Doctors demand humanitarian aid be allowed into Venezuela

The Venezuelan crisis continues to worsen as food, medicine and aid from the U.S. was blocked after the Venezuelan military closed the bridge connecting the country to Colombia.
3:14 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Doctors demand humanitarian aid be allowed into Venezuela
Or meanwhile down in Venezuela stand opt that we have been following with president Nicholas merger RO. And battle die again faced by opposition leader Juan YDO humanitarian crisis enveloping over the weekend as well arc forty wed all. Has been tracking the story from the start he's in Caracas joins us live Cody great to see you. I give us the latest on this humanitarian aid situation US. Forces had prepared to bring in food and supplies across the Colombian border but then we saw those. Pretty incredible pictures. Emerge Euro regime blocking. The only highway from Colombia into Venezuela with those shipping containers. All what's the word on the street they're about that age. Well we got to look to see what that aid was over the weekend and it consists of several tons of out rice or flour and what staple here used to make. I've audit but the corn cakes here that people eat so commonly hear. Also people here on the streets are seeing that it seeing that all lines. And we saw that put off but told the weekend with Allstate TV ads against an explanation broke why he's not allowing its eight into the country. For country to continue to suffer the effects of its worst ever humanitarian crisis. Any basically set but that's where let is not a beggar at that Venezuela is not looking up for handout. Well there wasn't embarrassing moment and that press conference or not Bordeaux when the lights went out during the middle of the -- opera so embarrassing for him because. The country's infrastructure here is in shambles. Electricity running water they're common. It. Black outs here have become comments that manifests itself. Steering Nicholas but photos. Dress over the weekend we continue to see these dueling narratives between what else but the wardrobe. At one Wyatt noted put up but it was on the but what it coats carrying out military exercises. Saying yet preparing for a military. Intervention here on the other hand we salt. Long white though continually. Continuing to push for the armed forces here to accept that humanitarian aid. And today there is Brooke billing reporting from Bloomberg saying that Nicholas but Soto is considering a plan B at least internally. And looking in other countries where he can go. It appeared that his government's outlook on its way out here and all of this the head of more protests scheduled here for tomorrow. Yet another major rally on the way but have to ask you Cody we've we've been talking be here in on ABC news live for the past couple of weeks. And as you've been describing the humanitarian crisis some ordered how you're holding up how are you able. To find a good meal are here what what's the situation like for you as a journalist on the ground there in those conditions. Well thankfully that people have access to dollars here. Can't afford food there is food for people who have the money but for the people. Venezuelans are earning six dollars roughly a month. They can go to the pharmacy that can go to the supermarket and one little one little item and also basal they'd are all months' salary. So for me I'm find a good idea I have connections are Norton line but what I eat but we're gonna split of the Morton. I really tough scene down there Cody what do we know you'll be on the case all the way great to have you with us again today Cody will be in touch thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The Venezuelan crisis continues to worsen as food, medicine and aid from the U.S. was blocked after the Venezuelan military closed the bridge connecting the country to Colombia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60996164","title":"Doctors demand humanitarian aid be allowed into Venezuela","url":"/International/video/doctors-demand-humanitarian-aid-allowed-venezuela-60996164"}