Delhi have you been able to hear from your family because I'm I understand that. Lots of people have been detained as well. That's correct that is what we're hearing at the moment did well and in terms that speaking to might actually there has been extremely limited access. And that. The Indian government had to restore the land lines only in some part of the capital city. In your younger that's not where my family lived and a lot of the population that don't live in the city. Don't have gear accept the challenge and to the only way I have been able to get it took my own. Is it what my period if it they've been able to. Go the army checkpoint to reach the capital city call from somebody down. And then just that they that they are okay and then they did appear again when they go back to there at their home. And Saddam before we leave I'm I just want you to give us what people should understand about the situation like what should people be focusing on. I'm that this is the world most of militarized region that falls under the world's largest democracy. And I think what's important for people to note is that the world's largest democracy is currently violating the UN ever very human right. It is violating article at the bit including freedom of expression freedom of thought. Freedom of movement. Now that that is a grant being currently in this state. Be it government has created a culture of fear a complete communications black Barack blackout. No acted to the media. And within essentially become a black hole so I think now more than ever. They need to be global pressure off from countries with a conscience. Jacoby Indian leadership accountable. Because the people that that are living through that you don't have a what that there aren't they're being gagged and so. Somebody to speak up for them. I write some of bag a right there in New Delhi. Thank you for joining us today we hope your family and everyone else is safe thank you. And guys we move line on the lots of heavy news today but we're gonna end on something a little bit light I'm here with we'll read because there's an event in Nevada. Next month dubbed the storm area 51 and lots of people are expected to show up or some other festivals and the county officials are worried we hear so. So much so that they've declared. I'm an emergency and emergency declarations in place just in case something goes down so will what is happening. Well just as a refresher for the couple people who might not know what area 51 is it's a military beast. In Nevada about eighty miles outside of Las Vegas we're not exactly sure what happens there we only. Worked hold of its existence confirmed existence by the US government like six years ago but evidence suggests it's where they test military. Experimental airplanes and their been conspiracy theories for years that there. Aliens but that that this research about UFOs than there are maybe UFO's on the site. And it's just got this place in popular culture may be seeing Independence Day yes. All that so. I think that what's really going to be funny is if all these people show up they've had this. Events planned for months that this guy who's playing video games and just made up and he was like are in a minute Steve we have all storming ahead fifteen climbed. And two million people signed up to this that at this event this this thing. He insists it's a joke which is a good thing because the FBI actually came to his door and makes her. As he said that he wasn't a terrorist making pipe bombs he insists is all a joke is a disclaimer up on the FaceBook page they shifted the concept of the idea. To now just be a festival they're calling it alien stock and there's another one. Called UF fallen G expo OK as festivals are created in response they weren't going on before note every isn't like I did that we're not actually going to storm area 51 but since everyone seems to be interested. Let's although there anyway so that is the reason for this emergency declaration because this is rural Nevada. It's a tiny place. Really remote not much resource is there for the local officials to handle possibly tens of thousands of people actually coming to this tiny area. So they're just making sure that they have everything in place. Should it anyone show up looking to you. Check out area 51 the US military the US air force specifically. Has said don't even think about it do not show up and try to get on to the military base because it is a military base and you will be. Treated as an intruder. My only question. And three well is if you at plants ago because I know. If he's craving at the idea here with the royal baby you're all over the world are you going in area 51 Credo into the cement I hope so I don't. On Chicago and has. As a UFO enthusiasts nor my conspiracy theorist but I would definitely goes a journalist that he exit on does that mean I'm yeah very. I will definitely go and I will report for the debrief and for anyone else. Who might want to check out what's going on in area 51 and just we appreciate backwards you you're always given us the Illinois. And out. I nag and continue to take candy has found that if you are route you can stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 PM and then you can check out world news time. At eight. Or download the app. Right well. Absolutely. I think in some are.

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