Desperation and anger in India as COVID-19 cases, deaths surge

International aid pours in as India sees more than 400,000 new cases and 4,000 deaths in just 24 hours.
5:02 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for Desperation and anger in India as COVID-19 cases, deaths surge
India is at a breaking point cove in cases there are soaring the country's medical system is nearing collapse. Now it anti government anger is growing in officials are preparing for things to get worse. ABC's Maggie ruling is in New Delhi with the latest. This morning India increases the country's health care system pushed to its breaking point BO beyond capacity not right you. His doctor telling me don't have the nurses doctors or supplies to treat all of those cyclical fade. We have seen that's. Conditions haven't I've been damage didn't see and I don't look at the gate of their MacKenzie these are lies which could have been saved. It shows the past 24 hours more than 400000 new cove in cases and more than 4000 deaths experts believe those numbers are drastically under reported. But one estimate projecting that one million Indians could die from cove in nineteen by August. International aid is pouring in as many tell us she's due to country's health care system has failed them which now they have to step in to help themselves. Outside his hospital we need people thinking desperate calls to find help for the local news this couple is told there's no room for their on. According and it now. You all for this man tells us he's tried more than twenty hospitals and clinics are so far a new one hasn't received any I was on gold. He says while the government claims there's enough oxygen and medical care for everyone to reality on the ground he's desperate. And I nearly joins me live now crowds at a hospital in New Delhi with the war and Maggie what's it like there right now. Payday and the idea outside hospitals like this on outside clinics. It's still desperate Diane so many people Halladay has had a feel helpless that we've been outside multiple hospitals and how we see people that are being taken care of crucial. The site of a street some of these makeshift hospitals are just intense and people are trying their best but. They're working in a hundred degree heat volunteers are working from room the night. 24 hour shifts and it was a huge endeavor by the people here to really saved the lives of people in their community but it has. Hard work. And is just desperate right now but in a bank USA the other interesting thing is that on the other side in New Delhi where the cities this kind of operating days it's a theory because. Can you know New Delhi is known as a place that's full of life it. It's normally behind Franken just packed with people and instead. There's this eerie stillness you know it's not supposed to be there but there's as quiet because people say they're afraid. They're scared to leave their homes and Kelly's history scenes outside visiting hospitals could see why. And Maggie Carlo vaccination efforts they're going. I want and it's hard to ignore the fact that India as a world leader though the world's largest producer of vaccines and here in the country there remain massive sordid relations problem right now one hospital we visited today said. They are currently call out of vaccines they ran out last week when they called the vendor the vendor actually told them to call back in a month at the earliest ever gonna get more vaccine. Again as we know that even doctor how she told ABC news recently vaccines are Dee way people are going to survive this crisis in India. The wave your going to turn this around so this is what we need right now there is a severe shortage in no real answer about what we're gonna get them back in this country. Until tonight in prime minister. And Aaron a motive there is facing some serious criticism for his handling of the pandemic house responding to that. Failed and this is a really injures in the politics on the ground here are getting quite fierce you know a few months ago after the first week here in India. At a government declared it a success they say they'd beaten corona virus and really locked down hard and there's almost tens of celebration there were huge religious festivals over huge cricket matches Modi even had a huge political rallies. Well now we know where that led to this deadly second wave and there's been. It a lot of fierce criticism many people blaming the government saying the health care system is broken down we talked many people that have called our prime minister by name. Saying where is he what has he done so far there's still no national lockdown so. Many people now are saying it was an outrageous they're calling for a national lockdown including a huge medical association here in the country. The sort of see what happened in New Delhi Diane is in a lockdown of its state to state entering other sing more just have to be done. People do to help. I and I've heard from. A so many people in America that are watching. And the videos many Indian Americans saying their families are over here they want to know how to help other arcade organizations and okayed ABC news has a list of some of them as well we've met. Some of them on the ground here NGOs that are volunteering their time in medical resources the US sends a big shipment of oxygen and other medical supplies they promised vaccines as well known and hello returned from every one whether it's people on the ground and doctor Karen again. Save one thing people can do to help didn't get their vaccines. This is a global problem it is a global pandemic what happens here in Indiana happen in America how they affect each other what happens around the world that they we need to stamp out this virus. Globally for any country to be safe so that's another message. Get your vaccine were ever you are. Good advice Maggie ruling in New Delhi thank you.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"International aid pours in as India sees more than 400,000 new cases and 4,000 deaths in just 24 hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77601585","title":"Desperation and anger in India as COVID-19 cases, deaths surge","url":"/International/video/desperation-anger-india-covid-19-cases-deaths-surge-77601585"}