Economist breaks down what Venezuela's unrest means for US

Venezuelan economist Danny Bahar explains how the country's fight for democracy affects the U.S.
2:20 | 04/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Economist breaks down what Venezuela's unrest means for US
We're bringing in getting the hard to to this conversation. He's a Venezuelan economist of Brookings Institution Danny. I pick up where Tom we left off there what are the American interest. At stake here what should Americans know about Venezuela and what's on the line with that with this unrest. Well you know that very be calm and stop the debt being and what America is arm. Sixteen when you know peninsula east democracy. And it's well in the US or countries that where today. Barrick closed to have parity and strong economy I. I until recently actually US outlasting Manny goes. Summer consumer or and it's on all oil. Op but installation there at the theory rant be on were years sees is not a we're. Nation and Andy basically. And I'm on B ceases the news. DC's have been police are not our right are we any English and he it's a unique. It's arm it's not. And is there's strong politically active. Clinical and I asked for here in the United States what what about. Venezuelan Americans or or immigrants enter here in the United States is their relationship back and forth that's that's playing out right now. Yeah definitely it is a new UNC's east hosting the numbers he's not much is hosting a few good hundreds thousands of bands well announced who will lead here. I'm many of them and most of them probably a right now the years. Op but there's not only asked for on there it's also. Illegal dealers that are on exile here. That happy days that and refuge here in the US. I'm but moreover there's also arm I am not so there aren't there it you might or being recognized ID precedents from baton White House. On behalf oath that you her breasts in Minnesota long way to go. So there do you actually get you wrecked her Asian topic government don't eat or gotten up Venezuela. Comment that it's actually very active here in Washington DC. Our Dan Behar at tenable position basements to.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Venezuelan economist Danny Bahar explains how the country's fight for democracy affects the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62738134","title":"Economist breaks down what Venezuela's unrest means for US","url":"/International/video/economist-breaks-venezuelas-unrest-means-us-62738134"}